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Monday, December 4, 2023

My Earthly Birthday Song

My Earthly Birthday Song

In thee rhythm of life, so real & near,  

I mark another year, with joy & enchanting cheer.  

Under thee moon & stars, so bright and clear,  

Many moons ago, on this day, I appeared 🔮

With a horse by my side, smiles genuine & dear,  

In the heart of nature, my soul finds its peer.  

I am animal whisperer , nature lover, divine seer 

Every year is a verse in my life’s song,  

A melody of growth, where I truly belong.

Happy birthday to me, I humbly sing,  

In this beautiful multiverse world, I am a part of everything from nothing & truly something.  

Wiser with each day, trusting in life's full embrace,  

I walk my path with a steady pace.

Shining my light, simple & yet soul bright,  

With every moment I evolve my delight.  

Brave, I remain true, in life's gentle hands I feel like new 

I celebrate my journey in these vast lands, thankful I am 

With love i sing courage this is my heart's song,  

I embrace every challenge, making me strong.  

Thee universe my ally, listens, as I find my way,  

With every question, I find & style more to say.

Aligned with my purpose filled life, i walk with grace, my most natural space 

Every step I take, I exist in my place.  

Happy birthday to me, a symphony soul sweet,  

life is my concert, I create my own beats.

Grateful for every moment I am wrapped up  in growth's embrace,  

I cherish my journey, I move at  my own divine pace.  

Happy birthday to me my melody soul sweet - I embrace all of life with every up and down I grow .. up the direction of my soul - fueling whole 

Filled with harmony, joy, and light

A seers delight

Happy Solar return to me 

I am free 

Poetry channeled thru Enchantress Thee Babbler singing thee song of born soul 

Grateful I am for it all 🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍

Thursday, November 30, 2023


🌟 Oracle Card: Dreamer SHADOW 🌙

🔮 Oracle's Message: Dreams can be seeds of reality or illusions. Are you just daydreaming or ready to bring them to life?

🌊 Enchantress Insight: This card, Dreamer SHADOW, calls you to discern between dreams & illusions. It's about transforming dreams into tangible realities. Are you ready to face your illusions and ground your dreams?

✨ Rumi's Wisdom: 'Unfold your own myth.' Write your story, manifest your inner world.

📝 Advice: Take practical steps. Dream big, but plan realistically. Be accountable.

💫 Affirmation: I am the architect of my dreams. They are blueprints for my reality.

🌐 For personal guidance, book a session at ENCHANTRESSTHEEBABBLER.COM. Join as an exclusive subscriber for more in-depth coaching!

#OracleCard #DreamerShadow #ManifestDreams #EnchantressWisdom #Rumi #TakeAction #PersonalGrowth

Tuesday, November 28, 2023

🌌 Embrace Your Mystical Essence 🌌

🌌 Embrace Your Mystical Essence 🌌

In this vast universe, remember this guiding principle: "Stop paying attention to people who do not see you as a mystical ancient wonder back on Earth to transform humanity with your grace and beauty." This isn't just a statement; it's a call to honor your truest self.

🔮Each of us carries a unique, cosmic spark - an ancient wisdom and beauty that's meant to transform not just us, but the world around us. When others fail to recognize this mystical essence within you, it's not your loss, but theirs. Redirect your focus and energy towards the greater universal love that resonates within you. Your journey isn't about seeking validation from the world, but about recognizing and nurturing the infinite love and potential within yourself.

🌟 Power Affirmation Decree: I am a cosmic force of love & beauty. My presence is a gift to this world & I choose to shine my light, embracing my mystical nature.

And remember thee words of Rumi, aligning beautifully with this message: "You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop." Just like thee ocean carries depths of mysteries & wonders, so do you.

Keep being great. Your existence is not just an occurrence it is a profound transformation.

#MysticalEssence #UniversalLove #CosmicBeauty #BeGreat #RumiWisdom

Be Authentically You

In the theater of life, where masks are worn with ease,

Remember this truth, to live as you please:

"It is not your job to be a version of you

That puts other people at ease."

Shine bright, unyielding, like the sun in the sky,

Let not the clouds of judgment make your spirit shy.

For in your authentic light, so brilliantly true,

Lies the power to inspire, to renew.

When pressures mount, and voices demand,

To dim your essence, to fit their bland,

Stand firm in your being, let your truth resound,

In your unfiltered soul, is where freedom is found.

So, dance to the rhythm of your own heart's beat,

In the face of conformity, do not retreat.

The world may try, with might and main,

To snuff out your spark, to make you plain.

But like a star in the night, your light beaming bright,

Illuminates paths, gives the lost sight.

Your authentic self, a beacon so bold,

Is a story of courage, waiting to be told.

So hold fast to this thought, in the journey you tread,

Be true to yourself, let no other script be read.

For in the end, it's your light that will shine,

A testament to living, authentically divine.


Be authentically you in all that you do & if someone doesn’t like you, your real & divine beauty  cause it makes them feel uncomfortable,  let them go over there & cry about it to themselves while kicking themselves in thee arse. 🤍🤍🤍🤍

Poetry channeled through Enchantress Thee Babbler

Friday, November 24, 2023

​MystWic Flame Candles: Illuminating Small Spaces with Enchanting Aromas

MystWic Flame Candles: Illuminating Small Spaces with Enchanting Aromas

As the creator of MystWic Flame Candles, I am thrilled to share the magic they bring to small spaces. Even our 2 oz candles have the power to illuminate and fill any small area with delicious scents. In the photo featured, you can see one of our many 2 oz candle sizes, perfect for creating a cozy atmosphere in a small space. Not only do these candles smell delicious, but their lingering scent and positive energy always create a feel-good vibe.

Customize Your Scent and Experience:

One of the joys of crafting MystWic Flame Candles is the ability to customize scents and experiences. Let me know what you're looking for, and I can create a candle tailored to your preferences and needs. Whether you desire a floral, woody, or exotic scent, I will work with you to ensure your candle perfectly complements your taste, creating a personalized and delightful ambiance.

Mystical Magic to Ignite Your Life:

When you choose MystWic Flame Candles, you are inviting a touch of enchantment into your life. These candles have the power to transform your small space into a sanctuary of tranquility. The warm glow emitted by the candles adds a captivating ambiance, creating a serene and inviting atmosphere. The carefully selected blends of essential oils and natural ingredients in each candle bring forth aromas that uplift your senses and leave a lasting impression.

Feel the Positive Energy:

More than just beautifully scented candles, MystWic Flame Candles radiate a positive energy that ignites happiness and harmony. As the maker of these candles, I take great care in selecting the finest ingredients to create an experience that uplifts and rejuvenates. Lighting one of these candles instantly brings a feel-good vibe, transforming your small space into a sanctuary of tranquility and positive energy.

Every candle is designed to fulfill and decree your wishes in mind. 


Order Your MystWic Flame Candle:

Ready to infuse your small space with the delightful scents and mystical magic of MystWic Flame Candles? You can order yours directly from me, the creator, or visit to place your order. Treat yourself or surprise a loved one with a touch of enchantment that is sure to ignite their life.

As the maker of MystWic Flame Candles, I am passionate about bringing the magic of enchanting aromas to small spaces. These candles have the ability to illuminate and transform any area, creating a haven of tranquility and positive energy. Customize your experience by choosing your preferred scent, and let the mystical magic of MystWic Flame Candles ignite your life. 

Place your order today and let the enchantment begin.

RAVEN SECRETS : Spirit Animal Magic & Affirmations / Enchantress Thee Babbler


Title : Raven Secrets: Spirit Animal Magic & Affirmations | Enchantress Thee Babbler

🌟 Explore the Mystical World of Spirit Animals with Enchantress Thee Babbler! ðŸŒŸ

🦅 Today's Feature: The Enigmatic Raven ðŸ¦…

Welcome, seekers of wisdom and enchantment! I'm Enchantress Thee Babbler, your guide on a magical YouTube journey where we connect with the spirit world through our animal friends. Today, we delve into the mystical essence of the Raven - a symbol of prophecy, insight, and transformation. Join me as we explore this majestic creature's deep spiritual significance.

In this segment, I'll share personal insights, wisdom, and powerful affirmations related to the Raven. We'll ponder its role as a guide in solitude, its intelligence, and its transformative power. Without revealing too much, I promise an enchanting journey filled with magical revelations and enlightening decrees.

Discover the Raven's unique qualities that set it apart from its close relative, the Crow, and learn how it can inspire and guide us in our personal growth and spiritual journey. 

What to Expect:

- Enthralling insights into the mystical Raven

- A deep dive into its symbolism and spiritual meanings

- Personal anecdotes and wisdom from my encounters with this magical bird

- Empowering affirmations and decrees aligned with the Raven spirit

🌌 Embrace the Journey: Together, let's unlock the secrets of the Raven, tapping into its wisdom and allowing its spirit to enlighten and transform us. Prepare to be inspired, empowered, and wholly enchanted!

Thank you for joining me in this cosmic exploration. Remember to stay tuned for more spirit animal highlights, where we continue to connect with these magnificent creatures and uncover the wisdom they offer.

Until next time, keep tapping in, turning on, and tuning into the mystical rhythms of the universe with Enchantress Thee Babbler! ðŸŒŸ

Watch Now and embark on this enchanting journey with the Raven!

Direct link :

Thursday, November 23, 2023

Be FragrantFuLL

Beneath a heavy, calloused hand,

A flower blooms in gritty sand.

Though trampled down, it does not fret,

Its sweet aroma lingers yet.

In simple grace, it shows us how,

To face our trials here and now.

With kindness spread, in every deed,

In giving, we fulfill our need.

Poetry channeled by Enchantress Thee Babbler 

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My Earthly Birthday Song

​ My Earthly Birthday Song In thee rhythm of life, so real & near,   I mark another year, with joy & enchanting cheer.   Under thee ...

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