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R.E. end of all days ~ written : feb 26, 2014 12:15 AM

You make me sick in every away.. Love dripping stains pinned In my brain.. Driving stakes madd spiking my flesh ... Biting into every inch of my breast .. Silencing my screams with your claws.. Shredding me down to fragmented pieces .. clusters of heaven while burning in hell ... your love, my LoVe, our perfection.. Silence is maddening as you set the stage toying with my heart in every single way .... You place me aboard only to let me drift away.. love collision .. End of all days ..

R.E. ~ PAssion ~ Written feb 21, 2012 3:44 PM

I've been craving passion in my life in my world.. After all i am a girl .. I now understand that this I need and should never deprive myself of receiving, experiencing & having ... passion it is Futile .. pAssion is everything that I live for ... Breathe fire into me ...

R.E. ~ hit to miss ~ written : March 13, 2012 12:22 AM

I'm sitting here thinking about everything ...Everything that makes you and I all the magic i feel ever so real... I wish i wish to be expressed... flatlined Love quake before our love floods through our gates ... Instant Rape.. Give & take ... How is it we are already dying ?? So much for our trying ... Ego subsiding ... We feel one thing and yet we do another.. Take an unmatched disapproving LoVer ... Numbing pain ... Another major disappointment to the list .. We hit, but why do we miss ??? but no matter how much is expressed your oblivious to my meSs.. your icy ways clinging on to your fame.. Hideway.. Cast me away.. Loveless shame .. this ideal you created in your own head with something else that somebody said .. Playing dead ... this life, this can not be it ... Hit ? And miss ? Quite some shit .. All the things he said, all the things i said, all the things we never said ... These play out in my head .. All the things she said ..

R.E. ~ Hurricane ~ Written : April 24, 2012 2:56 PM

When I think of longevity, I think About A storm, and the stance a person takes while being in their storm. Cause when a Storm Hits.... Well... It hits .. Hard .. & the only way to determine your own longevity would be when you walk out from that storm as a Survivor. Inner power .. Yea .. Inner power, way down in your core .. That determines an individuals longevity, especially during Hurricane Season....

H o P e ~ written january 11, 2012 10:12 PM

Although I know better than to rely on another for my own happiness. For that would lead to ultimate failure and disappointment but I just mean u know that human love yearning that we all crave in some compacity. Even as I lay here I am bombarded with all the possibilities of things that could go wrong in my head. Trusting completely I see that is something I just can't do. I feel like allowing myself to be trusting and have this underlying faith in another - I feel as if eventually it would all just blow up in my face. So a part of me just lingers on in hope that maybe this feeling of negativity which has swept up underneath my surface would just eventually be made to be obsolete. The One Made for me ... Usually with others so many things do not add up and it's not always by action it's by my gut feeling ... The voice screaming inside myself saying stop .. Nope not him... You will know ... Will i know ... Do i know ... or is it i am plain madd and utterly cra

Rainbow Excerpts

I am finding these old writings / some are excerpts pulled from bigger pieces ... And for me its like i am truly reading this all for the first time... How time flies ... I am going to call these old passages ... Rainbow Excerpts ... Haha 😎

Stumbling ~ Written 11/2/09 - 5:33 Pm

Stumbling Current Location:my bed Current Mood: gloomy Current Music:sims pets 2 music November 2, 2009 5:33 P.M. Today is just not a good day for me emotionally. I just can't shake this gloomy feeling. So many things are factoring in to this state of gloom - everything is just soaking and registering into my bloodstream. So it's kind of intoxicating at the same time - but not that good kind of intoxication. Here I am just blabbering nonsense. I'm just feeling it all out - and I guess this is my way of functioning. I am definitely not a happy camper right now. And I really need to figure a lot of things out - and I need to be realistic about whatever outcomes may come to be - and this process needs to be absorbed fully. Every decision made in life has a cause and effect - every action has a reaction - every truth has a hint of a lie buried somewhere within it - every move takes you to a different place - and there is always the precaution before every major decision i

Time stands still ~ written 11/2/09 9:10Am

November 2nd, 2009 Current Mood: rejected Current Music:dogs playing Time Stands Still Time: 9:10 AM I just find myself stuck in a place that I do not wish to be - and I know I will find my way out - the question is when and will it all be worth it? So although I may pretend that certain things do not phase me - I do not have to lie while writing I can not lie to myself But even though I find myself feeling this way I still have not outwardly expressed it - so these feelings remain suppressed within myself. I know I do this to myself - I know that this could of all been prevented but what can I say - I keep walking on fire.

WhirlWind ~ written January 16, 2012 3:06PM

I just want to be swept off my feet. To feel the whirlwind swirl all around me and get lost in this magnificent feeling called love. Two people on the same plateau building and passionately embracing each moment with and for the other. I want for my love to express his devotion to me and show me his love with his mind, body and soul. I want him to be as much captivated by me as I am of him. I want that when he sees me flames ignite in his eyes and passion exudes from his lips and he and i both relish in our excitement for the other. I want when angered or upset or anything that is unsettling for my love to Bare no rest until each stone is turned over and we become one back in the same place two souls intertwined in the other. For two hearts meshed between the surfaces of an everlasting love and cosmic affair, that with each slice of the blade the blood that spills out be identified as none only than that of true love and definition. His eyes would pierce my skin and open me w

Lipstick StAins - written ~ March 9 2012 ~ 3:33 PM 😱

Just steal a kiss from my lips... ... allow your fingertips to caress into my mouth... ... Feed me your Magic ... ... Lipstick stain my World... .. I AM your girl.. ... You rock my world ... ... For You are my One & only favorite ... .. I savor You.. .. My favorite bLues .. .. Enchant me with your kiss... ... Stain my cherries with your super NoVa Stars... ......Beautiful You Are ... .....Intergalactic by far ... ....Radio cosmic interwave ... ....Ignite our flames ... ....My lips are stained .. ...With your Love .. 💋

Apolopathetic .. Written june 27 2012 .. 7:20Am

When someone apologizes to you while bringing themselves down in the process, that my friends is called subtle manipulation... The definition of an apology is: A regretful acknowledgment of an offense or failure... Nothing more, nothing less... All that other extra stuff given is ALL SMOKE!! Get it ? got it ? Good !!!! Know the difference !!!!!

Lovers Bay ~ written Feb 9, 2013

In The darkest of nights.. The moon is clear clarity of the mind is near. The cloud is lifted love shines bright declarations of a passage way shed much needed light. For the storm has now passed. Engines are clear. Paving my way to a destination most clear. In only a matter of time no more nickel and diming for the stage is set! Domination over self step onto the stage. Lines rehearsed the play now written following the script and remaining most smitten. For the time has come. Death overcome. I came I saw I conquered. Life I encounter as I run and play. Mark the day for success is lucratively on the way. Indeed I say!!! Enchant Me MoOn welcome to LoVers BAy !

DAnce StePs 💃💋

Every step we take in our lives is a necessary part / component / inside this one moment of time / this step .. Is it mine ?!?? We LoVe to believe so now, don't we .... And entering out thresholds via airway expreSs delivery, sent to us personally by our own ... trials / errors / accomplishments / & all of life experiences... We take more steps inside each of these moment / deliveries / this thing we all reference as "one moment in 'our' time / in our LiVeS ..... & our direction selectively chosen by us with every step we ultimately decide to take .... sends us stepsicles ..... Steps moseying us along into the path that these stepsicles lead ... Based off of our most current step we just decided to take ... Steps are interesting ... Yup yup now aren't they .... There are various types of steps we all can take / do take / will take / have taken .... Each step depicting its very own variation of unique movement based off its own processing & in

HawkerLike Wonder

You think that because you show up in wearing a different color mask, you fulfill your tasks at hand... Preserving what exactly ? Your distance ? Or maybe your fear of the cold ... Doesn't matter ... I see it all .. Even when I don't see shit ... Especially at those times .. 😎

Ride & Die

It's as if all the pain rushed to the surface & found itself a new pain to hold on to while releasing the old ... Truth be told ... My heart ripped off ... Blood oozing everywhere around ... Love taking me down ... Girl in black ... Let the mourning begin ... Sunrise .. Blue skies .. Hidden rhymes ... Drunken surprise ... Love bleeds... It's suicide ... Ride & die ...

Morning Rush

the barrier that usually holds back the flood from overflowing is sometimes weakened upon awakening & the release is too overwhelming that my heart feels as if it's being destroyed. Save me from myself ...

Skeleton key

No matter who you be .. I will always See .. No matter what you do .. I Am here for you BoO... LoVe from me, unconditionally ... Comes with no strings ... Be who you are .. Love who you are ... And mAke no damn apologies for it either ... Held by a singular moment .. Tying it to your forevers ... The time is NoW .. AnyHow.. It's whatever is best for us two.. There's no win or lose .. It's win / win ... A friend in me for infinity ... Focus ... On who you are ... Super Shining Star ... loVe who You Are .. breathe who you are ... accept everything about yourself ... Do all these things.. Hurry too ... So that way you would let me love you ... The way you deserve to be loved ... It's the unicorns song .. Sung forever long ... Insatiable desires don't need to retire ... Quench every birth of thirst you inspire ... The ultimate Desirer ... Love Lust fAith & DreAms .... The American TeAm for the American Dream .... Biggest blasphemy ever told ... Is we could sel

Uncut SaW

You don't back away from the stage in the middle of Your play ... Bravo .. Stage is set .. Directors BeSt.. Pimp Daddy to the rescue ... Auto correct my tunes .. It's not win or lose .. Society has people buggin ... Conditioned To believe it is one , all or nothing ... Ain't that something ... I see through you .. It frightens ya .. Thinking I'm Judge Dracula .. I ain't no fkn judge ... I rather sing the wonderland song ... Food for all ... Grab a monkey by its balls .. Castrate them all ...

Always wear YouR BRa

aLwAys Wear YoUr mother BLoOpin BRA !!! eLieve ........ eceive ............ chieve ..... So like I said .. UniversAL order ... WeAr your fkn BRA(S) <~~ SuCceed !!!! DuhH!!!!!

BreAking BAdD

I am here .. you are here ... I am listening.. You are listening ... I am in your head .. You are in my head ... And we're spinning .. Tell me, Is this who we are .?. sweet passions violent surge .. When Two souls emerge ... I promise you .. This will never end ... Together we are the great escape ... Set in heaven with our promised date .. Part of the 'promised' land ... Love so real the gods Command .. What don't you understand ... I'm here for you till the bitter end .. This love right here, forever defend .. Heavens LoVe prescribed for uS for sure ...paSsioned desires scribbled unto my diary floors... Secrets released behind closed sheeTs.. truth Mirrored Scenes sung into beAts ... MuSiCaL SensAtionS... LoVe kiLL.. Falling fast .. Take my HAnd .. Combine uS two.. I think I want you more BoO.. Heavens over SpiLL.. In for the KiLL.. I Am right here ToO!! Waiting on YoU!! Mirroring fragmented pieces of everything we are ... Sacred by FaR ... KiL

GirL interrupted ~ because of Instagram

This was meant as one of my long ass ranty hashtag thing a majiggy but inStagrAm sucks when it comes to allowing me to express myself with a long rant lol and I don't know how other people do it ... They write books .. But whatever .. I guess it's just me lol so I'm not fixing it or changing it .. Leaving it as is .. I just feel like sharing :)) #nOpe #me #Either #juStSay #HeLLo #nowIgotS2gO #no1reALLyCaresAnyWay #moStPpLareJustNoseyMeAn&goSsipY #tALK2meAbouTreALshiT #youKnOwThingsThAtActuALLyMaTter #oriFnotDontTaLK2meATaLL #genuineneSs #authenticity #ReAL #rAw #unCuT #unPLugged #ReALTaLK #reALshiT #shOwMeYourAliVe #iDontAsSociAte2muchWithZombieS #butIAmVeryCiviL&stillKind #iReAcTquickComeBacKoneOfLoVE #theyCaLLmeEccenTric #fknElectriC #iGoTCeLLsAtOmsMoLeCuLeSBLoOd #spirit #courSingThruEveryInChofMe #getWithTheHiStory itAintNoMySTerY #TaKeAstepIn #LoOkWithin #ThereSsoMuchMore2uThatuJustDontknoW #eXPLoReTheSeA #FeeLYourbreeZe #iSeeDeAdPpLmoreALiVeThanManYofY

Yes I know let it go ..

You see right through me .. How is that possible ... Why would you want to lol .. It's rather unsettling but quite the homecoming all at the same time ... You've been watching a long time ... How did I Not know ..

Here .. Now .. Wow

I am here .. I have always been here .. Here is where I stay... In every possible way ... Mentally I am here ... Physically I am there ... Spiritually I am right back here ... You need me, I am here .. You need me .. In the same way I need you ... My heart is yours .. I Am only a whisper away .. I do obey .. In my own way .. It is my balance ..

Cranky loVe

It is said that to truly love another, there has to be no "want" No ownership or possession in your love ... Who said "my" wanting means ownership and possession. It just means I fkn "want" it .. "Want" "You" in my life ... Forget about possession / owning / obsessive / whatever ... Not all "wants" are the same ... Fkn tired of all my love shames ... Made to feel bad for feeling this way ... Punished it seems for having love in my heart ... Should of been born a robot ... That way none of this shit would ever fkn matter ... Ego / love / balance ??????? Blow me !!!

Why not ..

What if we made a plan ... To journey ... Into our space .. Place ... Let's create ... Where shall we meet ... Would you take my hand ... Let's try it .. If we planned it .. And truly tried ... I bet .. This time I would remember ... What is time .. When is now ?? I know we can do it ... For once .. Let's try something together ...

Eckhart Tolle

Give up defining yourself - to yourself or to others. You won't die. You will come to life. And don't be concerned with how others define you. When they define you, they are limiting themselves, so it's their problem. Whenever you interact with people, don't be there primarily as a function or a role, but as the field of conscious Presence. You can only lose something that you have, but you cannot lose something that you are! __________________________________________ Life is the dancer and you are the Dance ! ___________________________________ To love is to recognize yourself in another __________________________________ Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness. How do you know this is the experience you need? Because this is the experience you are having at the moment #eckhart #tolle #perceptions #views #beliefs #honest2GodTruths #LetThisMarinaTe #in2urMindHeArtSouLEntireBeing #AllWeEverReAllyHaveisNoW