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Thee Attack of thee CornBalls karmic People

 Turns out I have  #Fans  Ones whom hide behind their wall of lies in full disguise clocking everything I do because I am oh soul fabulous .. These are thee same corny folk whom waited years to apply their tactic of attack .. because they are pussy and whack and just upset that their dusty genitals is scorned by thee whore ways they have always been accustomed to being and having and finding a  matching spouse whom repays them kindly with dibbing his dab in every flower pot he can get into …  Try healing your life (insiders job)  & take notes on how to apply abundance and healing in your life so you can live abundantly too  Picture post from thee Empress Bella on YouTube 
Some will feel bad for how little they have treated you & that’s only because you were always big. You deserve every good thing great in this world - never let anyone make you feel breadcrumbed or shortchanged. 


One day thee person you love  Is gonna wake Up so happy to be next to you  That they are not going to want to  Ever let you go  Believe  That you are deserving of such  Love and loving 

Solar Eclipse Vibes

You have thee power to choose wise for yourself everytime when having to set healthy boundaries for yourself. Just because people fake thee funk and are dishonest with how they feel — but YOU thee #INTUITIVE #KNOW thee deal. Stop pretending with them. Be real for yourself. Because when you fake thee funk with these punks - you short change yourself in thee end & that my beautiful souls is a cycle played out and old. Be bold. Do it for your soul whole 🧿🧿🧿🧿🧿🧬🧿🧿🧿 #SolarEclipseVibes #Innerstand  #Understand  #Overstand  If you’re sick of thee #Fake #Vibes #Low #Blows .. create your healthy boundaries and set yourself free from any and all distorted illusions. Because thee more u feed thee “let’s act like this shit ain’t real” Thee more it continues to be created.  You don’t have to be combative with people when being clear Love is what sets me free ….  If any of my content is useful / helpful/  inspiring / motivating / therapeutic for you ... good I am glad ! 🧿🔆🧿 I desire

Tarot Is Funny

F$ck It Oracles

There are energies In this world  that work  to attempt to mess up your inner alchemy  that’s thee role they are meant to play  thee catalyst of trigger  to cause you disharmony  Stay level headed  and self loving  & KNOW everything they attempt to send your way  Shall greet them  in their lives  immediately  #Return2Sender 

Please Stop