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Prophesy of Karmics

I asked spirit what have We moving into 2021 In regards to external Forces wishing harm  & here is what I received  & This is all I know 🧿 Moving forward fearlessly devoted To Thee divine surrender Of my own evolution.  Thankful I am 

Happy New Year

Happiest New Year to all 
You knew it  You felt it  You saw it  & sometimes you had to allow it to play out in order to learn  Now that you see Learn  Evolve  Adjust thee reigns  Reorganize is thee best way to release what never was genuine 

Enchanting PopUp Giveaway

Welcome to my #Enchanting #PopUp #Giveaway .. spirit moves me to dance this way & Aligned af I excitedly surrender to thee wild Goddess call & move forward & Rise with love, peace and tranquility. I was looking around & this beautiful #GypsySoul necklace twinkled from afar & I was moved to gift this beauty to one of you. Now this here is for #FREE .. expect many more of these because I love what I do and do what I love and I love thee energy giveaways bring. So if you’re into these & you desire to participate then please know thee entry rules & I am happy to enter you into thee divine giveaway you desire to participate 😍😍😍 Moving forward expect random Enchanting POPUPS from me I am in such a generously good Schmood that I excitedly desire to gift Gifts to you & make it fun too.  So whom wants this beautiful hand made (Not by me!!!!)))) I bought this gypsy soul necklace from a talented artist & I absolutely Love this piece. I’ve worn it a few times

Timer On Love

  Technically  we should never wait for anyone  #DivineTiming 


We should never take for granted thee connections that we make that are unlike any other connections we ever made.... 

Lover Manifestation

Never settle for less than you deserve  If someone is not for you  You will feel it  Sometimes we are so accustomed to painful love that we accept kind love even when it’s painful  You deserve intimacy with a lover that is transparent and intimate too ... It’s a two way street 

Soul Journey

POWER AFFIRMATION ACTIVATION : i am Awakening to Thee Ancient that is you and i & I am In awe Of this entire evolutionary discovery. I am I and you are you and yet we are one in thee same. I look forward to evolving more with those that are ready and in this vibe of alignment. I look forward to sharing more stories with you and learning more from you.  Together we rise in full glorious align. because knowledge is powerful I am powerful and I am activating my common sense into a binary system that is a bit challenging to understand but I am open to receive divine guidance as it is all being revealed unto me in my own divine right timing. I am excited for my part in all of this.  Awareness is my friend & innerstanding is my truth. So mote it be.  ___________________ Hiii everyone ... in case you forgot .. We are thee same .. &  we’ve all done this before. πŸ˜†πŸ§ΏπŸ™❤️πŸ’‹πŸ”₯πŸ’₯♐️🎁 Ps: Let us breathe and give ourselves a lot more credit for simply existing. Let us also remember ther

Self Love

#Rp from thee beautiful @shaniaah7123 on Instagram  Isn’t that something ? Thee power behind your own self love and care ? It’s REMARKABLE! When I didn’t love me enough it left all doors open to funky vibes and misuses within my own energetic fields. 🧿Once I began honoring my mind, body, heart and soul and loving me BOLD AND WHOLE .. shifts happened. Worlds even collided. Thee despise from others grew too. It’s not so much that it grew because it was always there but because I started to love me more that triggered others to react more loudly with their stank energies. That’s what taking your power back looks and feels like. No one said it would be pretty in thee beginning it’s gritty. But It’s no longer this tug of war with yourself to appease others whom dare not look at their own reflections.  2021 we are loving and moving in full alchemy. Not that #Fake #Fictitious kind either that fakers be celebrating. Thee real authentic flow of a glow that radiates #TRUTH as we move forward in

My Magically Delicious Coquitos #Magically #Delicious #Coquitos This is thee next crystallized batch leaving thee alienation gypsy pad .. May they serve you wonderful beautiful souls phenomenally well. These are alchemically made with loves infusions accept no substitutions I am so grateful that I am thankful. #THANKYOU Empowerment #2021 #Magically #Delicious crystallized #Coquito #Power #House #Affirmation #Activation #Crystal #United #Nations #Elevations  Tamper evident seals for your #Divine #Protection  There was a mighty highly spiritual ritual while making these - feel thee dance energies of evolution with every sip - love thee Curly Alchemist  These are highly potent and crystallized batches of #Empowerment Coquito Power house affirmation : With every sip I feel empowered knowing I am unstoppable with every one of my goals. Mind , body, heart and soul alchemy I sip soul deep. So mote it be  Every batch alchemically charged with ritual  Sound hea

Lesson Of Time .... KARMA

BE GOOD & DO GOOD .. not just in public. #RealTalk Be good vibes internally too !! As within exudes on out. That’s what #karma is all about. Thee lessons of time are currently on display with thee energies of #Justice leading us in every kind of way.  Can you feel thee shift ? Do you taste this #Revolution?  For there is a quantum #Recalibration currently taking place & its speeding up thee results that have long been overdue.  #Karma #Cleanse #Unification 🧿 Power Affirmation Activation: I am secure In my BREEDING of energy that as within I exudes on out & Safely I rest with peace knowing that all Thee best is aligning for me. I am peace and kind ALL OF THEE TIME. I do not pick and choose - I exude this leveling of mindfulness everywhere I go. I TREAT everyone thee same with love, kindness and respect.  I don’t just pretend to be what I naturally am. In this full alignment I sleep peacefully and rise Gracefully. I know that I am divinely led and protected and for this I am

Evolve Tears

I cry cause you won’t  I cry because I  Can  I cry because it is one of many energy transmutters  I cry because when I am done  never will I cry about that Thing again .. If I do .. It’s fragments of thee same thing  looking to be healed  #HolyField 

Day 14 Recap of Bloom Empowerment Collab Giveaway

Yesterday’s Day 14th of Bloom As Women giveaway went fabulously well. Happy to be a part of something great and excited for thee winner On Instagram to receive her wonderful gifts.  For video of THEE LIVE where we announced thee winner Go to Time stamp 2:32 where I talk about my exciting Evolve Intuit Coaching platform that is launching JANUARY 2021  Watch thee video too on @BloomAsWomen on Instagram - it’s thee same video as mine just full version

Rollercoaster Rise With Baby YoDa

What an emotional rollercoaster ride of a day - how can one explain thee transmuting of energies all around swarming every which way looking to take up residence in every ether place existence that is felt by thee empath that is I ?  How do I explain to others whom don’t see at this leveling something they refuse to understand but yet are constantly affected by ?  If one doesn’t address thee concerns than that one is infected by thee concern & if one does address thee concern than that one is inflicted by thee concern ? So which flip of thee coin does one reside on ?  For thee last couple of years I’ve been an extra lone Wolf needed to become one for real when shit got really real - and peace she found inside. This year for thee holiday season in deciding to give back I have been reminded of why I choose to stay away and remain a lone Wolf everyday.  People don’t talk about it because they tend to live in thee distorted lense of whatever feeds their ego glad with madd cow disease .

Dear Caddy Observations

It’s interesting thee dynamics of being an observer to all thee energies around. Watching from thee sidelines while having to be an active participant too of thee stage play being executed.  So many watch & with insecure eyes they pretend they don’t see. All because of some distorted pollution of a thought that begins as a conditioned rejection they learned to pen out and phrase as their own. With conditioning there is only thee maximum level of understanding void of any innerstand.   All these conditionings are markers for easy misdirects into our own narratives.  This is theatrical babbling poetry meant to make you think in circles so you can get out of thee monkey brain dynamics of social conditioning.  One must reread and read to dribble with this dabble on this channel. Everything is a channeled message and therefore will be felt even when not innerstood.  You will always miss innerstanding while searching for understanding.   Write that last sentence down and meditate on it d

Thee Evolution of Healing Trauma

“If trauma can be passed down from generation to generation, so can your healing”  It’s wonderful to know that my children won’t ever have to endure thee neglect, trauma or abuse I was born Into. It’s wonderful to know that neither will my grandchildren. Thankful to evolve from this.   Divinely led and divinely protected I have been led down a path that went against every system and defied every odd & still I heal and evolve. If I shared my stories you would wonder how I spread my joy as I do? It’s because I choose to take the steps needed and the time needed in order for me  to heal.  Decide what is worth more  Your  peace or desire for pain? We all have pain and it hurts to go thru thee healing but it is possible to heal. Shadow work is real And necessary for our  evolution.  I can walk you through. It’s something I am  called to do. πŸ§ΏπŸ™πŸ§Ώ I know We can not control every external thing outside of us - but we can take charge of thee Path we choose to take to heal ourselves. Our h

Black & White Style


An Honest Woman

So mote it be 

Wedding Inspirations

One of thee most challenging things in life is realizing you are your own block when it comes to love. Often times we hold onto thee wrong people because they feel right (from another life) but that doesn’t mean they carry thee wisdom in this life to treat you and love you in thee way that you rightfully deserve. Maybe you want to get married - so go get married. What’s stopping you ?  Power Affirmation Activation:  I let go of thee people in my life that block me from love and intimacy and open my heart to receive love and intimacy In thee romantic way that I dream love can and will be for me. So mote it be 

Thee Clever Fox

Some are master manipulators  Inventing clever plays  of fabrications  that can never be proven nor  disproven  It’s genius  & it’s methodical and strategic  Clever Intentions to mislead  thee seer from seeing  Truth What is truth  but a clever ruse    



Soul Guidance



Some people have so much to prove  when they have so much to hide  & nothing to show  when they lie   



Sagittarius Vibes

Just focus on doing you  Thee right person will come along and never would make you question their loyalty or behavior   

La Divination

Vibrate in thee frequency you desire to magnetize to you and thee right energy will be made known and it will be  clear .. patience my dears   

It is what it is