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Soul Transformer

I doodled this years ago and it was profound back then Thee level of insight I received .. and today I was shown this image throw back again & just like that .. another shift occurs ..

I see thee cycles of Saturns reigns that must travel Thru Thee human until he / she transforms accepting their whole ❤️

Whom is Saturn ? Great Grandpa Sensei 
He comes into your world to help you fix what you have yet to adjust. 
Great grandpa Saturn his way of doing things will always seem rough and tough to thee person having Grandpa visit their house 

Saturn is a fixed promise to all 
That he will accomplish every deed he sees that requires adjusting to be balanced in authenticity. 

Right now Grandpa Saturn has been quietly spying on thee houses he has just completed over Thee last couple of years (Scorpio - Sagittarius - Capricorn & NOW AQUARIUS - next will be Pisces ) 
But Thee funny thing about GREAT GRANDPA SATURN energy is that he’s unpredictable and never repeats Thee same house lessons after having taught it already. His kindness will always be FAIR JUSTICE & those whom risk it all in sheer rebellion learn quickly that divine connection &’inner communication will always be essential ❤️


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