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Uncut train rant / kids

I can't help but smile immensely on the train ... Seeing All these little kiddies in their costumes..   And these huge smiles on their faces.. Kids love me .. The kids I teach yoga To.. They are adorable ... They love me !! Kids are the light of this world ... Pay attention !!!

Uncut chant / feeding tubes

We are nothing but feeding tubes ... & sometimes the tubes become rotten .. And they dispel such gastric bile to our cores ... Vomit!! & at other times these tubes .. Well they connect .. They connect & they FEED... Know what I mean ????

Uncut chant / the witching hour / it's 12:00

This space this place it's real This time Our time It's ours This clock This heart This ticking tower This beat So sweet Incomplete This dream So real We desire it Your heart My heart We devour it Your heat My treat We savor it This deep Our pulse We Flavor it Your lips My lips We play with it We dance Our dance Convergence

Uncut chant - system crash!!

What's in a connection .. There are no explanations .. Only feelings .. Feelings that sometimes go against our very foundations we have long built up... & when the connection hits, all systems crash !!!

Uncut Chant ~ favorite band <~~ yup I said Favorite :)

My favorite band ... Now you all know I say I don't have any favorite anything .. But never say never .. And there are always exceptions .. My favorite band .. And here's why ... (Musicality wise .. ) Drummer boy ... Watching him play is hypnotic to your senses. He gets lost in his space.. In his place .. And he plays .. Full heart, body, mind & soul ... I mean he takes you there .. He drums his beat.. His heat .. Right into ur heart .. My moon in Pisces allows me to truly understand & feel how immersed this man is when it is concerning music ... He exudes it .. He dances while he plays .. I wonder where he goes ... Hypnotic flow .. Trance .. Sexy is an understatement of what he embodies ... Magnificent in his own right .. He is an animal !! If you want to go there, he will take you there .. I am honored to have encountered such loveliness ... At home, when I dance , I drum my body to his beat .. Lovely!!! I want him to dance with me :))) .... The most h

Uncut Christmas (?) idk uncut something lol

I always get asked if my Christmas is ever short changed being a December baby & all.. I mean those were the jokes growing up .. U know combining Xmas/bday presents .. That was never the case of course .. But my question following would always be .. Does it really matter ??!?? What are presents anyway ??? I'm going to move my writing now to paper & pen .. My favorite !!!  At this moment no more sharing ... Thank you for always stopping by .. And may ur day be filled with awesome, wonderful , spectacular , happy, loving things.. I really do wish that for u & mean it!! Cross my heart :) Xoxo Pisces Moon Child 

UNCUT chant / More train rides .. Alice meets Monkey .. True story

Train rants .. Let's see what will i say .. I am not sure if I feel poetic at this very moment .. I would say more like there is this nervous, frantic like , excitement ... Exuding from every single pore in my body .. It's like feel the rush .. So instead let me document it .. As I listen to my shuffle that sings it's Praises to me .. Reconfirming all my Dreams Spoken out loud ... Ride the train.. Feel the toxic fumes as u take it all in .. Hmm.. Would u go unnoticed .. As everyone sits / stands / breathes all around u ... In this world do you go unnoticed ??? Is it possible to exist and not be seen ?? And when seen .. Seen by whom ??? Rants / chants / what do they mean ?? Entering into a muffled existence putting together all the puzzle pieces and deciphering which road / path / movement / dance to do next .. What are ur choices ??? For they are our own .. Or so we believe .. Illusions/disillusionments All the same .. Interpretation ..

Uncut chant ~ connections

Think of it this way.. This connection.. These coincidences .. Even if they are not directly linked .. Well.. In our understandable minds eye.. It still is a universal connection.. One that didn't have to be made.. But yet was.. Why ?? Now that is the question!!!

Uncut chant ~ more train ride rants .. Where is my mind lol

Compelled to write .. About what ?? Who the fk knows .. But my spirit within just acknowledges the love within, bursting out into every landscape created before me... And as I write this my shuffle plays ... And he sings to me ... Reminding me of the fantasy ... Everything about my existence breathes into his.. Connecting every dynamic part of our souls intertwining it into everything we are meant to be.... Forever  ... I write and know not what I am going to say .. But yet the words overflow and pour onto my world.. Reminding me.. Awakening my very soul .. My thoughts ... My expressions .. My fantasies ... Those things are indeed tangible ... These very things in which I believe are mine for the taking ... My heart skips beats .. And everything in between all the dreams of past lives .. All future occurrences .. Are wheeling in to this time .. My time .. This moment ... The fantasy By simple uncovering our worlds collide unleashing  what has always been.

Uncut chant / train rides .. Meh!

Independent as I am, Prideful as I can be .. & I still can not seem to erase this profound effect u have on me ... Wiser than most fools I've never gotten lost in the hype .. But what the fk is it about u .. That I desire u in my life ... How could this be possible for I am in complete control  .. Or at least until now ... Why does everything unreal feel ever so right... reality failing to match up with this description.. placed in my heart in my heart in my head  .. I know fantasy .. I fkn know the difference .. What kind of woman do you take me for... Dreamer Dances awake In many a realm but dizzy feet always in touch with earthly reality.. I've been plagued with enough insanity to last me many a lifetime .. So, I ask myself why,  why this fkn time... Warrior of love engulfed in flames.. Spellbound? Enchantment scrolls laid out  on the ground ... You put a spell on me!!

uncut Rant/Chant ~~ #WtfIsBeauty ..

Why do I #WtfisBeauty ???? Good question.. Wtf is beauty ? And why should it be compared ? Who is doing the comparison ? Who is providing the meaning, the definition to its very significance ??? Wtf is beauty ??? And why are so many in this world wandering around not feeling BEAUTIFUL ????! Hold on .. I want to know the definition of beauty .. I want to know what the word itself is defined as... Ok a quick copy/paste (courtesy of my iPhone (which I still love btw.. I know it's just "technology" & I know that my "reliance" on this "thing" is ridiculous .. But wth whatever !! Lol Here's googles definition of BEAUTY .. We all google right ? Do u google ? Or wait is that me just assuming .. I wouldn't want to assume.. So anyways .. I use google (not that this is any form of advertisement for Google either .. I am only revealing one version of "beauty's" source/origin .. Ok shhh.. ( that was to myself ) I try to t

Uncut poem / just a lil something that came to mind

He calls me beautiful And I know he really means it What is the Beauty that he sees & who is he so enamored by.. Where is she .. Where is the beauty that he sees .. Why can't I too see the beauty.. He whispers he loves me .. What is it that he loves .. Who is it that he says he sees & who is she that he professes his heart & soul to... Thanking the Gods above to have found his true happiness .. Why can't I too see these things.. He looks at me with so much affection, & it pains me to look his way .. Where is my love ?!? Who am I today ? He sings me lullabies to sleep & i joyously take them in.. for I filter off from this reality & enter my world within... & that's where I see him.. Ultimate galaxy .. But as I awake from my Dream.. it is he who smiles & tells me that it is I who is beautiful ...

Uncut Chant / poem/monologue who knows I just the write shit lol

Do u notice me, as I've noticed you Or could u just simply walk away Ignoring the obvious connection between our souls Is it too far fetched of an idea to believe that something so profound could actually exist I mean they make movies based on this.. The belief has to start from somewhere right ? Ha! Or will you tell me that fairy tales are not real ? Well who said connections are fairy tales ? Or is that what society has u conditioned to believe ? Come on now, I thought you would be wiser than the fools with the tools selling all this commercial bullshit But fine! Have it your way .. See if your soul lets you sleep at night .. And sure you may forget me, but ur soul never will And there will come a time in ur life where u will feel like ur missing something ... And this unbearable longing May have become muffled with all ur disillusionments u fed urself over the years ... But I will know.. You would have an inkling.. Our souls they would forever be the keeper of ou

Uncut chant ~ idk what I be thinking .. Yes I do ! Lol

As my mind tries to Escape you I enter into ur maze Running around frantically Caught in your gaze Death stare I turn and I run I turn and I run only to be met with ur eyes I stumble backwards & in one quick swift I collapse into your arms I push u and I run free to the ground I push and I run If I let you .. U would be the death of me Run faster Dead ends & just when I think it is all over U devour me whole

Baby steps

As I look at some of my older writings I still find it hard  to share .. Although that part of my life is history .. It still existed.... Not sure how long till I break & just share One piece of the puzzle ... Baby steps luv Baby steps

Punishment Update

For those curious as to how my Punishment against myself went... well you will be happy to hear that for the most part I stuck to my end of the bargain with  no "happy" distractions.. I did get what needed to be done, done a lot faster. There has been no mood shift o'horror ... And that concludes my story .. As 1 of my tattoos states .. Where there's a will there's a way!!! Believe in all things , & that means believe in yourself too!!! Namaste & thank you for your time in this most enchanting space of mine <3 p=""> I know boring rant .. But u know what .. My shit got done !!! :)) Yay!!!

Uncut chant - perfect mother..

Written last night .. October 15, 2013 I don't know what it means to be the perfect mother .. And the last thing I would hate to do is sit around & compare myself with other mothers.. Other single mothers.. & weigh myself in ... Cause if I did that shit the load will be a super over load & trust me, that is the last thing a child needs.. Or I need ! I know there are times where I reflect hard as to the way that I raise my daughter & the relationship we continue to build on & as any relationship there are strengths as well as weaknesses. I get emotional writing this ... Because lord knows I truly Love my kid .. I've been blessed with such an amazing force of character & beauty in my daughter .. Ha ! Tough as she may be, she's my heart & soul. As any 12 year old .. Well not all, because I've seen some pretty well behaved kids in my time, who seem to have embodied the perfect genetic code of "perfect child." Hold on.. Moment

Uncut rant ~ Punished !

Focused energy is the key for me today.. My mind has not been here .. It has been there .. And although i still believe in there, I must focus on here... Well at least for this moment ... So, I must be punished .. I know what my punishment is.. Will I share it ?? No! It quite frankly is  none of ur business lol (I write this as polite as possible ) :D Will I stick to it (for today only ) hmm... Will let you know later ... I am being intentional here guys ... Sometimes it takes extreme focus .. Dedication .. Will Power .. U know all the shit I talk about lol What needs to be done today, I have procrastinated on for like 1-1/2 weeks ... For good reason yea yea but I know (because I know me ) this thing in which I've procrastinated on could of been done long long time ago ... & now because of what I sowed into existence I find my vibrational energy shifting into mood swing o'horror... So before that continues .. I'm punished . Even this blog .. The

Uncut rant - train rides

I will share excerpts ... Pieces .. Fragments .. Of everything believed to be true, At least what was made real for me at those moments ... History Mystery Intrigue A maze that is all  revealing.. To whom? Now that is the right question !!!


Now that I am in the light .. It's time for me to share some of the dark... Because it is between these 2 that I found myself <3 p="">

No reflection ~~ throwback poem - Written - 1/4/1997 - 15yrs old

I gaze in the mirror all I see is a face a face that blends in with the rest of the world I stare & try to focus On who I really am not just the face standing before me I'm looking for my reflection All I see is emptiness Invisible to the world, but most of all to myself I'm invisible.. I'm invisible... Slowly dying I'm lost & can't yet be found Or is it I wish not to be sought ? I'm invisible But all I wish is to fly... Fly ? The way to be found is to find thy true self.. True self ? And as this occurs I will be set free... Free? But right now I see no reflection standing before me Wow.. I listen to the 15 year old girl who wrote this .. And clearly see that I've been here all along ... Fkn Sagittarius and their deep philosophical quest/zest for life ... Add Pisces moon to the forefront & u got yourself also an Absolute Dreamer.. The Jenn above who once wrote this poem didn't know it yet.. But she's pretty f

Uncut rant

All you do is tease Send me to my knees Holding ur command Mind fkn me with ease With every breath i take & every move you make I surrender

Free flow - uncut chant

Sitting here with pen in my hand Dreaming of a far off distant land, Realizing now that it has always been my dream... Dreaming out loud, voices trumpet streams Sending butterfly Whispers into the wind.. Breezing on by my sweet lullaby, enchantments of desire.. Love quenches me whole... Tip toes onto my very own soul, happiness so bold & everlasting.. Feel the wind... Relinquishing control.. heart skipping beats.. Capturing this very moment Everything absolute & complete Majestically entranced as I dance rhythmically  intertwined  inside euphonic bliss... Sweet penetrating kiss, honey dew lips, enchanting & alluring Love radiating a cascade of rainbows Understanding what the Gods meant.. As Love comes undone

Uncut chant ~ Universal Laws

That's the beauty with universal laws.. When you see it in action, & at work, it's a marvelous painting. All colors intricately woven into existence... Coincidences.. Pfff no such thing.. Lol They are our own powerful guidance systems allowing us to hear, see, believe & feel, exactly what is manifesting into our very own existence...  & based off of what it is that we think/perceive/believe or what we believe we are seeing/experiencing/living.. Well that  will always remain to be our own subjective experience, and everything we connect as our own... will Always be & remain to be REAL unto ourselves... (Therefore becoming the world that exist before us) & whatever it is that we think we believe & feel... Well this will be the world that we will actually live in.. everything that we create to be real  for ourselves...  These things will define our very existence. These things Make us everything we are... These things are what we call ReAlity...

Uncut jumble

Uncut rant .. Here it goes .. Lord knows what I will say next ... The words are jumbled in my mind.. Feeling like some sort of writers block .. Ha ! Great .. Inability to sleep & now write .. There are always books .. As well as dance ... But I think I've danced enough for the night ... It's amazing how I never grow tired of dancing or listening to music , because I absolutely LOVE IT !!! Ok this is a whack rant ... So gotta go ... & 1 note .. Whatever u believe in .. Believe in .. And keep believing .. Don't stop believing .. Believe .. Just believe !!!! Namaste ;)

Interesting words spoken

I read an interesting interview on a very fascinating person.. Well I think he is ... And based off what I read, this is all I heard :)) Excerpts from things He said during this interview that I found to be the most interesting.. Interesting for so many many reasons... 1 of them being that it's as if I could of said these very things myself !! There's no crazier fiction than reality! That's why I've done everything I've done: because I've been compelled to do it!!! I don't think you would want to do it unless it was a burning desire .. If it's not a burning desire, you probably shouldn't be doing it. … these reasons why we do the things we do. They're interesting questions. I'll take you on a hike. You wanna go on my hike? I'll take you on a hike. No complaining though, when we go up there. I hope that it continues to change Hmmm. I thought maybe you were a psychology major. I can't wait to get you on that hill. I am going to take