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Protect Your Aura : F$ck Off MYST spray

When someone knows 
& uses what they know to 
Work against you 
Best believe they will work 
Every magick seed they believe themselves to have to manipulate thee energies to work in their favor. 

So let’s say …
You’re in love …
And someone doesn’t want you to be ..
But someone also knows your weaknesses 
& your fears 

This person in the silence

Will use every tool they can 
Get to grip you in a chokehold 
Of feeling stuck 

How so you know this applies
To you ?

Well it’s very simple …

If you find yourself stuck in any situation unable to move and you just don’t fkn know why … and you kick yourself in thee ass for it …
You believe yourself to be thee problem …
That’s your spirit crying out to you ..
Telling you ..

Look you’re moving In ways that
Go against you 
But thee energies are being manipulated to have you see distortedly ..

Do you innerstand 
This black witchcraft seed 
That people breed 
Behind thee scenes ..
Yes I know it sucks 

But knowledge is powerful 
That is why they do that in the dark 
So you won’t know 
Because when you don’t know 
You allow 
Their manipulations to infiltrate 
Unbeknownst to you 

It’s. A lot to
Digest in terms of 
Spiritual warfare 
But it is real 
Best believe it is real 

If you find yourself out of pocket acting some type of way that goes against what you want to do …


If you need my spray 
Them energies go away 
Visit my shop you see ???

Tell them cock block energies to return to mother fudging sender and spritz away 

Your future self in full alignment will thank you 

This be truth 🧿

All my elixirs are




ALL of my divinely led creations are enchantingly potent elixirs. These elixirs are designed to be used to amplify & assist thee energies of your own spiritual rituals that can be done and used in your baths, on your altars, self love care rituals, anointing, cleansing, purifications, setting your divine intentions, auric cleanse  and spell crafts. 

I am divinely led, guided and protected while I channel these creations. Please be advised that I use authentic oils, herbs, spirits, resins, heat, crystals, sound healing,smoke, my intense connection with thee divine, deep prayers, lunar & solar energy, every multidimensional element invoked, dance, meditation, light work & many other mystically inclined practices & intuitive guidance I receive in order to prepare the most powerful elixirs. 

This is an alternative lifestyle approach to healing and living. This is our opportunity to unite our energies in a way that co-creates POWERFULLY with our universe (source) that  allows for our dynamic flow to mix together creating empowering enchantments of magick that contributes to manifestation in OUR 3D world. We are most powerful together. Thank you Beautiful Soul


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