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Cause with u it's like breathing in air When I'm in ur arms Nothing else is there  Everything about u takes away the scare I believe it's true Baby me and u  That thing we do  Each time we do I'm so in love with u  Catch me cause I'm falling... Ur love has me so emotional  I get lost in the times Lost in my mind  I get lost in your face  Lost in this place  Lost beside u  There is no other way But to hold u tight Make love to u right This thing we got  Makes me so dam hot  Catch me cause I'm falling...  never let go Would have me out of control  This love dynamite  with u by my side  Every thing is so right     this may seem like it's too good to be  But u and me we complete this dream Of our lives and our hearts Can none tear apart  This love in my mind  Has me hypnotized Catch me cause I'm falling.... I'm never letting go This love soothes my soul  This aching for u No spell can undo This thing that u
What was once there   No longer   That feeling swept under   Heartache   and thunder The tides have swallowed me whole Rest assure the love that once was is no more And u sit there with propositions   Of the next best thing Trying to take me back in the ring   A heart gone mad U do the math   It's best we keep on the path of going our separate ways U claim u can now change BecauSe shit is real U see me out the door   Trying to gas me for some more   But I know u and ur dragging me thru 1 more round when I believed u many a time b4   And yet here we still are Round 50   I close my heart to u   Because if not u trample it with all u do   Telling me that is ur love so strong and true   But my heart don't need a love like this   Feels like a daze a faze a diss   Who would want a   crazy life   like this?   With u Empty promises of a   tomorrow Tomorrow   never comes 1 more try 1 more cry   I would be just insane to go thru with this again One

Enchanted Uncut Chant

It's amazing how the more time i have the more that time offers me the opportunity to grow and learn so many different things. And I really do try to see the good in all situations. I've been through my fair share of sorrows and pain. But who hasnt? there is no level of experience more (omg! Sorry going to cut myself off because i am watching sytycd and its so freakin amazing and wonderful  the opening performance to the elimination show was danced by all the All Stars and it is Awesome  this is why they are All Stars!!! Beautiful! )  where was I oh yea There's no level of experience better or worse for no one person. Yes there are different circumstances but experience is something of it's own. It's like my cat dies... Someone could hear my story about my dead cat and could think ok "yea stfu so ur stupid cat died. Stop crying about it already there's so much worse that could happen.". Well that's true for the person saying it but not for the pe

The Beat Stops...

Now That I'm walking away There's so much u have to say Where were these words   A million other days Empty promises of tomorrow Declarations of a love   Telling me I'm wrong Wanting me to stay   Tell me was it worth it all   Looking in ur eyes   Reflection of my cries Remembering it was just the other day   As I turn and look away U look at me and say be careful Now Big mistake throwing our love away   Please stop and listen to the ticking of ur heart   And the beat stops... And I can't help but think   That enchant within has my head spin wondering if this could all be something worth while something worthwhile   In the end for me... U will be the end of me... As my heart stops... I tell myself that this can't be U r only here Just trying to eat at me   Destroying every little that's left in me To push u away and I turn and walk away from u   Cause this fight in me will be the end of me if I choose to wipe the slate clean   I know u


Welcome to the New Millennium of the next Avatar generation. Which Avatar are you? According to Science Daily new research done by Concordia University estimate that by "2011, 80 percent of Internet consumers and fortune 500 companies will have an avatar or presence in a virtual community." Do you fully understand the implications surrounding this new information? That means that 80% of this global population would be engrossed in another world, a virtual world. A world created by people in the hopes that this would create a mass media frenzy in where people (consumers) will buy into the facade and add this new world into their own world and in itself creating an entire new generation. Imagine the ramifications of such an impact on society knowing how we all display highly addicting behavior especially in cyber world. It is understood how addicting the Internet can be.  We know how addicting social interaction in cyber space actually is. Really look at the bigger pictur
Scream just a little hold tight just a little melt the love away this endless game called love Breathe just a little Seek just a little always question the game But you want me to build and you want me to believe and you want for me to release all my reservations towards you Scream for love loving me insane Bleed for love Die in love so vain don't ever play this game Release from love never go away