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Blah blah

The ancient Greeks said, "Know thyself" I think this is alwys the question/quest in our lives because we r constantly evolving/growing   So I conclude to "know thyself" is to always know who u r at every given moment  of ur life & to try and never lose sight of YOU and who YOU are no matter the circumstances.... Cause 2 "know thyself" sets us free from all the bondage and shackles of what it really is like to live in this world, striving 2 be just like everyone else, fitting in with the rest of the world or just simply conforming 2 what we think we need 2 be based off of someone else's needs or standards...  Society rules... It dictates... We are tainted with distortions and fed lies and yet what do we believe??? What happens to who we really are?  Do we follow? Flow?  Or rule???? (I choose to rule)  Being true 2 urself  is really "knowing thyself" always...  Because when all is said and done and we  come face to face wi

How to tell if your man is a PSYCHO!!!!

Ladies so how many times we meet a guy and get so caught up in the illusion of the things we Want in a relationship and wind up getting completely blindsided by the man that stands before us.  We get so caught up in the hype that we ignore all the clear warning signs that are given to us that indicates that this one we picked is not the one. In fact he's a psycho.  The definition of a psycho that I am using here is one of a person who demonstrates any form of psychotic, controlling, tyrannical abusive behavior.  You would think that hey I should be able to spot that. And you think oh my man doesn't display any of those type of behavioral tendencies. But let's dive in and truly find out. You could lie to yourself or live in denial if you like but you can't ignore these signs that indicate your man is not all up there. And if he's capable of doing any of these listed things then who knows what would be in store for you once it really is too late.  So first off

Uncut Chant 4

Omg I can't stay away from this phone. It's like my everything. My little baby. I can access everything on this phone and this... it drives me crazy. Cause I'm constantly checking on my phone or using my phone in some capacity.   That shit is crazy. Its like some false sense of security, every few seconds.. On the phone on the phone on the phone. It could be for anything... Listening to music Talking on the phone Checking emails Sending emails Posting on fb Writing in my notepAd Etc etc etc Its like geez Jennifer ok put the phone down. I find something to do with it like every second. It's like I think something or want to know something and voila... Presto!! I pick up my phone to get everything I think I need.  Fast too... In like seconds. Bam... Info is there. But that's why it drives me crazy cause it's so addicting. And many people know what I mean (deny if u like lol) and i know there are the rare few who r not glued to their phone. (notice many

Uncut chant 3 (I think) lol

I love words. Words make up any language spoken and in them a multitude of meanings. Words are indeed powerful and they evoke in us strong feelings. Emotions that no words could truly begin to express. BeCause "feeling" is the more powerful element. No amount of words could begin to convey the intensity of a certain emotion. A person may describe the action and even the feeling with words but if the persons words are not chosen "wisely" those exact words could be misinterpreted for something else and "boom" there goes an opposing affect. And sometimes the meaning behind which the words are spoken are not fully understood or taken in and creates something else I wish not to get into lol.  That's why I love words because "words" execute such authority when spoken.  Explains why i love when words are sung... It could become euphoric if you find the right music that feeds your soul.  I am always listening for the things that nourish my soul. Lov
Ur trying to make me dizzy with ur spell Selling me the dream but I can tell Been down this road many time b4 And now ur kind returns asking me for some more U come around I'm spellbound but I know ur full of smoke It doesn't matter how I feel Cause I know where this will go Open doors closed doors Tears and fears Bloodshed and heartache The pain... The wasted years.... Do u know?  Nothing has changed I'm still dizzy Dizzy 4 u  Don't want to lose myself this way Ur building a smoke screen and it's got to stop don't want to drown Don't want to drown  Ur love is not  Ur eyes sell me lies U tell me all the things I long to hear But I know better nothing has changed The way I feel about u is only real Everything else foggy but clear  And I won't lose myself again at the end of the day So what is best for u to walk away Cause this reality I'm in is not ur game I'm unwilling to live in what u got Turn around and just s
I never knew how much hidden disgust  Still seeps within me when I see ur face Ur smile irritates the shit out of me  The scent of u repulses me  I have to force myself to look away  Because the sight of u sickens me  In the very bottom pit of my stomach  The stench of u makes me vomit   that creepy crawling darkness  The one that penetrates deep within my veins Wants to know and wants to see Everything that there is to know about u because I feel I have that right!  Everything so bright...  I at one time blamed u for taking away my light She shined so bright!  And now here u are  Smug, happy and ever so vibrant  And I thought that I would be ok  I felt that enough years had past that I am now ready and prepared to see ur fucking face again and u know what who would of known... I still can't! I cant stand the site of it... Ur face!  Then I find myself stuck and torn cause haven't I grown?  Didn't I move on past all this foolishness?  Could of fooled mys

My world (short bio written for school)

Embracing life with arms wide open. My  viewing of the world is like that of a child, pure innocent and sweet till tainted.  Breathing in the air and taking it all in and smiling at all the marvels of this world. Forever A child of God and grateful for each blessing bestowed unto me.  Living each day one step at a time. Evolving physically, mentally, spiritually, humanly with each passing day. I wake up refreshed and reborn every morning.  The way I see it is that in life it doesn't matter today about anything that once was or about anything that already happened and can not be changed.  The only thing that matters is the here and the now, Right now!   While we continue to  strive towards our futures that are forever in motion and constantly changing. But one important thing I try to never forget are all the things that have brought me to where i am now today.  Because it is those very experiences that helped form and shape me into the kind of person I am right now. It doesn