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Last Year This Time next Year Never Again

Last year 
he asked her for 
One more chance 
he said 
“Give me time” 
as he took his time 
he said everything 
He thought she needed to hear 
which was another lie 
From him 
but it bought him an entire year 
of masking his illusion 
of purposeful distortion
Due to greed 
one can interpret as evil deeds 
when one works so much at 
covering up their lies 
he took her for a long ride 
& showed his disguise 
Never meaning what he says 
He has learned to say what needs to be said to get his way 
he questioned his own sociopathic 
& if that be truth 
Then that would imply his 
Are faked 
every single day 
lies spread 
all thee time 
& detached from emotion they 
Will drag you along 
for as long as
You allow 
& remain so 
Exterior calm 
picture of handsome 
But behind the speech was 
Deadly meetings 
meet ups 
Intentionally too
Much thought he put into his 
but was caught in thee act
Believed his human could 
trick Thee divine 
that resides in a realm that is most powerful then thee illusion of this 3D
but sleepers be asleep 
Superficial never likes to travel deep 
his souls speaks 
Other languages 
but his taught 
was tough 
& he denied himself rough 
Without blinking an eye 
Was he creating another disguise ? 
Chances are 
he is ..
It’s believed they rarely seek treatment 
nor believe themselves 
At fault 
& Thee biggest 
wake up call
Is that 
Deep down they 
Truly don’t care 
How their actions 
Made you feel 
They want you to get over it for real 
And believe 
they mean this that they say 
Because how dare anyone hold them accountable to their havoc of energy sly attacks kept hidden in order to get what they wanted .. 

There will always be an unsuspecting victim they will scout out ..
And act as tho what they do and how they feel 
They don’t know and won’t acknowledge or see
It’s how they get to do those rotten 
& sleep like a baby at night 

Empaths attract apathetic souls whom desire 
Attention, praise, status and control more than being happy 

Next year this time ..
They won’t even be seen together anymore 
She’s closing that door 
Say no more 
For we are all entitled to choose for ourselves 
& with peace 
She learned to heal her broken heart 
& still believe in love 
& now allows these opportunity for her to have exactly that as she will receive because she’s ready and oh so deserves. Karma has been served
And in that story there is thee miserable old lady in another town wearing a frown cause all thee men clown her out and without a doubt she believes she’s clout. 🤡


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