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Friday, July 28, 2017

Ram Dass LoVerS

You are LOVED just for being who you are, just for existing. You don't have to do anything to earn it. Your shortcomings, your lack of self-esteem, physical perfection or social and economic success - none of that matters. No one can take this love away from you, and it will always be here. Ram Dass #RamDass #Quotes 

Remember before we look to be loved by the world - it too exists way deep down inside- self love found within our golden shrines - and while people may be fickle pickles with giving and taking away their love- they can't touch what is innately yours - and this my lovely souls .. this kinda self preservation is mother bleepin priceless. 

We have all loved and lost - and it's within our loss that if we dive deeper into our own hives- we shall be found. Love existing all around ... So the next time someone decides to take their love, friendship, affections away .. hug yourself tighter with love and send them their merry fickle way. ... Follow me into Synchronicity and ride these Transformative waves of Loves Empowerment 

#EnchantingBabbler #HollyWoodsGypsy http://EnchantingBabble.Blogspot.com #VisualWordArtist #Energy #Lifestylist #Wellness #Wholeness #Coach #Snapchat @hollywoodsgypsy #Curly #Hair #Goddess #Soul #Transformers #Self #Preservation #Is #Key 

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Oracle Message on Self Worth & Acceptance

A Most Powerful Oracle Message on Self Worth & Acceptance

Everyday I use my cards and today it is no different ....
I plan to share more 
But in the meantime... 

please be aware that I do use my oracles throughout the day
especially that I am intuitively drawn to do so 
and   asked to use them by others on a consistent /constant basis ... 

But today's message hits the nail on the button for me in regards to the wonderful synchronicity of my own life unfolding all around 
and this is the inspiration behind me sharing this post with you all in the right here and right now ... 

RED CHAKRA oracle cards represent our Grounding 
Key words 
Vital, sexual, passionate,energized, forceful

Our first chakra relates to the source of our energy / Root and relates to how we each individually build our own foundations. Think of the root chakra as a platform. The red cards represent the SUPPORT you have created or are creating for your FUTURE. 

The root chakra cards show us a NEW way to bring our DREAMS to fruition.  They denote beginnings and REVEAL how to create a solid foundation in TANGIBLE form. Keep this in mind, if you are not yet CREATING what you say you DESIRE, you may need to GROW your energetic root deeper and wider into the earth plane. 

These cards represent the beginning of an undertaking - and may guide you away from the old / outdated ideas that no longer work in your life. 

RED cards ask, "How does this card represent the place from which I can CREATE something extraordinary?"


Cherry HEART 
When this card appears it is telling YOU that in your own innocence and inability to see yourself for who you truly are - your inability to see your own GIFTS are a strong indicator when this card presents itself.  This card also reminds you of your divine PROTECTION from your own spirit guides and that you are GOOD LUCK - and the energy that swarms around you is that of GOOD LUCK, BLESSINGS, SUCCESS and PROSPERITY.  You are being sent an INCREASE and BoOST of your own SELF CONFIDENCE and SELF ESTEEM so that you may ACKNOWLEDGE for yourself the totally AMAZING BEAUTIFUL soul that you innately are!! 

Inspiration: A magical box of self acceptance appears before you. Your UNIQUE abilities reside within. OPEN IT!
Are things simple NOW
Cherry heart invites you to SEE yourself as COMPLETE, just as you are!!

Personal Inquiry: Am I assessing myself accurately? Or am I distorting my reality in a self-defeating way? Can I simply ACCEPT myself??? 

Key Ideas: New ways of SEEING yourself; embracing imperfection; feeling incomplete; selling yourself short

KEYWORDS: Manifesting, Knowledge and Luck 

Card Meaning: You are a PERFECT child of God, and every part of YOU is wonderful.  Your Angels guide you to LET GO of ALL negative self-judgments and ENJOY being YOU!!

Message from the Angels: You are much too hard on yourself, your angels say to you through this card.  Although you enjoy having HIGH standards, it's important to view yourself through loving eyes.  Berating yourself only makes your spirit STINK/SINK!  Self-Improvement comes from a POSITIVE mind-set ONLY!

See yourself through your angels' eyes, and you will see someone who is a perfect and HOLY child of God.  Although you have made mistakes in the past, there is nothing you could have ever said, thought, or done that would CHANGE God's love for YOU.  The Angels see past your surface mistakes; they SEE the beating heart of GOD's LOVE within you.  They love you UNCONDITIONALLY, and they ask you to LOVE yourself in the same way!!

As I meditate in silence on this very powerful oracle message being received for myself today - I decide to be most REALIST with myself and ACKNOWLEDGE the parts of myself I do not so readily accept.  

I asked my guides to AWAKEN within I further insight into my health and well-being - and asked them to bring into LIGHT something that needs to be worked on / acknowledged / seen and accepted....

So here comes this lady that I work with ((tbh she is sometimes a trigger of mine))  and there are many times we rub one another the wrong way. Because I am AWARE, I am very AWARE of how she tries to purposely ruffle my feathers by some of the things she says and does - it's like she looks for a REACTION from me - and she definitely Looks for ways to try and make me FEEL inferior. 
There are many times she triggers me unconsciously - and it's just the role she is to play in my own healing that starts from within - but do not get me wrong - there are plenty of times where this itch is certainly conscious of her deliberate choices of words she likes to play into existence - you know to stir the shit pot up.  Today for example, was one of those days.  Several of us were having a conversation about a fellow co-workers girlfriend - and I mentioned eyeliner - asking the other co-worker if his girlfriend wears eyeliner - and immediately - this "woman" who likes to ruffle feathers - looks directly at me and says - "Oh no, she does NOT need to wear makeup like some people, she is a natural beauty."

I really had to pause for that moment and catch myself...

I had to do this for myself ...
in honor of thyself...
cause I needed to check myself - and really ask myself why something so petty would trigger my emotions to rise - in not such a dignified way... 
Cause what can I say except .. 

But in all seriousness...
Why do I allow for this woman to irk me in such ways... 

as the conversation between us fabulous co-workers continued - I found myself guided to shuffle my oracle cards and have them reveal to me my very own messages & voila ...

I was met with 


what in the world could this all be about ?? 

Do I accept myself? 
Do I VALUE myself in every single way ? 

If I did, would she trigger me in such ways??

What is BEAUTY / NATURAL BEAUTY anyways? 
And whom is she to determine the standards of what Beauty is anyways? 

Like isn't there more to a person then what is perceived externally? 

Like there is an entire world of dynamics and flow happening within us all - and there are so many compartments to our entire beings that make up our entire whole..

Like what does this itch know? 

Sometimes, we ALL need a rude ass awakening...
it's only to ruffle our feathers and get the ball rolling in our favor of course...


We must ALIGN with our inner shrines and STAND Firm in ACCEPTING ourselves in every single way 



The best thing I can do for our entire whole (my part in these parts of parts) is HEAL 


like for real 

for my child
for my future children 
for their children 

Our children are our FUTURE 
and we are the ROOTS that bring forth life when it comes to our children 

For this line of ALIGNMENT and reasoning is PRICELESS

and never ever doubt your part in your own life creations that do MANIFEST into tangible reality 

WE are ONE in all of this even though we are each our own UNIQUE individuals 

Other people may try - and when they do -- think of something funny to replace that horrific energy that is trying to marinate itself into your space...



(If you are a man reading this - kindly replace the word woman above - to be fit your own manly needs - for we should do this as a team) 

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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Evolution of time

What an amazing last couple of years this has been for me awakening with my own evolution. The perceived loss of so many things have only enlightened into me my own gains of reign. 

Make no mistake 
Evolution plays key roles in our own developments. 

How ignorance can help You?

Even if doing something like this seems rather tough & even if those you find yourself intentionally having to ignore (at first) because in truth, their energy .. their vibe doesn't rhyme with your own - and for healthy living standards you know what is energetically right and righteous for yourself ... so this right here is dope selfie Wisdom that will definitely help .. all it requires of me is my acknowledgment of the "sad" reality being made clear with myself & grateful for having found my solution in are still in many ways on your mind .. please do give it some time ... if you keep it 100% real with yourself .. you know exactly the right and wrong people youbecause they are no good for you in any way .. please do be advised .. that acknowledging them in any way will in all due divine right time .. also melt away ..
There is this underlying perfection that does exist within our foundations when we practice being mindful daily and ridding ourselves of all and that may include loved ones too.. ridding ourselves .. of all in which does not vibe / ride / or service our growth in any way .. 

In the beginning it feels like quite the burden to have to take charge and do what is right for yourself ... but as you do for yourself .. vibe for yourself .. ride for yourself .. honoring thyself .. you shall bear witness to the marvelous Nature of how Empowering all of this CAN be . .. Will be .. Really is .. and the quality of worth rooted into our own beings is every bit mouth watering and delicious in every single way 

Love Pouts All day ..
EmoLiciouS in every single way 
Silly I will always choose
To be - humor is my guide on this ride 

What energy raising tools do you daily practice and use ??? 

#EnchantingBabbler #Rules #HollyWoodsGypsy #Energy #Management #Update #Of #Inspirations #Ideas #Daily #Practice #Loa #Lifestylist #Energetic #Coach 
#Believe #Receive #Achieve 

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

How to Rise above Office Gossip and Politics !!

How do we POSITIVELY in a most HEALTHY and effective way deal with b.s. gossip happening in our own work place environments? 

Like how do we silence these mofos? 

How difficult is it really to not be affected by the things that people say and do?? 
How do we NOT become affected by the things that we overhear or are shared with us by others - said by others - about ourselves or others? 

Like for example, this shit stirrer at my current workplace - talking nonsense about nothing - because he has nothing better to do with his time...

Like how do I stop myself from ripping him a new asshole- because I most certainly could - but I mean what GOOD would his new asshole serve?

We must think ourselves wise to not get caught up with all of these lies that are attempted to be brought into life - because others are petty and miserable in some way  - that if left unattended they would spread doom & gloom every which way - in whatever way they possibly can... 

Shit stirrers demand
and suck away all the bright positive energy existing all around 
these clowns turning smiles upside down 

NOW... why would we choose to ALLOW for these clowns to get the better of us all now? ??

Now I thought of making his new asshole a vase - and cuntingly putting it on display...
but hey...
what can I say..
my DNA is not made this way 
transforming this way
Vibing this way 
so I write his sins away
social media way
because it is a more healthier form of Art filled expression for me to express the unpleasantness of certain people and the experiences they bring into light / LIFE 

I do not wish to play into his ways of shit stirring games...
What good of a contribution our entire whole would i get out of choosing to marinate his shit flavors? 

Living ACTIVELY CONSCIOUS and being ENTHUSIASTIC about it all takes some real POSITIVE self TEAM SPIRIT!

This here is not an easy walk through the park and its definitely not a calm plane ride. There will be lots of turbulence on our soul / human journey / RIDE. 

Everyone has got to FOLLOW the cat 
for the cat knows the way
straight into the laser beams targeted to distract and steer us off course/track/VIBRATION 

Being an ACTIVE participant in your own               ENERGY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM will require YOU to own up to the TRIGGERS that TRIGGER you in this world = and owning up to these TRIGGERS would automatically ALIGN you back into REALITY CHECK / FRont LIne and CENTER... 
BEcause when you are REALLY REAL with yourself - you would automatically REALIZE your own inner world of TRUTH - and then quite frankly - what other people do ((No matter the TRIGGER buttons they whip up and use -- nothing they do can TRIGGER our vibrations to lose)) 

 When you CHOOSE to live consciously with FULL awareness of your own (Actions/Triggers/Emotions/Reactions/Behaviors/Vibrations) & YOU take  FULL RESPONSIBILITY for your own (Actions/Triggers/Emotions/Reactions/Behaviors) - this means you CHOOSING to put in the Work/ACTION by YOU REQUIRED that is needed from you on a consistent basis.  It is up to YOU to ACTIVELY and CONSCIOUSLY work towards maintaining your own BALANCE of ENERGY Flow - because did you know - that your energy & Vibrations are extremely CONTAGIOUS because this is what people are met with before you even utter one single word - your ENERGY (that appears in this world as invisible)  radiates from your entire being - and it touches / affects EVERYTHING along your path.


#Mindfulness #Energy #Practice #Take #Responsibility #For #YOU #Mind #body #heart #soul #office #gossip #politics #real #Talk #EMS #EnchantingBabbler #HollywoodsGypsy 

Monday, July 24, 2017

Andromeda's Wild Kitty Wisdom

Everything is going according to plan, so don't you worry your pretty little head. Love you #Andromeda #Wild #Kitty #Wisdom #Truth #Worry #Free #synchronicity #Cosmic #Reality #Check #Midday #Quotes #Love #Faith #Dreams #Believe #Receive #Achieve #EnchantingBabbler #HollyWoodsGypsy http://EnchantingBabbler.Blogspot.com 

Motherhood Everyday

Motherhood is definitely like a walk through any park with an open flask 
vodka preferably
mixed with some pineapple juice 
add some chambord
got me a french martini 

#Cheers #To #motherhood #Open #Flask #Happy #juice #pineapple #juice #vodka #Believe #Receive #Achieve #Monday #Clues #Dreamers #Achievers  

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Bathing Suit Beauty Fashion

#BathingSuit #Black #Dress #Must #Have #fashion #find #Trend #Pinterest #Images #Bow #Classics 

Treated like nothing

When left in the bottomless pit of despair 
Crying quest
Such a hot mess 
I soaked into my nothing 
& found my something 
when I ate all my 
Embracing my everything 

#aint #That #Something #R.h.sin #Poetic #spin #Alone #We #Win #Conqueror #Within #Turning #Your #Nothing #Into #Something #Dreamers #Feast 

Scorpio Totem of Wisdom


The Catalyst - In loving Memory of Chester Bennington from Linkin Park

In many other lives we have been friends
waiting for the end 
same walks of life 
you & me 
Battle Symphony
such tragedy to learn of this news
A place for my head  
abrupt stops
for these ticking clocks
as earth's clock drops
Until it's Gone
Soul friend
we shall meet again 
Castle of Glass
our soul ties connecting us to the 
New Divide  
Inside our hives
such tragedies we have lived outside our minds 
Given up
separated we are this time around 
Lying from you 
we all just a bunch of lonely souls on this lonely road 
feeling all 
searching for our home 
lost but not yet found
What I've done
this news quite profound 
forged into our deep we are endlessly  
our wells so steep
Burn it down
to the ground  
healing requires deep 
as many of us souls still weep 
Breaking the habit
or do we sleep?
are we sinking, 
rather than syncing?
What are we believing ? 
One step closer 
or remain 
oblivious to the caving in of our pain 
From the Inside 
A light that never comes
we believe ourselves to be so far gone  
Given up
somewhere I belong 
where there is
No more sorrow
Bleed it out 
The Catalyst


#Angels #soar #LinkinPark #In #loving #living #memory #of  #ChesterBennington #sacred #messengers #sacrificial #lambs #numb #intheend #NewDivide #WhatIveDOne #CastleOfglass #heavy #crawling #oneStepCloser #BurnItDown #BreakingTheHAbit #SomewhereIBelong #BleedItout #TheCatalyst #FromTHeInside #NoMoreSorrow #Listen #Image #found #on #google 

Dark side to being an Empath


Driver Riders

SO this  morning while driving into work - I almost caused a huge crash on the road --
so what had happen was 
I was driving in my car
on the road 
minding my own business
and here comes this massively over-sized truck riding on the right hand lane next to me 
and as you know 
every truck 
has its truck driver
This truck driver
struck by my Beauty (apparently) 
kept speeding rushing up from his lane to try and get a better glimpse of me while  I was driving 
on the left hand side of the road
I pretending at first to be oblivious to the thirsty creature in the right hand lane 
up until he needed a little loving scolding 
he was not paying attention as much as he should to his own road 
he had to slam into brakes to prevent himself from crashing into the bumper of the tiny car that was in front of him...

So my Afternoon Advisement to ALL of you BEAUTIFUL Souls 
for when you are thirsty 
please do drink 
but not while operating heavy machinery 

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Alpha Bets !

What did you think it was going to be like? 
Did you think it would all be easy ?
This game you play 
you play
That game erased 
straight into 
she'll remain 
Wicked in every fashion 
Style you think 
You own 
Shown me nothing but 
Gaining myself 
back tho 
Thank you for that 
Alignments in track 

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Are you a spiritual Warrior?


Bullshit Challenge - Do YOU Accept?

Challenge accepted !! Anyone else care to join in dropping their own bullshit - making it a daily routine - to rise and shine bright into everything we know ourselves can truly be ??? Become! You & Me -- All !!! Would you see?? My change begins with me - your change starts with you .. I don't care what anyone else sees about me & you shouldn't either  .. it is always up to me / you .. ourselves to Stay realist with with ourselves  - cause that's the only thing that will ever real help / health / wealth - gift peace of mind -- always found inside our golden beautiful shrines .. found deep inside .. poet life .. #EnchantingBabbler #HollyWoodsGypsy #Dreamer #Set #Free #synchronicity #Drop #Self #Bullshit #UnMaSked #Uprise #Poetic #Life #Energetic #Uprise #Seer #Lives 


Sunday, July 16, 2017

Goat Pinner

#Pinners #Like #Goat #Life 

Cheers to Raising our Energetic Standards

Seriously, never kiss anyone's ass!! 
Kiss your own if that was to be the case ..
Get well acquainted with your own fine ass and treat ALL Others the same - connect deeper and further with those whom you vibe and rise with and as for all other beings that require for you to lower your self esteem / or you just don't connect / vibe with in any way -- judge not .. don't even think about it .. send them off like the breeze .. in Peace ..

#EnchantingBabbler #HollyWoodSGypsy #Speaks #Sunday #Creeps #Weekend #Connect #Dreamer #Weaver #Believer #Achiever #Let #Ego #Go  #Energy #Management #Practices #The #Art #Of #Mindfulness #Follow #Me #Into #Synchronicity http://EnchantingBabble.Blogspot.com 

Our Children are Our Future

Raising our future Gods/Goddesses / Children our little Angels of this world - we must instill within them from their their birth - the acknowledging Empowerment, encouragement, loving Support and guidance our children NEED to EMPOWER them on their journey of understanding and knowing their absolute WORTH!! Cause if not.. they shall seek externally what they can only find internally 

#Our #Children #Are #Our #Future #Dignity #Self #Respect #White #Rabbit #Dreams #Build #Kids #SelfEsteem #Parenting101

Http://EnchantingBabble.Blogspot.com #Follow #Me #Into #Synchronicity 

Friday, July 14, 2017

Andromeda's Kitty Wisdom

You are whom you CHOOSE to be ~ Andromeda Cute Kitty Wisdom #Andromeda #Pretty #Kitty #Wisdom #Cat #Whisperer #Prayer #For #Niko #White #Light #Animal #Planet #Love #Strength #Believe #Receive #Achieve #Choose #Wisely #petsofinstagram #kittensofinstagram #EnchantingBabbler #HollyWoodsGypsy 
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Are you doing what YOU can?

In order to ACHIEVE the very best RESULTS - you must GIVE your BEST with whatever it is that you already have... 

It is as simple as that...

In order to ACHIEVE what you want 
YOU will have to PUT in the WORK that is required of YOU to ACHIEVE the RESULTS you ultimately desire... 

Do what YOU CAN 
yes YOU can 
with what YOU already have
Wherever it is that YOU are 

Align your ATTITUDE / PERCEPTION to fit with your desires / wants / needs

Be mindful of your words 
Be mindful of your thoughts
Be mindful of your Actions

Be mindful of the ENERGY you CHOOSE to Radiate whether it be consciously or not 

#The #Art #of #mindfulness #living #Energy #management #lifestyle #Energy #Stylist #Believe #Receive #Achieve #EnchantingBabbler #HollyWoodsGypsy 

Where is your heart in your ArT?

So my heART has been on my mind 
and GRATEFUL am I 
to be able to CLARIFY myself to myself 
patiently infusing my new world of 


perfect blend of transcend 
soulQuatic blends 

For so long I held myself back 
under self ATTACK 
living hidden
that shit is WHACK 
all for fear 


How pathetic of a complacency of living 


that we CHOOSE to proceed with in our life 

Something here - is definitely NOT right !!

our heART is LIFE!!

How often do we ALLOW ourselves to just BE?

Simply BE 

You & Me

do you see?? 

and yet nothing we are
is simple by far

BE FearLess

That means we SHOULD 

fear is mess

What is SOMETHING YOU CAN do to alter and transform your VIBRATION that ALLOWS you to connect with all of you HEART your ART ???

Place no limits on what ART is - for ART is some form of 
and there are various forms of expression ...

What are your various forms of heARTFUL expressions? 

It is important to PUT into good practice the things that we DESIRE to MANIFEST into FRUITION 

for we are the makers

but makers require

Shakers Require

Bakers REQUire 

so ready set


NOW you know

What PRACTICE will be ACTION INSPIRED into your own daily flow connecting you to your inner heART that harmonizes you as you continue to GROW

#EnchantingBabbler #HollyWoodsGypsy #Motivational #FrYay #Inspirations #Fear #not #fearless #Growth #Art #Heart #Attack #Dreamers #believe #Receive #Achieve #Energy #Management #Practice #EnergyLifestylist 

Thursday, July 13, 2017

False Alarm !!!

FALSE ALARM with yard kitties

SMART and AMAZING Momma Cat moved her little ones to safety due to a gas leak in the area she was keeping them in 

#Happy #news #Cat #kitten #update #false #alarm #animal #planet #gas #leak #warnings #Believe #Receive #Achieve 

Do animals have Feelings?

At the place I currently work - there is a yard 
and there are yard cats running about.

There was this one cat who recently had kittens - only 2 survived from that liter

I have been feeding them everyday

Cute as a button these two little orange kitties are 

I didn't take them because it was quite apparent that the mother cat loves her kittens so very much - and I knew that if I took  them she would be devastated...

well from last night till now - her kittens are missing 

and guess what???

she is devastated and has been seen roaming the yard - meowing loudly - in what appears to be her search for her babies...

Do animals have FEELINGS??

YES they do!!

Do they hurt???

YES they do!!

Am I upset??

YES I am !!

The Goddess Within

The Goddess does not rule the world; she is the world. Manifest in each of us, she can be known internally by every individual, in all her magnificent diversity - StarHawk (quote/image found on Google) 
#StarHawk #Goddess #mind #Body #Heart #Soul #Empowerment #Motivations #Inspirations #Wedding #Gown #Beauty #Believe #Receive #Achieve

Ball Gown Inspirations

#Ball #Gown #Wedding #Inspirations #Image #Found #Pinterest 

Benefits of Checking your PRide !

Where do these feelings stir from within 
these feelings of not trusting 
the things that are AWAKENED
these feelings inside 
Rise of 
prideful ego 
bursting thru 
to and for whom ??

Insecurities on the rise 
our foolish pride never wanting us to risk getting hurt '
feeling like dirt 
Relationships take work 

When levels of discomfort arise from your own insecurities while being in any relationship - this is our OPPORTUNITY to take a step back and dive in to EXPLORE - these FEELINGS emerging - and apparently on the rise -  
Gifting ourselves some much needed time
to rationalize 
and come to terms 
with these brewing ENERGIES that can create STORMS
so consider yourself forewarned
to CALM the seas 
one must introvertly 
seek ones 

SELF LOVE and preservation is KEY
to any destructive behavior that tries to lurk and creep about 
disrupting our own homeostasis is not ENERGETICALLY Healthy or Helpful on any given day  
we must be MINDFUL in every single way 

EVERY Single day 

It is not wise nor right to take out our own insecurities on others nor should we ever ACT out on these vibrations that are very low in frequency.  Like, seriously, do you really desire to VIBE there? 
Do you not handle yourself with Tender Loving Care?
Aligning with our truest desires, wants, craves and needs - we must learn to consciously always connect and BREATHE - as we work patiently with ourselves as we ACTIVELY become ACTIVIST for ENERGY ALIGNMENT for ourselves

How much do you really care about your own Energy management Systems? 

This here is what this is all about -- 
IF we LOVE the people in our lives - we should HONOR them by not dishing out to them our own baggage of shit - that is meant for us to sort out and wipe up ourselves!!

Very simple!!

Living aligned so you may VIBRATE your highest all of thee time requires you to actively participate in managing them and making sure that you are aligned

in every single way
Every single day 


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