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Career Exploration with Young Adults at Covenant House

Yesterday was truly a remarkable, uplifting sort of day visiting the young adults at the Covenant House.  I went in not really knowing what to expect, not really knowing how I can be of any impact to these young adults... but perspective changes as the wheels of life are turned & interesting things begin to unfold... Many of these youths are a lot like you & I. They have dreams, goals & aspirations. They live in a society built where sometimes it is more difficult to reach that latter of success so many envision.  Wanting so much more from their lives & striving to get there.  The purpose of the workshop was for the Volunteers to share their own personal experiences with life, career, family & offer some level of guidance to these young adults in sharing with them the things we learned & picked up along the way. Helping them to prepare for the next chapter of their lives. This is where my anxiety kicked in.. (internally).. heart racing.. adrenaline pu


I find it hard to get over the mourning of all those lives lost in the Connecticut elementary school massacre. I sit at home & I cry, I wash the dishes & I cry, I talk to my family & friends about it & I cry, it is truly a devastating blow into ones spirit.. I find myself reading & reading trying to occupy my thoughts elsewhere... any chance I get to distract my mind from all of this worlds cruelty and sheer madness , but even then I begin to cry... I have not weeped in such a way in a very long time. Possibly since the loss of my own mother. Tears shed as this is written... You know one would have every right to become angry with a situation as this with the slaughter of all those beautiful children, teachers, faculty & staff... Those innocent children being the larger of #'s among the dead... thinking to myself...what kind of monster is capable of committing such a heinous Act of EVILnessss... I definitely would & could understand