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Before I put this on Instagram I wish to share it here ... I don't know .. I just came up with it .. It sort of Just happened .. And I like it ... Love it actually ... So Ha HA !!!! Lol well I think it's cute & that's all that matters :)) SISTERS ... Step In~between Sisters The Effects Register STARS TAdA!! Lol there you go ... P.s. My love for my sister goes beyond what any human words would ever be able to describe or define. That goes without saying, or question!! May you too be blessed with a sibling that You would absolutely without question die for !!!! My Sister, my first chosen LoVe .. I Loved her before It was ever told to me she was coming. We came here together !! Namaste ;))

Hearts that bLeed

With everything that I AM, I open my heart, leaving it exposed for you to see .... Every drop of blood dripping from my hearts exposure, adds to its pain so free.

Uncut MotherBloopers

No matter the age, no matter the stage, since I could remember I've always been told by someone or another that there is something wrong with me ... Whether it be in something I had done, did not do, the clothing that I wore, the make up on my face , the no make up on my face, something that I said, something that I believe, something that I dream, something that I told , I didn't do this right, I didn't do that right, something that I made wasn't liked , something something something .. Always met with head on collision. (And I know we ALL can relate in some way .. That feeling of inadequacy/never measuring up to this Universal "standard" of measurement that seems to exist all around dictating to us what is really good) ... & As painful & unsettling as this "reality" of mine (ours) can be.... Heading many of us a down a iLL bumpy road.. (How many of uS get sucked into this toxic abyss of Misery) no wonder We ALL build fKn walls ... No won

Uncut walls

Sometimes even the walls we believe we tore down, leave behind an invisible residue that creeps in every now & then... But I guess that too is all part of the process ... The uncoverings... The unveiling ... Of our very own secret lands ... It is a WonderLand Beauty indeed !!

Uncut DreAms

Upon awaking I felt you here .. But when my eyes opened, you weren't there... I wish to fall back asleep & go to where you & I meet .. Its the place I would much rather be ... Unfortunately awaken to this reality ... To a world gone madd...

UnCuT This is WAr!!

I pout .. Act like a little brat.. Throw a little hissy fit .. And you come moseying along dropping tiny bits of seeds here and there ... Intuitively knowing that no matter the amount you give, I Am here to take it. Dishing out just enough to keep the juices flowing in your direction. It's like a sudden erection... You get hard at just the thought that you are able to creep beneath my surfaces and penetrate smoothly while thrusting every part of you into every part of me .. Don't you see ?? It is Me .. YoU!! But I'm here to share with you something a little bit UrBan FolkLorish... You ain't the only one with SaSs... I know you be trying to make me madd.. What is your epic fkn plan ?!? I AM taking A stAnD!! Diving deep Into no mAns LAnD.. Two hunters, each one the others prey... Give or take ... I wAnt YoU MAdd!! But my desire to punish you Badd.. Fighting you gLAd, mAkes me resist you All the more .. YoU Fkn carnivore .. I LoVe YOU more .. This is WAR!!

Uncut LoVe letter to yoU ..

There's nothing to feel guilty about ... Don't feel bad ... Don't have pity either ... Nothing more I detest is to have someone feel sorry for me ... Whats to feel sorry about ... Everything you do, you do for some order .. For some "reason" ... So you're right !! Right ?? Hideaway to avoid .. It's all good .. I'm not sorry .. Nor am I mad ... Annoyed .. Maybe just a little ... Impatient .. Of course ... Busy ... Thank GoD !! So hide.. You're a coward anyway !! Yup I said it lol And full of yourself !! Yup I said that too haha But at the end of the day .. I see right through you .. It's scary .. It's like looking at myself at times... Even not wanting to understand ... I understand .. And I hate it lol I hate being so understanding ... And loving and compassionate and all that stuff that makes me wish to vomit lol So.. What I'm trying to say my most beautiful donkeys Ass of a love ... You're forgiven.. Still an ass and a foo

Uncut Morning Rhymes ... PrOmiSes

I just want to hold you .. Love you .. Comfort you ... Caress you ... Tell you that I love you ... Let me kiss you all over .. Let every part of my mouth explore the every surface of your body ... I want to sing your name ... In every single way .. For all of my days ... I will always want you ... Desire you ... Need you ... Crave you ... To you I give my ultimate surrender .. My love submits to your every breathing, grieving need ... You would never grow thirsty .. I would never leave you hungry ... For every part of me flows inside your veins ... Upon my lips your girth will stain ... Forever yours, infinity ingrained.