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DIY Wonderland...

Horse Shoes are ever so lucky..
why not create this LUCKY HORSE SHOE hippy chic environment...
So many things can be hung on these horseshoe displays...
for instance:
etc etc etc

There are many DIY Wonderland Creations that can be made using Horse Shoes...

How cool is this Paper toilet roll holder...

Why are Horse Shoes considered to be so lucky? 
Where did this idea originate from?

The story of the lucky horseshoe dates back to Saint Dunstan who was a blacksmith whom later became ArchBishop of Canterbury.  The legend of this archbishop story stems from his own personal run in with the devil.  There are many variations of this tale but all of these tales have the same ending although every version of the story depicts a different way that the outcome came to be - the moral of the story is that this ArchBishop defeated the devil by nailing a red hot horseshoe to the devils hoof causing the devil severe pain.  The Archbishop made a deal with the devil to remove the fiery hot horseshoe as long as be promised to never enter a house or any establishment that was decorated with a horseshoe hung above the entrance of their doors. 

Another DIY WONDERLAND inspirational creation using HORSESHOES as candle holders... 

this is very very pretty... 

Our Ancient Ancestors have believed HORSESHOES to be a most PROTECTIVE AMULET.  

Iron Horseshoes are believed to be the most powerful due to the iron being birthed from the marriage of rock & fire... Iron & fire being 2 of the most basic of elements used in Ancient times... 

In fairy tales, horses are often depicted as prophetic creatures whom have magical powers. Horses are symbols of:

  Horses tying hand-in-hand with medieval chivalry. The horse carrying its master into battlefield in honor of their 

The horse goddess, Epona, whom is also associated with water

Horses were also sacrificed in Celtic Europe and would become their master's soul mounts for the symbolic ride of death.

How cool is this DIY wonderland Lucky HorseShoe Wine Bottle Holder...

There are so many wonderful and amazing things that you can 

Imagination Creations at play....


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