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Real Love

Consider yourself put on notice 😝💋🙏🧿🌻🥰

Valentines Day Crystal Hearts

New Moon Lover Manifestations

Power Affirmation Activation :  I am Open to receive thee divine lover that is right and aligned  for me mind, body, heart and soul  🧿🙏🧿

Beverly Hills Tribe

“Rising up from the ashes airing those flickering flame. I'll reassemble myself becoming the goddess of flame.” Misbah Abu Obaida Khan


🧿 Olivia Aurora 🧿

Because she’s beautiful ❤️🧿❤️ #Daughters 


For as much replication there is happening all around it’s safe to announce that ones alchemy of energy can never be duplicated. It is what makes each of us separate (although thee same) & unique (special) in every kind of way. I am me and you are you. This be truth. If you want to change thee world - begin with YOURSELF first by addressing your multidimensional layers of energy that make up thee You that is YOU! This is thee only evolutionary truth that requires you to put in thee #Worthy effort of work that is required of you in order to #Ascend #Transform #Evolve  Power Affirmation Activation :  Authentic I am to thee unique creation that is me. I stay my own lane happily. I am free to shine and be me all of thee time. I am strengthened by my knowing that my energy can not be duplicated  for it is my own unique blueprint. This I know and this I am eternally grateful for knowing. To know is to evolve and I am an evolutionist Spiritualist and my vibes are my own.  ___________ Hi