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YoU are not Alone!

As much as this happens to me  I still often see who am I kidding  I see  all  The time  We are not alone! 

Halloween MakeUp Inspirations

Alice feeling her vibes  she exposes herself  this time No longer can they eat her from the inside  out Skeletons speak  Hi, sorry Alice can’t come to the phone right now  she’s bipolar right now  owning her frown  Crown upside down  Remember you have the right to Not remain silent !!

Bullshit Free Zone

Like right now  All I want is quiet  And My dogs  Every freakin second  Keep barking up a storm  I keep howling to hush their yap  But you think they really listen to that ?? Uhmm that would be  A Negative  that leads to every positive It’s how to live  #Bullshit #Free #Is #How #To #Be 


Do you Really HATE other Humans?

This actually made me laugh so simple and yet its statement profound IT is not so much that we are ugly or that you are ugly it is just part of the basic mold (( did I spell that mold right - it feels wrong - and I will not allow the neurotic in me to double check lol ))) anyhoo - our conditioning generational system upbringing is HUGELY responsible for the processing and negative thinking and behaviorisms habits school of teaching that has us all fucked up in Ugly ways of thinking that do not ALIGN properly with the what we truly desire mismatching how we feel we with what we do with how we act behave talk everyones blueprint all funked up and mixing babble just like Enchanting Babble I do love to play me some words with friends and scrabble lol word searches are my favorite But anyhoo this little video made me laugh Humor is totally rad i CALS Update Ps : video was removed — oh wells writing still stands as cool ..  you guys can figure thi

That is None of my Business

i do not make time to argue  when there is no need YOU  absolutely  FREE to see as you  please NEED at this time I UNDERSTAND this too here is a part of your ride as well as mine  So let US remain dignified  for in  PEACE with LOVE all things are  Righteously JUSTIFIED no judgements from  I  allowing these cycles to unveil all that is to  unveil reveal  unleash  revolutionize into  I  actively  Participate and this throwing  hate  and dealing with  some deep seeded bullshit  that most others projectile vomit and spill nah ! it is ok  I AM chill one girl had the audacity  to dismiss me from her life claiming I ain't living right  insisting that she knows me Honey Please but it is ok  you see Think as you  wish of me  for truly  your perception of me  is a reflection of you  and my reaction to your reflection is only an awareness realized within me hurting peoples feeling real

Gucci Gifts

FUNNY Chats with my kid she constantly cracks me up hysterically Please note she said if #Gucci #Gifts her the bag __ she’s gonna rock out the bag — she did not state she will #Purchase for herself —� #Snapchat #Funny #Chats #With #Teenagers #Sweet16 #Vegan #AnimalCrueltyFree #Debates #Supporter #vs #Gifting #Snapchat me @ CosmicGenius — what about you — where do you draw the lines — infinite skies to #Align with your #Divine #Truth #muM&Me #Series #Awaken #Brats #Talk #Back #Humor #Shines #All #Thee #Time A post shared by EnchantreSs (@enchantress) on Oct 31, 2017 at 11:41am PDT


She leaves us all now  although I have followed her in the past  this time she must travel alone as she does she chooses to play  dead her eyes closed creates many a  Destruction  for her tower shall fall let it crumble and fall look out up ahead she is the Walking DEAD  can't get into her head for her heart is shut down  due to every clown  that let her down  Sister, watch out now  rude awakenings await you  this is the shaking  breaking  this is your taking  one must FEEL lost to be found  Ghost Town 

EMOTIONS and their Expressions frighten the masses!

I found that if I think about it  every single emotional  display  wildly explained  feelings on display  any cry  any anger expressed any emotion PASSIONATELY expressed  any EMOTIONAL outburst  display I have acted out  and shown  sharing  it with others  with another  is always  TOO much  energy for them to take  You want to see people breakaway show them Powerful displays of EMOTION  you would see people run so fast  away and I have found myself always  apologizing for expressing  such  POWERFUL  feelings of emotion  my own sudden EXPLOSIONS its not easy to share  but when it is out there HANDLE WITH CARE  having another or others  WITNESS this  is some trippy shit  I AM FEELING  I AM GROUNDED within my EMOTIONS if you're devoid of emotions  feelings if you can't feel a thing come hang with me  you shall see and you WILL begin to FEEL  I pull every TRIGGER bullseye hitter like WHY sho

Crystal Forest 🌳

I love crystals  How about you ? It’s just something I naturally gravitate towards to — They are beautiful -  This here is my Lovely wand  I danced in the forest with my wand  I twirled  I laughed  I hummed  I sang  I smiled  I enjoyed  I remained present  and that in itself was trippy  present means so many things  So many Awarenesses  So many worlds  So many lives  so many moments  Yet in every way as present as can be  the Galaxy of Wonder existing inside  our hives  Taking every dive — loving every plunge  singing my own fkn songs  These beats burst alive  Bang my bongos  I jive  communing  Connecting  My entire body  vibrates  Elevates  navigates  shifts  Develops  A curious development  underwent  poetry unmet  I love nature  Nature loves me Crystals speak Come dance with me inside these forests of time — nature is divine  🌳 

@TrueYOUHealing on Instagram - Card #4

When I say I LOVEEE this Beautiful SOUL right here I truly fkn do she is INSPIRING YES she is I picked card #4 my friends SYNCHRONICITY Olga calls out BULLSHIT as do I sick of these times where everybody lies especially to themselves oblivious to their own hell and so busy pointing away what can I say I did that shit too victim abused but what does that shit got to do with whom I am and what I can and can not do do or do not do not do and die ANYHOO if you do NOT already follow on Instagram -- please do check her out :) What card did you pick? Did it apply to you in your life? What is this experience of your like? IS it everything right? Love & Light last time. If this doesn't work I'll upload 4 separately 😂😂😂😂😂 olgas about to strangle IG A post shared by kristi (@trueyouhealing) on Oct 30, 2017 at 6:34pm PDT

Not very Woke of Me #NotSorry

I’ve been getting a lot of side smash  talking about this and that  in regards to some of the things I now  do not hold back  and when I feel the need I  Speak  and share  Only to find out  People only listening to pick out  Point out  from anything that I am talking about  Expressing  Venting  doing so in my typical  dramatically humorous ways  allowing what I desire to express to take  Center stage  only to hear back  Missing compassion  and retaliation  bitter tongues  Preaching to me on how I need to  Not vibrate this way  Or speak that way  Or allow this to affect me  or not to let it mess with my vibes the way that it is  Annoying this is  understanding that everyone is just looking to be  Right about something  and get me back for the times I alerted them to a vibration they were expressing ((bringing it into light / conscious awareness / solely for their own development )) and now they want to repeat that shit back to me  Not arrogantly  Nor ignorantly do I speak  but certain t

HomeMade Dog Food Recipes supporting Liver Health

My momma doggie is already 9  and has some liver issues that has occurred over time  the condition she was in  The doctors would recommend to just end her “suffering” so they would say .. Everything is always so simple and easy for them to diagnose and determine  but believe me when I say  I always know there are other ways  To better our health in many many ways  Determination  Research  LOVE all of it  is never in vain  It’s always for our GAIN  Had you seen what we experienced with our Mya when she got really sick - you too would of thought that this was it — but with LoVe we went in quick and quickly made a fix and changed her diet immediately.  It was not the only thing that we changed - but this is what we began right away — finding the right kind of foods that would increase her lifespan at this time - regenerating her cells alive - gifting our Mya some more time - loving her and believing whole heartedly in her recovery.  It definitely has not

Halloween MakeUP Inspirations

Here are some More fabulous Costume MakeUP ideas for everyone whom desires to try ... All images found on Pinterest where I am weirdly phenomenal 😎🙋🏽 Now this Alice Awoke breaking chains  Breaking madd with all the brain she’s been fed this is what it looks like when Awakening the dead in she  Alice, sweet deer  What we have here Shot in the head  Bullseye she’s dead Alice, always the favorite clown  Court jester is around  She hides Her crown  Ahh but she remembers now  Sparkly WoW She found it somehow  Even after all the foul play  inside of Wonderland those days  She wears her colors proud  She earned them somehow 

What does low vibrational energy mean to You?

What is a lower vibrational frequency ? And who are we to determine  for any other what their lower vibrational frequency is all about ? Like what the hell is that all about?  here goes the labeling once again  shitty kinda friend  the one who compartmentalizes and labels every always having something to say forever Opinionating making it all a debate getting pissed when no one sees things their way what can I say Judgement stinks  God damns in the bible man Judgement stands along with crooked hands stealing lands and loads of PEACE Judgments CREEP  keep aligned   & Controlled  Ruling over every department  with its said formulas and set ways  Breakdown on how this all is suppose to go down and be for absolutely EVERYBODY so to speak but it is this lower vibrational frequency that I do speak of - - - applying this format definition understanding of its formula that is suppose to apply to everyone in town settle down  applying this an

Ghost Lakes Path

Walk the Green Mile  in style  Lovers frolicking on the grass Ghost Lakes Path 


Today’s 6 hour hike  YESSS 6 hours walking  6 hours  6 hours lol Who else loves nature hikes  I even passed the bears caves  Scary indeed  Must’ve been hibernating  That’s me right there  Mother Earths cosmic Angelic Bear Hug gifting to you all

He wrote this for me ❤️

Love is freeing  Thank YOU!!! 

Paparazzi LoVe

He’s sees me for everything that I am  I am  and takes a stand  holding my hand  he knows that I am Beautiful  Inside and out  Like attracting alike  we remind one another of this  every single day  because these earthly lands have done a number on  all of us  we must be reminded  that in original form  we are  finest  purest Everything perfect indeed  indeed Love  awakens our seeds to just let go  and simply be  everything beautiful  that we are  Proud of every scar I am Grateful everyday  for experiencing  Life  Love  Abundance  in so many various ways  infinite is this game to play  so we may continue our expand  loving every part of our evolutionary reign  In love For love Believe in love 

Halloween MakeUp Inspirations - Ideas

This one here reminds me mostly of Alice  she’s absolutely dramatic  Wonderland has sure done a number on her  Cosmetic expressions  This one here is another version of Alice  she carries her semi automatic  and just like an addict she pulls that trigger hard  and hits them really hard  Alice # 3  Awakened as can be  Tribal warrior is she  Roaming these streets  3rd eye tweaked  Alice infused her dark mixed with light  Orange so bright  Freaks come out at night  Alice’s star shines Bright  Out of Darkness emerges light  Bright Lights  Gifting sight  All her stars align  Constellations center stage  Glitter hair for the rave  Namaste  All images found on #Pinterest 

Love Mends Wholes

Although we are both individuals  separate & intricately connecting  our dots  we are uniquely  United  Undivided  So divine  Ancient souls collide  Consciously arriving during these current times  Remaining present  Each and every day  Exploring  And soaring our waves  Healing untamed Evolution our gain  Ancient Reign  We are soaring  into our own  Evolutionary skies  Grateful to him  Is I ❤️👑❤️ especially during these times  A friendship that rhymes  Lovers intertwine growth of every kind  subliminal shines  on many a level  Interesting our journey As it turns out to be  Into the deep  neither of us asleep  Experiencing something sweet  Love that is free Freeing  mind - body - heart & soul  Together we are bold  dreaming our vibes  As we continue within our align - aligned  Now is Our  time  Super shine  Love divine  sublime 

Weirdly Phenomenal - Pinterest LoVer

I am always sharing pictures from my Pinterest but don’t think I have ever shared my Pinterest information on here — and figured now - why Not?  I love my Pinterest. I love Pinterest period. 🤗🤗🤗🤗 Pinterest has been responsible for many of my own inspired forms of expression to find its outlet of expression. ... There goes another erection i am detecting when I turn myself on with these words I love these tingling sensations I receive while engaging in my own writing craft  Express Ion  Free to be  All erotica to me  Myself  & I  Oh and there is a He  within me too  it takes two to tango  Tangle  getting the right angle  at times love enjoys to  Strangle  bite and tie  exploding alive  into our own heartbeats  lips syncing deep  tasting our bittersweet  symphony .. Strangest thing this thing called love  ❤️ 

Thank YOU

some of what we are told .. shown .. made to believe .. believe if you please .. but think for yourself !  Think for yourself  Know for yourself  Understand for yourself  Determine for yourself  Seek for yourself  Believe for yourself  Know for yourself  dive for yourself  Ask all of your why’s  Why never ends  Believe me when I tell you this my friends  WHY  Never ends  Your forever kind of realest ultimate evolutionary kind of friend .. Why  Why why  and why always comes  As long as why is clearly stated  and asked  And kept alive  Dive inside your golden hive of a shrine  Never mind the why of someone else  If you’re curious that’s fine  But read between the lines  You may never get a satisfactory why from another or others or whom ever  Whatever  think clever  not stupid  the truth is  know your own fkn why’s  start there  End there Live there To thy own self stay constant  Present  And true  live this way  Love this way  Be this way  Continue evolving this way  God  Goddess  M

Oh Sweetie 👑

Oh sweetie, You’re not ugly  Society is  That’s just how it’s been  retarded spin  Aesthetic  esthetic  Distorted perceptions of understanding  that  diCKtates to us  What is beautiful  and why it’s beautiful  so many  accepting  What’s beautiful  comparing and contrasting  their  Sold  Told  Beautiful  to their own  devaluing their  own uniqueness  which equates to beauty  We all  are  Beautiful  Oh sweetie, Please do not be fooled  by these times  Love Awakening  Hidden GOLDEN Shrines  Existing  Is  You & I  Beautiful people  We vibe  kind  Strengthening our  Tombs  ancient  Roots  We are tools  not fools  We stand u.n.i.t.e.d Uniquely, Now <<I Am>>  Trusting my  energy divine  Confident in I  I am  I Am  I Am     

The TRIGGERS are your Guides

When the gun cocks back  and triggers are pulled  This is our moment to discover What is really good  even when it’s found  FEELING  Something bad  Something not welcomed  something that makes you feel some negative type of way  Never brush that feeling away  Open it up  Dissect the bitch  Burn the witch  Understand your ticks  Tocks And bangs Triggers form a band  To understand  Yourself  In every which way  Your triggers are your guides  PAY ATTENTION 

Yin-Yang Theory

It is believed nothing exists without their being its opposite in some way - and yet here we are - fighting ourselves - fighting the world - fighting each other for perceived differences - personal beliefs - and individualized ways — Stranger things have occurred on planets that exist no more - ending in war! 

No Means No!

#No #Means #No #Pitbul #Dog #Examples #Of #Proper #Behavior #RESPECT #Truth 

Cinderella Speaks

Oh yes it is  yes it is  a Wonderful  DREAM COME TRUE through and through  never disbelieving  only further sealing  this energy field  that LOVE allows within me  to seed and breathe  in every single way  AWAKENING me further  into this fantasy energy land  that is cosmically  TRUTH  BELIEVING  has been food to my soul  finding my inner om  Magical  this all  is  I AM  FREE Fairy God Momma loving me  and I  LOVING myself  BLESSINGS of AB UNDANCE  yes  DANCE  into your DREAMS living your PEACE  Cinderella speaks

Rabbit Oracle Wisdom - Proceed but with loving Caution

she is going to want to change the subject she is not going to want to hear your side  she is closing her eyes you should just change the subject and remain on common  ground - do not be a  clown  abide by this wisdom profound  and all shall start to come around  fix your crown!

Halloween Bake Out

Oh no  this time  she is not me  didn't FALL asleep nope  not this time  not me  but I see the Alice in the she  whom was me  in the deep  fast  ASLEEP the fish went back to sleep  submerged real deep  call the  POLICE   Alice Alice --  wake Up! For it soon shall be  Halloween  when we meet back up with the  CREEPS forging into the  deepest layers of every saturated rainbow  you could  infinitely Imagine  Awakening Alice's  dragon  lore  Wonder Bore done wake up!


do not sit there and think you can have you a slice of my everything here that is super nice the work I put in the kinetic spin aliens becoming friends all of a sudden you sit there and determine my motions  and speculate deliberating your nonsensical sense of platter that is a part of your own attire projecting unto me your sudden epiphany these beliefs you ricochet trying to block get in my way oh hell that would never be a day cock back jerk slap with a side of whip cream making no sense between your seam all part of the unseen cryptic blowing wind into these trees prepare for Halloween winning leagues bets on me Loaded Dreams

Master Your Potions

so I GOT THIS thing got this thing got to keep it going moving thriving pushing executing MASTERY within this spider web of MOTIONS secret elixir potions these MOTIONS tagging along with steady progress equating to ACTION  leading POTENTIONALS almost got an erection writing that previous last sentence some kind of erotica word explosive feeding myself these FREE  radicals


SO here is some OFFICE GOSSIP for this lovely FRIYAY hey what can I say... LOVE leads the way So I posted this yesterday  Knowing FULL well that I have coworkers on Fb and not giving a flying funk either way .... But anyways that’s what I posted  And then this is what I posted shortly after the first post cause I gotZ To thinking .. about all that was said — heard - perceived .. Know what I mean jelly beans ??? But anyways ...  Let  this mini humorous story fill you with giggles too ..   And then this happened.... I already knew something was up prior to walking into the joint ... SoOoo... word obviously got back around to the woman I work with at this office ...  And low and behold .. Voila  She was so gracious and kind to provide us ALL with emotional support this Sweet fine Friday  BAGELS for everyone !!!  I can not wipe this grin off my face today .. I had me a good Laugh even ate a bagel after that — and of course went straight to the source — and addressed the subliminals and