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No Time Like Now

This applies to  Person  Place  Or thing  How do you know when something or someone is wrong for you ? You FEEL it !! Duh! If something is off that means something is off - Honor your inner compass of truth that speaks to you through feelings  No better time than to join my website for free and align with me .. I offer tons of free resources and information to help you evolve through every and any challenge.  XX  where there is a Will there is a way  Namaste   

Full Moon October 1st

The shift requires us to be brutally honest with ourselves about what is worth your time, effort & patience.  What this shift requires from you is quantum levels of truth to pump into your veins activating you to act and behave in accordance to your truth and wisdom  What would love do ? Ask yourself that in every equation  What love and compassion do you gift to yourself (FIRST) before taking thee next step anywhere in your life ? Pisces and Aries are working together to alchemize fire and water to come up with a solution that guides you righteously along your path to take a stand and speak up for yourself  Live for yourself  Love for yourself Honor yourself  Live authentic from your soul  Be so bold  To not give a flying hoot  What others have to say  About the way you live your life  Take a bite out of crime  because if you do not  The cycle will repeat  & you’ll be scratching your ass in no time  Asking yourself Why ? Why ? Why ?  Meanwhile - spirit was leading you to thee

EuphoricKT Poetry

What is thee blind ?  is it a reality unkind ? Allow thee truth to shine this time  & do not block reality that may not seem so sweet from Speaking  Is it possible to self sabotage in fear of not being good enough and so you’d rather not know ? Do others work behind thee scenes against Your desires & Cause you to choose misaligned from self ?  Is ones ego so huge that one can’t fathom thee idea Of being rejected as if they’re a gift from god ? What keeps thee perfect scenario from ever igniting or moving forward ? Or is it all an illusion ?  How much truth is there to thee saying that what’s yours can never ever be taken from you & what leaves or never flourishes is because it simply was never meant to - how can this reality be of truth if two are perfect but refuse to see ?  What is thee purpose of all these lessons in love we all must learn to evolve ? It’s self love Self value  Self worth  Screaming to be acknowledged by thee one seeking outside themselves for a comfort

Rise Of Thee Deva

  Deva : a benevolent being  Rise Devas  Devils only operate hidden because in the light they would never stand a chance 

Trust Your Instincts

A lie will always bury  thee fool whom thought  incorrectly about their deceptions  that deceive  because it is thee only path it chooses  it’s not Love  One quickly learns there is no deceiving love  only self sabotage  & steps into ones own  ruin   

83 Weeks Ago

  83 Weeks ago I shared this poem  83 weeks ago I discovered things unknown  made Known  & thee truth burned through my soul  But first it hurt my  Heart 

Be Brave Little Girl

Found the art image on link provided if you’re interested in the original art that is not mine but i creatively used to express poetry  Thee edit is absolutely mine along with the freestyle poetry included but thee art itself belongs to someone else  The art itself comes from  

Sad Clown Girl

I found this art online  Click image to be transported to where you should definitely always want to be  Although the artwork is not mine the entire edit is mine and it was fun to write and create  Original Image found here :  

Witchy Quotes & Fun Facts

Some people pay Others to do witchy things  I am thee Witch people pay  It wasn’t always that way  Before I started charging for my services  For over 25 years I did a lot of free things  That was a woe To me and my energy  & self deprecation of my own value and worth  I still do a lot of things free It’s the goddess goodness nature in me  But on my own terms now  Fully alchemized and In alignment  If you’re extremely sensitive to the energies around like me it is vital for you to protect your energy fields at all times. If you need assistance you know how to find me.   Click thee photo to be transported to where you can sign up for free & connect with me 

Epiphanies Act

Sometimes it will take one final straw of a something that causes the epiphany to dawn clarity unto you & into you so that you feel it too & instantly what once was is no longer & you become free from this once upon a time ago applied perception of some kind of something that misaligned you buy you couldn’t see - you couldn’t see it was the block stopping clocks. Thankful for these epiphanies of spirit divine revealing itself through thee catalyst of one final straw. It works like that sometimes & when it does clarity is received. Whom needs cards with epiphanies led by spirit divine is energizing my atmosphere. When we are in our truth, we align our facts with acts. Simple as that! 

Spiritual Journey Earnings

  Sharing this from Divine Clarity 47 postings on YouTube.  I love thee message of this right here  It’s thee language I speak soul openly now  All you will ever receive from me is  Raw honesty  & if you can not handle that  Nor accept my divine right to speak  freely as I do  Then you are welcome & free to keep it moving  & leave  Live your peace  but I shall never pacify nor enable your inability to be present & accountable for all things In your right now  present  Which is a gift  People learn this quickly with me  I am thee one  & I am not to be told how to conform  To others expectations nor standards of perceived masked bullshit of pretending for sake of not dealing with uncomfortable truths and feelings  These Immature levels of not knowing how to be 1000% real Honest Authentic  Gangstar  & solid in your own stance   & god forbid if you had to handle others  Whom are like that  Mundanes label folks like me “Dramatic”  “Sensitive” Like projections be

How To Love You

It’s time To take a Intimate Self moment to reflect what lack of Intimacy Love  You feel a reject From  & bring it to your center Focus  & shine some light on this  Sentiment  & allow for thee introspection  To be self reflective  & in this moment  Breathe deep  & allow this breath of life and Self loving acknowledgement to wrap its  Comfort around you  & gift yourself this moment of  Tender loving care  To greet you with compassion & sympathy  while you feel alone out there  in a world that  only wants you to suck it’s d i c                            k  & that’s it  Release is not quitting  It’s only shifting  #perspectives  Welcome here to poetry in  Masturbation  It’s explosive   

Mystical Woman

For those whom know a Goddess Divine  she is a gift from God  & sent to you in this lifetime  to save you from yourself  she is thee catalyst of change that helps  but thee work needing to be done is all on you  This is truth  Rise or fold  but either way  Your fate is In your power to choose For yourself  What Is thee right path for you  #Discernment  A mystical Goddess is loyal  Royal  Beautiful  Righteous  Powerful  Magical  Worthy  & she knows it  Owns it  Grows it   


  The reason wicked folk hide their deceit it’s because they too are clear about their wickedness and deceit.  It is why they hide  Lie  Cheat Pretend  Deny  Accuse  Do sneaky shit behind others backs  Thee energy Of justice is here Whatever is done in thee dark  Shall be exposed in thee light & all that was done now shall be exposed 

Divine Goddess

If there is anything I ever did masterfully right in this world - it was being a part of thee creation of my beautiful she .. a Divine Goddess Daughter a gift God has given to me to raise on this 3D plane of perceived existence. Her divinity & alchemical energies will be quantum in our earths elevation of growth in our consciousness as a developing species and her vibration & frequency is massive in shifting our evolution in revolutionary ways.  I can’t believe you @sleepingmelodies were In my belly for 10 months 3 days .. it’s funny to say that because it’s thee math actually especially when you give birth full term you’re definitely pregnant for  10 Months & not 9 - which makes more sense to me since  9 is the # of completion and 10 reduced down to 1 is New Beginnings / The birth of new life.  Numbers are frequencies too which are portals of light codes of massive knowledge that constantly energizes its own vibration.  Can you believe it I actually have a 19 year old almo

The Wheels of Life Turn

 You never know  whom Was sent  To teach you  Your  Karma  We are each catalyst  For Others  Emergence  Into quantum reality  That checks  Spirit  Mind  Body  Heart  & soul 

Be Honest

 When you stand in your truth  it is only then you are most  Powerful  Thee time you take to push aside thee actions needed by you to put to rest  all thee things needing to be let go  you delay your  Fruitful abundance  Of blessings  Awaiting for your new  to begin  Until then  you carry thee Load everywhere you go & those bitter energetic seeds  certainly will grow  & one day shall crescendo  Unload heaviest than its ever been  Wise To rise to thee occasion  People will fight you when lies exist  but with truth  only silence will be shown  In truth, thee only way to  Grow  So now you know 

Act In Wisdom

 You can pay  whom you want  To create chaos  In the lands  But when you  Do  You’ll just be biting off your own  Ass 🧿 #divine #Protection #Reversals 

SOAP OPERA ORACLES : How To Get To Sesame Street


NEW MOON Energies


Grow In Love

The first growing begins within you  Affirmation : I grow in love with myself everyday & I grow in love in infinite ways. I rise in this knowing and spread my wings.   

Rise With Jupiter 11:11

  I love her & her divine alignment of guidance  #Listen  To be guided to this powerful message click photo above to be transported right there If not, Click this link to be transported instantly There  Love and align to you

You Owe Yourself

I had to learn and am Still learning  That my love and light  Contributes to thee healing of souls to shine bright  Many hold on for dear life  with nothing to gift inside  They love to suck dry  Thee energy They receive of mine that is devoid of them inside  I’ve been used a lot for my love and healing energies  & with no reciprocity in energetic  Emotion  Devotion  People think they can pay you back with things  That it means it erases the absentee of love they refuse to give  I had to learn it’s not personal  It still a dagger to thee heart every single time I give my heart  And thee emptiness and shadow sides of parasites that if I allowed would eat Me alive  Which is why I am thankful for my Intuit design which guides me in my alignment to be healthier for me  It is till this day I am learning best to manage my energy And time Without giving so much of myself  Away  That others do not hold in regard To thee gifts of magic profound  That thru me is shown to them To see thee pot

Thee Wheels of Healers

  How often we help others to thee point that we hurt ourselves because we are thee ones doing all thee work for the person to heal & still they return to thee things that made them ill. I use to help everyone until I got wise - now I only help people that desire to help themselves first and foremost. It’s thee only way. Because if you do not You become their feed of enabling thee things they refuse to do for themselves. It turns into a living hell when you help someone that passes over their disease and expects you to fulfill this deed.  Rise in your power and do not feed thee beast that refuses to help themselves - most beast are so far lost - they are asleep - and so they move to share their sickness with anyone that is willing to take on the sick part of them that they refuse to heal and so it gets passed on for real  Energy is real  And it does attach  And it does attack  And it does pull you in  And it does send you away  Pay thee fk attention to what all energy is really try

Baby Alignment

I came home last night & saw that my daughter put this jacket on baby that once belonged to our Mya Mooka (Baby’s momma) before she died. I literally cried. My daughter immediately was like I’ll take it off of her - and then I immediately energetically cut thee chord of emotional attachment to a perception that hindered my own emotional evolution & said No! It’s ok. Baby looks adorable in her mommas jacket. Let her rock it out. So here is Baby being all cute - rocking it out in her mommas outerwear.  See that’s thee thing. These emotional chords / strings / memories that we hold onto in our lives - especially in regards to “loss” - I remember when my momma died for YEARS I refused to talk about her because thee emotion that would build up by me talking about her was too much for me to #share not that i did not allow my feelings to #heal - I was just an empath child absorbing all thee energies around & thee pricking that I felt was not anything that ever helped. What did hel


Cycles are here  Approaching it’s numerical end  50/50 will begin again  Thee other 50 will actually evolve  & that is thee reality of it all   

Think Box

 Heed your warning  in this mars here moving retrograde for thee justice that is needed and required at this time  Now  Lots of invisible energetic shit happening galactically in town  All around  We are all thee clowns  but will we choose thee frown ?  Thee purge of self sabotage on thee rise  A mental asylum agitating at this time  causing a stir of thee senses forcing your census  This energy is hitting thee collective  So there is potential for thee choices made to lean  50/50 in thee collective this wave  Many rising and riding thee ascension wave  What is thee ascension ? Constant introspection  Haunting reflections  That trigger you so that you may rise to your greatest most highest potential  Yes you can  Awareness is sChOOL  Whenever you rise to any small victory you are tested for humility to learn truth and tranquility. It’s a constant process and you are equipped to handle it that’s why you’re conscious of it - if you are not conscious of something how can you address it pr

Peter Piper Picked A Peck Of Pickled Peppers

& no sucking their pickles either  Let energies be clearer  There is no questioning truth  When you know truth  There is no question    Spirit started preaching Peter but when I started to listen I realized Peter was not a saint he was awake and put to sleep and it wasn’t thee Peter that we think    - I learn everyday too  Here is what I heard :  Whatever you choose  Choose wise  because everything comes to thee surface  in divine right time  If you find yourself complying to others in ways that you feel like shit after - What message / lesson / important information needing to be received by you - is attempting to help you to align in Strength so you’re prepared to act in accordance to your truth no matter whom you’re with - where you are - nor do you have to explain to anybody why you choose to move as you do .. What person be so above you that you hold them in such high distorted regard ? Does money truly raise thee bar to have many comply to another and their request and demand

2019 YoUTuBE Videos

Prick up your ears  There is much to hear  Seer is clear  

3 is crowd No Longer Allowed

Recorded April 2019  

Bat Spirit Oracles

This was pre Bat corona days  April 2019 this was recorded  April 2019 I posted this YouTube video called BAT ORACLES .. and it was spirit animal Message from thee BAT about how there is a blessing in disguise coming after certain things needing to die / being put to death to rebirth itself again isn’t that funny flashforward April 2020 - corona virus. I promise you these videos are post marked and dated   

Enchantress Thee Babbler on YoUTuBE recap

I am being led to share some of my YouTube videos from Up To one year ago  That I created  That I feel will Apply To many now  Either way  If last year you didn’t listen  maybe this year you should   

Prada Sneaker Eye Candy

So my Beautiful sexy friend posted her new sneakers today which inspired me to look for them online because they looked oh so adorable These are hers .. If you click on thee image you will be led directly to this gorgeous Goddess’ page  She’s Divine indeed she has always been fashion forward and her style I have always admired since back in thee day when we were in high school.  She is a model after all 👑 In searching for hers I came across these & OMG I fell in LOVEE .. so yes I want these please size 6 indeed!! See my feet are tiny and so these would Look absolutely FABULOUS on me  Wouldn’t you agree ?? Size 6 please  ❤️ Click on image to be directly guided to where you can shop these styles too  Turns out thee other day I wrote thee devil wears #Prada  Me like thee Prada after all  😏    

She In Official

It is easy to seek externally what we think we need - but let us seek externally for our internal land - let us look in thee mirror  for thee entire  wonderland of our wholeness vibrations of self awakening to thee all that is perceived from thee outside.  What do you see ? An illusionary depiction of imagery perceived by thee lenses of 3D illusion & conditioning ? Rhetoricals are free.  I see therefore I envision. I seek therefore I find. I ask so that way I may know.  I know therefore I am & Yet I know nothing and so I am not - isn’t that something ?  #Poetess #Empress #Divine #Rhetorical #Oracle  Bathing suit by @sheinofficial  What are your Sunny days looking like  that keep your cloudy days away ?  Affirmation : I sun my shine so bright that I SEEK inside and connect with thee divine that is every part of my glorious shrine. I shine so others may shine too. I am thee sun illuminating thee moon. I look inside to see outside and my eyes are wide open. I am awoken.  To work 1

I Am

I am thee one   

New Video On YouTube

  NEW VIDEO UP on my YouTube channel : members received early access & now Video is on my NEW CHANNEL made public :  Kindly subscribe its all for #Free & it’s all wonderful healing energy exchange  WATCH My latest  VIDEO HERE at this link : First video up on my brand new channel so if you were following my original YouTube channel please be advised that moving forward I will be using this newer platform I just Now created. Cheers to my channels #Evolution so please make sure to subscribe to thee new YouTube stage. WELCOME BEAUTIFUL ENCHANTING SOULS to your CRYSTAL HEALING ORACLE SESSION  This is soul medicine for you.  I have decided to add this VIDEO as my first VIDEO on my NEW CHANNEL  I will share it on both till thee transition is finalized and made  These are channeled messages from beginning to end - these messages are for thee collective my friends.  I am thee Galaxy Child (according to Cheeenique Tarot - love her channel btw ) and I express

Mourning Doves

Thankfully I was able to shelter this baby before thee storm hit last night & thankfully this rising thee baby was thankful. It should be able to fly for shizzles by tomorrow. I was able to shelter it again and provide some soft food for it to digest before it learns its wings and flys.  Mourning doves  Aka Turtle doves  They mate for life  Asking you to look around  It’s time for you to soar to new heights in your life  To have faith  Move forward knowing you can fly  Surrender to thee ever flow of grace thee universe is leading to you at this time.