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To All

Be wise in your discernment  it’s not personal  it’s preference 


Not everyone is disciplined enough to do what is right that is righteous & thee road less traveled 

A Show

Thee wheels of life turn with every choice we choose to make for ourselves no matter thee challenge. 

Unconditional Love

Time has this way of making you realize and innerstand Thee true meaning behind unconditional love ... some people you can’t unLoVe because if you could was it ever really love ?  

Moving Forward 🧿

Take that leap of faith into thee unknown 

Clear Path

Bye Felicia 🧿

Ebony Moon insights

Right before your blessings come unto full display Thee Devil will come to you with a tempting offer that is SOUL tempting you think it is SOUL GOOD .. but that’s thee Devil remember that .. energy is energy. ANYTHING done in thee dark / having to be kept HIDDEN - no matter thee temptation will LEAD YOU TO DAMNATION! It’s just thee way of this world. I didn’t make thee rules. Neither did Ebony. But we SEE 🧿 & so as tempting as thee hidden snake in thee grass offers may be ... you’ll live to regret those choices .. you’ll just wait and see .. or just do yourself a favor BEFORE .. and DO WHAT IS GOOD for Your SOUL & be patient to witness thee turn around .. once you release all that does not serve you