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Scorpio Sag life Hack

Be Patient

Don’t be a patient  Be patience  Big difference between thee two  🧿🛸🧿

Know Your Worth

Protect Your Aura : F$ck Off MYST spray

When someone knows  You  & uses what they know to  Work against you  Best believe they will work  Every magick seed they believe themselves to have to manipulate thee energies to work in their favor.  So let’s say … You’re in love … And someone doesn’t want you to be .. But someone also knows your weaknesses  & your fears  This person in the silence Will use every tool they can  Get to grip you in a chokehold  Of feeling stuck  How so you know this applies To you ? Well it’s very simple … If you find yourself stuck in any situation unable to move and you just don’t fkn know why … and you kick yourself in thee ass for it … You believe yourself to be thee problem … That’s your spirit crying out to you .. Telling you .. Look you’re moving In ways that Go against you  But thee energies are being manipulated to have you see distortedly .. Do you innerstand  This black witchcraft seed  That people breed  Behind thee scenes .. Yes I know it sucks  But knowledge is powerful  That is wh

You Won’t Find Me 🧿

I hope you never have to wake  up next to thee  Person  That you love  & feel no love From them  I hope you never hold onto a person  That doesn’t even want you  Know that you deserve  to be loved Intimately  & adored 🧿

My Love