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Enchantress the BABBLER curly locks of Wisdom

Something natural and AMAZING starts happening when you let go of “trying” & you just start “being” everything that you are without having to force any part of your own processes.. You truly inhabit simply living presently and peacefully. #Weekend #Surrender #Passover #Sagittarius #Archer #Flow #Pisces #Glow #Virgo #Growth #Caps #Of #Love #curlyhairGoddeSs #Natural #LocksofLoVe


I woke up and just decided the black smoke  and I  could no longer  inhabit the same space together  we shall no longer be  it has actually been  30 DAYS since my last  self Violation

Declaration of Selfie Elevations

This depiction of pointing is  helpful  and please note  that living  WATERS exist  within US ALL  for as we point  we DECLARE our own  WORLD

Good Friday Views

Tired of this hypocritical bs  People always filled with judgement  Well I got humor filled waves for all of ya 


Life is Happening  it is Happening  every single moment every single second  every single  right NOW and the LIFE being  generated created LIVED is the life that ENERGETICALLY  is RESPONDING to you  in every single way  Every area if your own  life is your  own  ENERGETIC call  How YOU FEEL is everything  so REAL  I emphasize this DAILY  to YOU ALL  on ALL my social media platforms there are things we CAN  be MINDFUL of that will  assist US on KEEPING UP WITH OUR ENERGETIC FIELDS cOME ON bABY - DO YOU FIND ME ENERGETICALLY ATTRACTIVE? 

Angelic Guidance #523

ANGEL NUMBER 523 Number 523 is a blend of the energies of the number 5, the vibrations of number 2, and the energies of number 3.  Number 5  relates to progress, activity, variety and versatility, adaptability, cleverness and intelligence, life choices and changes and  life lessons  learned  through experience.  Number 2  adds its vibrations of duality and balance, happiness and encouragement, faith and trust,  Divine life purpose  and devotion.  Number 3  is  the number of the  Ascended Masters and resonates with  manifesting positive abundance , communication, creativity, self-expression, joy and spontaneity, affability, faith hope and charity, enthusiasm and optimism.   Angel Number 523 is a message that major life changes are taking place to bring you into alignment with your  life purpose and  soul mission . Give any fears,  worries or concerns to the angels  for healing and transmutation. Your angels encourage you to release the ‘old’ and embrace the ‘new’, and walk your s

Live your Purpose

I AM me & Free  You are #you  It might #hurt my #feelings sometimes when you point my way and #compare and #contrast me to everything and everyone and how #comparatively we measure up but the #highest #evolution of a #revolution within me understands this #comparative and leveling out is your own limitations and I Am Aligned with my own #Purpose #PSA #AlignedAF #Sagittarius #Empowerment #Motivation #Elevation #Frequency #Vibrations #Information #Specialist #EnergyManagementCoordinator #EnchantressTheBabblerOnYOUTUBE #BlackWhite #Qotd #PhotoARThErAPY  Follow me into synchronicity on Instagram @Enchantress  Snapchat: @CosmicGenius 

The Quietest Revolution on YoUTuBe

She made a lot of  sense to me  being our polarities  naturally I gravitated  to she  She spoke these illuminations  of thee highest frequencies and vibrations  I truly enjoyed her Quietest Revolution  Revelation  Elevations 

Cardi B iHearts Her HaterS

I Love her Energy of no funks given although that is not true we all care but still LOVE is everywhere and #CardiB is my kind of #LOVE #is #FREE #HUMOR this is for every #HAterElla Out there When you’re Aries Moon 🔥 🔥 🔥 Not even her Libra Sun can restrain that Aries Moon. 🤣 Aries energy just can’t be contained nor controlled. Honestly, being Aries Moon, Aries North Node and Mars in Aries is my favorite thing about Me. We aim and shoot with precision. #authenticity level EXPERT! Because being authentic with yourself is ALL 👏🏾 THAT 👏🏾 MATTERS 👏🏾 . . . #aries #authentic #selflove #matriarch #astrology #fire #expression #self #realness #moon #cardib #truth #speakyourtruth #speakyourmind #walkyourtalk A post shared by HAUS OF HOODOO ™ (@hausofhoodoo) on Mar 12, 2018 at 8:42pm PDT

Compassion does Exist

He said "How are you feeling? Better?" he said this while keeping and making eye contact with me I said, "I am well" he said "sorry, but you still do not look well, even though you do" This is his 3rd day going on in his not being pushy yet inquiring cause he can see that some part of me is not ok Compassionate are his waves I said, "I am ok, I am just sad" he said "WHY? is that?" I said,  "my dog died" he took a huge step back he said "oh WOW I understand fully well I am Sorry to hear that" he said he knows how that feels his compassion was real "I Am sensitive you know?" he said yea "I know so am I" so now you know!

Sluggish Energy Weather

I really do enjoy  recording everyday  and posting on all my social  media sights it is a little frustrating having to  deal with certain  aspects of not be able to share as often as I would like to  or as fast as I would like  to  due to the fact  of what I have at this time  that may not be up to par with certain  industry  standards  so it is frustrating  but all the more  motivating  wishing these sluggish energies would  rid themselves was very hard to remove myself off of my bed this morning 

Enchantress the Babbler on YOUTUBE upDATE

Good Morning  Please do be advised that if you are tuning into ENCHANTRESS the BABBLER on YouTube which you should be... please note that there have been some minor delays in my posting due to some level of I will blame this on Mercury going retrograde technical cosmic difficulties. Nothing to raise too much alarm - but do note that I am working on it.  Namaste 


   Bubbles would never lie  yet she is not the writer  nor is I  so what does that imply  suicide to believe the lies fed to eyes  ?  Question I? no ! Question You! Truth!        

Summer Camp Crush is something WEIRD!

How wonderfully accurately BRIGHT  these POWERPUFF cutie Pies are Amazing I wonder what they see oh I see do you SEE? Do you see what is going on the other side of the screen? Dude, it is alive! something is going on at the other side are you ready? or will you hide? There is no going away from the activity on the other side even if you run and hide for it all comes from the inside SHOCKING I know right ? These revelations that these PowerPuff cuties make all by themselves - with their Emotions leading their way - honoring their own way - so much WISDOM they offer each and every one of us - That is what is up - we must ALL start to pay attention some more to the worthiness of this reign bombarding every stage - no matter what naysayers got to say.

I AM BUBBLES, Bubbles is me

Message of the moment and Bubbles gets it absolutely right My Angels and Guides Believing HOLY / Whole is me God/dess in me my connection Supreme Universal  Realm in me Declares me FREE  and told me to do what I want to do even if I am Not TALL  cause everything is Always Alright NOW I AM SENSITIVE you know and I NOW KNOW that there is NOTHING wrong with talking to myself I Don't Know how I know I just KNOW  and that is how the story goes...


ANGEL NUMBER 909 Number 909 is the combination of the vibrations and energies of number 9 appearing twice, amplifying its influences, and the attributes of number 0.  Number 9   is the number of  lightworking  and service to humanity, philanthropy and benevolence, duty and calling, leading by positive example, sensitivity and strength of character, non-conformity and idealism. Number 9 also relates to the  Universal Spiritual Laws , and endings and conclusions.  Number 0   represents the Universal Energies, the beginning of a spiritual journey and stands for potential and/or choice,  developing spiritual aspects , eternity and infinity, oneness and wholeness, continuing cycles and flow, and the beginning point. Number 0 powerfully amplifies the energies of the numbers it appears with.  Angel Number 909 suggests that your  angels  are telling you that even though a part of your life may have been altered, halted or changed, things will ultimately turn out for the best, like

Vibrational Reality


Today I have lost all sense of equilibrium quickly and dizzily even while sitting it just keeps happening sporadically without any warning feeling woozy


Ignorant Chic Speaks

she said I know your dog  just died  but I just buried my mother  so we are comparing  deaths now like  WOW this explains  better  to me NOW  why I like animals  more than  stupid people  who would dare COMPARE and CONTRAST  pain  oh bitch yea did you forget  I too buried my mother!!  Art will be my PEACE to KEEP  for this Stitch knows not what she speaks for she is part of the SHEEP still asleep 

Angelic Guidance #606

If you watch any of my ENCHANTRESS the BABBLER YOUTUBE videos like the one I uploaded today and the two others that I am currently working on uploading to complete this mornings drive Well I two ANGEL #'s visited on today's ride #606 and #909 so stay tuned as I share Angelic Guidance #'s from Joanne Scribes / Sacred Scribes blog ANGEL NUMBER 606 Number 606 is made up of the energies and attributes of number 6 appearing twice, amplifying its vibrations, and the energies of the powerful number 0.  Number 6  carries the vibrations of love of home and family and domesticity, service to others and selflessness, responsibility and reliability, providing for the self and others, caring and nurturing others. Number 6 also resonates with personal willpower, independence, initiative, problem-solving and overcoming obstacles, expressing  grace  and  gratitude .  Number 0   represents the Universal Energies, the beginning of a spiritual journey and stands for poten

Warrior Heart

I wake up  and instantly I am reminded that she is  no longer  physically here with me  oh I see  Oh I see  Some not healed parts  coming up from me  the  anger I never let be  when I lost my mother you see the anger  raging in me  for the part I couldn’t  digest that these loved ones  in this physical 3D lifetime  I shall never see again  i am getting better my friends  but this reality  blows  bullet holes  straight thru my heart 

My Dog Died and so I cry some more - Video 3

Denial of FEELINGS

Many people will not understand my displays of emotion so public seeker of attention opinions many will formulate but the very thing they wish to see is the uncomfortable feeling they have with feeling and my feeling is further highlighting for those a door they once closed and feel uncomfortable with to see to express what I have to say to those folks is what up folks cool calm and collected you seem to be devoid of human feeling angry I get when someone says for me to snap out of it not to allow my feelings to be expressed this is part ' of FEELING  for my HEALING  so that means I  got to get THru the DEALING  that is uncomfortable as funk cause that is what is up devoid of emotions numbness that is a disease no thank you please

My Dog Dies and I Cry Some More - Video 2 of 3

My Dog Dies and I Cry Some MORE PT 1 of 3

CRybaby Bubbles Outta of control

PEople see a sad girl  and avoid her  like the plague  GOOD  stay away no sympathy is needed from  YOU  anyway! 

My Dog Died and so I cry

Animal Spirit Friend

She tried to  resist  it  not wanting to go   she tried with all her might  to sit upright  Straight  she wanted to be near me  gravitating to where she  felt most  safe  Loved  & accepted  her last let out of a cry  were her unfinished  Goodbyes  she didn’t want to go  although she  went with ease  energy was calm  for she  Is LOVED  What is there to be sad about ? 

Tears that Choke me Up I can't speak

during her final moments these last two days all she wanted was to be  next to  me  

Permission to Grieve for our Pets

I sit here and I allow this cry a most conscious one too allowing the stream of death to meet with tears of life understanding we are all energetic beings and she still is near me this realizing yet the human part of me resisting and mourning anyways it is ok to feel this way let it flow let it go but never get stuck here reminder for me too as I write this with tears streaming down my face conscious I most certainly am missing my earthly pet friend i tell you honestly my heart calmly breaks

In LOVING memory

Right before the last and final  jolt  of life existing  from her vessel my hand placed upon her  felt the essence of her  leave a moment or two  before death became  she  Loving you forever my  Mya Mooka 

Ham Stirs Delight

Why do so many  rush  out  to be the same  do the same  to do better than the same they copy off of  Like do them one  up  The joy from contributing my own  Stolen  Long ago  by this conditioning  blows  and sits here the blueprint to follow  And Use to  create  the same  the same  the same 

Anonymous JUSTICE once and for ALL !

he said you are the epitome of "stuck" she knew that trigger would do her JUSTICE Anonymous is this YOU  too having others project their views unto you the Energy Witch did not like being pointed at past life nuances showing their faces in current view its not so much as sabotage for you its more like they're still at that energetic "stuck" place and all the energies from their past that surround them are from that same time period they see you the way they have seen you then even though you no longer fit that mold Good Vibes they do not know of yet Anonymous will you show him the TRUTH  or finally for once just prove it to YOU yourself but this FOUR of Swords reversal has you energetically acting out when you feel restless atm something telling you that you gotta you gotta make moves you gotta move but ENERGY scan of a truth Rest is what you need even if it is only for a HOLY minute so would you kindly

ENERGY SCAN of A cleanse

energy scan old mindsets have this cycle of repetitive stupidity is stupid until stupid registers bright lights Jupiter retro grades needs to purge on up Venus ties to six Focus on these things creative artist streak Highest evolution of Cosmic Energy blasting Venus in Taurus so curb your mouth eating while thinking do NOT take any more necessary energies within so do not tie these two activities together for going in for your win does not need to feel any heavier watch the weight you put on take in feeL within carry be mindful of this always rest and rejuvenate irritability cranked up and being allowed for some of us now its allowed woohoo PoW due to the energy so low around they deserve sarcasm thru mindfulness living so gift it to them completely EXPRESS Freely people seem to speak my name maybe even your  name too we can have this in common too sometimes things like that is the energy people are stuck in live in spit out and

Osprey Power House of Wisdom

Land sea and air Osprey sees with care or not Humans always questing for meaning to these feelings of inklings we have cradling within our whole existence showing itself thru a piece of a piece Feels like he was born knowing what is up and now he comes to share in his wisdom  Eyes Wide Open  Solar Symbol of the Alchemy of fire  wearing proper attire Osprey Animal Wisdom Guide to Inspire  Royal Reign in every gain  by going in  for the very win  we  travel  land sea and air  in search of  POWER 

Self LoVe

@AstrologyAngelMediums on Instagram


Pretty Goddess Speaks

“You can say what you want to say  & you may chalk it up to me being some nameless pretty face with nothing more to say than that I look fierce in this Gorgeous Goddess gown - that I don’t get to keep and you’ll probably really realistically never see. At least not live in the flesh. But this is entertainment at its best. We each contribute in our own way. Those usually so quick to become critic and complainers in life - should really check themselves right. But that’s neither here nor there. . And for those of you comparing me to you  and just going down that loop of even robotically thinking - when you think that way - and feel that way - you have been made that way - by conditioning let’s just say it can be that —- but these comparisons whack - just enjoy the art for whatever it means or can mean for you - go with using this as a Motivational tool that should spark and inspire you too - in lots of positively good ways - but if negative is all you have to engage on this stage -


For there are many reasons this comes into play  But for starters  one must get out of their own way  but for starters  love like reality  missing from reality  for we all see  on reality dependent on the levels  of conscious reality we Each Are on  & that varies for us all  Start with how well defined is  This meaning of love for you  and all that it represents to you  How you receive love ? How you perceive love ? How you give Love ? Do you operate on loves frequency consciously ?  Which reality do you creep ?.  Either way  The reality of love  often times  Missing out  cause most folks don’t have clear  with themselves what they love scopes are all about ... so of course  nothing appears clear  Get outta here  we are NOw Mindfully living  so there is none of that false reality  being advocated in this space  Align with divine Grace  And let LOVE be the Only REALITY  you know  In every way  Every day  Namaste 

NO GUNS needed for UTOPIA

In the land of Utopia we surrender arms for no guns exist inside no need for gun CONTROL to CONTROL for there would NOT be any need to FEEL like one MUST jump to PROTECT themselves from people from things for Utopia is TRANSPARENT you see JUDGEMENT free for the sake of WE understanding it services the ENTIRE whOLE oh Utopia I can FEEL your LANDS breeding cultivating vibrating for NEW TRUTH is soaring about the POSITIVE GLORY that is further understood and Identified as US SOULS / ENERGY BEINGS awaken to this Human Vessel of a Reality one is perceiving and now consciously pinpointing ones own moment point of arrival to this AWAKENED station of cosmic elevations that further In LIGHT shine BRIGHT intuitive NEWS of TRUTH that Took some reality adjusting to finally admit to being ever so real underneath all of these layers of skin and all depending on what mask at the time we are in There is an aha moment to this shift aha

Quote for this LIFETIME!

P.I.E - Parental Instigator of Elevations - Episode 1 of 14

Take a Piece of this P.i.E it is #FREE


ANGEL NUMBER 452 Number 452 is a blend of the energies and influences of number 4 and number 5 and the vibrations of number 2.  Number 4  brings its vibrations of practicality and application, patience, hard work and responsibility, traditional values, honesty and integrity, diligence and determination to successfully achieve goals. Number 4 also relates to our drive, passion and purpose in life, and the energies of the Archangels .  Number 5  resonates with major life changes, making important choices and decisions , promotion and advancements, adaptability and versatility, adventure, personal freedom and individuality,  life lessons  learned through experience and resourcefulness.  Number 2  relates to service and duty, duality, balance and harmony, adaptability, diplomacy and co-operation, consideration and receptivity, fulfilment and happiness, faith and trust and serving your Divine life purpose .   Angel Number 452 is a message that the hard work you have been doing has ma

Trigger Punch Therapy

part of her trigger therapy to she was the annoying reminder that she too was at this time "Human" this triggered her in such a way that every time this mundane said this to her reminding her that she too can make mistakes she wanted to punch with such disgrace like get outta my face with that human limiting view I have had them rarely have them too Not feeling these triggers too about the release of this human connectivity that one feels disconnected from this can not be fun she most certainly will  beauty grace with punching you in the face tickle me funny too  Art is from the heART 




All the struggle  All the interruptions  all the distractions  everything that has been slowing you down  the energies have turned around  8 of clubs  PROFOUND   for the cycle is up  it is here  our time is  NOW  to SUCCESSFULLY  get what needs to get done  DONE!   Anonymous if this applies to you BELIEVE  this to be truth  NO MORE EXCUSES YOU CAN DO IT