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Haha just realized it is NOT cloudy at all outside... Must be my tainted perception as well as incorrect SMART phone weather updates Blessings
Slept horribly last night! I do not know what it is that is keeping me up and having me sleep unwell, but I wish it would stop. Definitely not a peaceful nights sleep at all...... But on that note I am still good, happy and Not going to take my grumpiness out on anyone else, because that is how I roll!!!! :) I try my best with any negativity I may carry from time to time (after all I am human), whenever that time arises to NOT take it out on other people!!! Simple!!!  Why burden another with my foolishness... Overall, I am feeling OK today, a little tired of course (which is notably understandable since I barely slept at all) but on this cloudy day today (which I also believe is going to be a rainy filled day) I am sure I will be made to feel even more tired than I do now... So, I Can not wait to catch up on some Zzzz's later whenever I could.... But for now off to School for me Blessings to All <3
Awaken deep within the Spirit of life.. Take joy in the simple pleasures... Radiate beauty and Kindness Love with all your heart View "many" things in life with awe and beauty Get lost inside of your head Travel... Escape... Release... Feel... EXPRESS!!! Never be afraid to be YOU Blessings <3
Greetings.. So I didn't sleep too well last night. I was possibly up all night tossing and turning and up by the crack of dawn... But you know what ??? I feel Great!!! I am up and running, staying positive and doing ALL that needs to get done, as it should be! There are many things going on in my life right now, but one of the most exciting things currently undergo is my Holistic journey. I am in a school I love! I found my right path ( and trust me when I say you are never too old to embark on any journey that would transform you for the better ). Upon completion of my degree in Occupational therapy as well as receiving my license to become a  Holistic Massage therapist, I am so undeniably excited to embrace this new path. What started me on this path???  Honestly this has been building up for years... So it wouldn't be to cliche for me to say IT WAS YEARS IN THE MAKING! lol Why the holistic approach?? Ha! Well that is just plain old simple to me.. Holistic is the only


I like to start my mornings off doing a little bit of yoga & meditation... It may not sound like much but I have noticed that on the mornings that I do engage with this activity I feel soooo very AMAZINGLY great afterwards! My energy usually soars high. My mood drastically improves, even if my mood was already wonderful to begin with.  My body feels relaxed and less stiff. OMG I can NOT stress enough how important Stretching is for our bodies & exercise. But why Yoga??? YOGA is fairly new for me in my world, but I always knew it would be for me once I tried. So much so that now I am currently on my way to becoming YOGA Certified, which to me will be Epic! For YOGA ties nicely into my world of Holistic Health & living. What are some of the great benefits of practicing YOGA.. Well for one thing it definitely does improve my flexibility. It also trains my mind/body connection in where my Mind/Body learns to work in harmony with one another. The different posture
Going after ALL the things you want from life will require you to WORK your BUTT OFF!!!! There is never any 1/2 stepping.. There is only the illusions/delusions you tell yourself... WORK WORK WORK WORK WORK WORK WORK WORK WORK WORK WORK HARD FOR IT.... that is the ONLY way!!!!! Forget about the 1/2 stepping... forget about the EASY route to the finish line.... WORK WORK WORK WORK WORK WORK WORK WORK WORK WORK WORK WORK That is the only way!!!! Success is only limited by your Perception of what it truly means to be A SUCCESS... Societys standards are RULED OUT ON THIS PAGE... Blessings to ALL <3
Covering every surface of your body finding my way I seep into your soul As we transcend & reemerge as one, My Lady! Heaven foretold such bliss Sweet scent & heavenly kiss You are everything that I want & you are everything I need And for you My Lady, every part of me bleeds for your Love Mind Body Soul In my arms is where you need to be I am the Man of your dreams Everything and Anything My Lady, for I am at your feet Look no further I am exactly what you need! The taste of your lips so divine The sparkle in your eyes... For you ENCHANT me Sweet, Sweet Divine The tenderness of your skin you saturate me from within For you I shall never forget Images of  you submerged in my mind the aching in my bones, the yearning for your Love You Bewitch me Mind Body Soul For I am yours!!! Playing around with some word play today and this is what flowed through unto pen & paper.... Hmmm..... What does it mean ?? what does it mean ???? Blessed Even
I do not want to hear about the things you wish... I want to SEE them... Words have the POWER to manifest in themselves ACTION, but it is up to YOU to see them through to its Fullest Creation!!! Do YOU have what it takes to put your WORDS into ACTION??? I would sure hope so, because if not maybe a little PRACTICE is in order... It always begins with Baby Steps :) Blessings to ALL <3


If there is one thing that I would continuously emphasize and stress, is my EXTREME LOVE for my family <3 Stay Tuned for MANY MORE photos.... WELCOME TO MY WORLD <3   Add caption 
I was just thinking... the amount of effort someone puts into their relationships, can tell a great deal about their level of commitment to someone.  TIME being INVESTED... When a person constantly tries and constantly shows themselves to you, and how much they care and want to be with you are the ACTIONS that WE all want to see, live & experience. But when the OPPOSITE occurs, well that just sucks butterballs now doesn't it??? This is me only thinking.... Blessed day to ALL <3


This Day was liberating for many many reasons... No words would be able to convey what it feels like to fall from the sky... Images of a world viewed as a map from above... Teaches us the very importance of ALWAYS LOOKING AT THE BIGGER PICTURE!
Opportunities exist everywhere... We just have to learn when & how to seize those opportunties when they appear... And the only way to get them is by truly Seizing them, and never letting go!!!


Is total & complete honesty in relationships so farfetched of an idea to actually have & maintain... Doesn't the other party deserve TRUTH, in all shapes and forms?


I have been M.I.A. for quite some time but all of that is going to change... for some reason or another I just have not been in the writing/sharing kind of spirit and lost focus of what this blog was originally truly about... All this time lost without sharing, blocked out a few important lessons for me that I still needed to learn... correction.. still working on learning.. So many changes have taken place... It truly is a Whole NEW WORLD <3 Stay tuned....