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Who knows what she wrote .. Uncut 0.O

New Years Eve.. I wonder about this day too.. I always said our holidays & celebrations were overrated & deprived of true depth & meaning ... So I stopped caring about them too ... I'm telling you if I could, I so would be completely content with staying home tonight... But I know I know what is the joy in that ... (Actually there is much joy in that .. At least for me there is ) But I'm not you and you're not me ... Weird !!! But I shall celebrate tonight with my loved ones & I will be merry.. And filled with light & laughter & so on and so forth ... I just do not understand how many wait for this one day out of the entire (365.. <~~ I don't understand either how there is only 365 days in a year. .. It's like Man froze time to constantly repeat itself .... OMG .. ha! That's fkn it ... we are FroZen .. Fkn genius!!! Anyways Alice be buggin) ok yes so where was I ... Time .. Yes. .. Time .. What is Time again ?!??  Haha! (Haha is fo

Uncut Alice Chant this time she swallowed...

Ahhh!! Yes yes yes Home home home Patience is a virtue .. Look into my Eyes Alice never lies .. Blonde as she may be .. She always strikes back with sudden clarity .. Empathy .. Mirror mirror on the wall Loves biggest Conqueror of them all...  mad Hatter I believe I got you At least I think I do Oh poo.. Believer in me screams blUfFer cards 21 is my game Black Jack cards smack Tic tac I'll take the Blue pill sir... But only if you promise it won't bite my tongue .. swallowing the Blue Pill all life long ... Dis... TuRb ... InG but all the more Exc.. II .. Ting .. Ting.. Ingly ... Ring ring ring ring .. Alice are you home .. Alice we come-a-knockin Well no wonder my head is spinning ... Clocks always ticking .. Awake Awake Awake Alice take a good look in the mirror .. WoW almighty God.. Being high is a most clever disguise.. I seem to have some knots in my hair .. & here I thought I was right .. Wait .. Am I ??!! All these riddles & these fiddles .. All


This World is TWISTED..

Inspector Gadget read my Tweet .. He Smiles :)

Let me find out I need to sit down & watch inspector Gadget & take notes .. I Use to loVe that TV show as a Kid.. He thought himself to be very clever.. I thought he was more GoOfy then anything else .. But YoU know he made me laugh.. 1 very important ingredient in everyday Life is laughter .. It's a beautiful thing.. Now although I do enjoy this show.. Inspector Gadgets methods are not quite my style .. Funny as his "methods" could be (haha .. Real cute ) lmaoo I still prefer doing things my own way.. The same way Inspector Gadget keeps everyone guessing.. Wondering .. Building up explosive faith riots in believing he is always going 2CracK his case .. He sure does make a Believer out of his viewers.. It's like Genius.. You know his Perfect Timing for cracking his cases.. Extremely Goofily lol I'm really appreciative & grateful being so blessed 2 have had the opportunity 2grow up learning from this Man <~~ this Man <~~~ yea him <~~ right th

Uncut juMble

Silence is not always golden At times silence brings about unwarranted Fears & then Silence ends up becoming this double edged sword That slices through your very heart center destroying truth that exist all around you When I was once silenced I "felt" I lived in an oppressive state And so oppressive state is what I lived in .. The moment I shouted .. I was Free... Those were what the dreams were telling me ... Never be so foolish to be silenced into stupidity

seeds have warped sense of humors .. Uncut craze wave

You have something to say .. Say! ..You have something to learn.. Learn!  If you have something to do.. Do! If you just wish to lurk & creep .. Lurk & Creep!! If you have some sort of vendetta .. Vendetta on .. (But please don't that is never the answer) Just know either way .. I know!!  .. And it doesn't change a single thing about my operation.. I operate on some other dopetaStic realm One that allows me to see clearly and truthfully And allows for me accept and let go While keeping my heart open and my Love always operating on full service load Keeping me aware Seeing fully All angles..   I'm an old soul who enjoys playing And while playing I get to do the most important thing Via the Love channel I get to spread my seeds ... Light Work Yo !! Jesus was no fool !!


I want YoU HaPpY Like really ReALLY HaPpY Isn't that what We All truly deserve Real hapPiNeSs Real LOVE Real Joy Breath of fkn Fresh Air SuRpriSeS So many becoMe 2engrossed in day 2 day LiVing forgetting what it means 2 LiVE.. Wheres the spontaneity of YoUr life oR are YoU oNe of them WoRkAbOts Too WoRkAbOt WoRkAbOtt WoRkAbOt WoRkAbott Racing against this imaginary spinning cloCk All the while wishing there was something MoRe WoRkAboT WoRkAboTT WoRkAboT WoRkAboTT WoRkAboT We HuManS loVe to use the words Authentic Original & Unique ForgeTTinG that is EveryThing we already are NaTuRally & most of us falling into the hype rejecting who we are Upon First sight. Where is the fkn sense in that ?!? WoRkAboT WoRkAboTT WoRkAboT WoRkAboTT What ever happened to tasting the RainBow ?!? What WoRkAboT YoU met that's happy ?!? YoU caN bE haPPy DiG dEEpEr

Mirror uncut

So You are here.. Awesome! I hear today is your day.. Fabulous! And yet on YoUr day YoU find yourself here.. So, I guess it is true.. This world of Enchantments.. YoU follow me here As I follow You there .. When Do our Systems finally crash.. you know .. One into the other The other into the one ??!!?? Some cosmic fun.. This is after all YoUr day !! Magical by far Beautiful as YoU are Yum I could bite You.. Would You let me bite into YoU.. This Space This place This time .. It's ours Clock hours YoUr mine .. Race Pace Trace.. Fingertips interlace Lips tracing every surface of our skin.. Breathtaking.. Awakening our hearts within Setting ablaze Fiery displays This is YoUr Day!! Expel the explosion Utter devotion Of our Love gone mad.. Will we ever understand .. Your eyes My eyes Ignite the skies YoUr soul My Soul Surrending Control.. What a sight to Behold!! You're here Times near Release.. This gate YoUr escape Mesmerize This time Unwind Converge Emb