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Let Thee Force Be With You

Humor is my Chosen preference of food medicine  What is yours ?  


  View this post on Instagram This video got blocked in certain areas so if you’re Able to see it let me know. It’s due to copyright from #NFs song. I still Love thee song. Send me songs to use for these shares Got my new toy And this is me using it for thee first time 😝😝😝😝 gonna finer tune this joyful art. I #LOVE this thing. Come join me Music not mine it’s thee wonderful #NF #LostinAMoment #Dance #evolution #Revolution #whipIt #Highest #Vibrations #Healing #Energies  ---- SOMETHING NEW to add to my FUN times for VIBRATING  HIGH - LOVEEE  A post shared by Ⓔⓝⓒⓗⓐⓝⓣⓡⓔⓢⓢ Ⓣⓗⓔⓔ Ⓑⓐⓑⓑⓛⓔⓡ . Com (@enchantress) on Oct 27, 2020 at 5:19pm PDT


  View this post on Instagram Ahhaaa I did my first live excuse my appearance but I love my hot self Too much to even care - happy I am to have been able to sleep in. These messages are timeless so whenever you find yourself here is whenever you find yourself here. This is a general collective message & therefore not a personal one so not everythng will resonate with everyone. So take what resonates and let go of thee rest. If you want a personal reading you can schedule one with me or with any reader you desire. Thank you to all whom checked in and showed your love and support. I’m still not sure how I feel about going live but I am breaking chains and breaking free from all my own limitations and conditioning that does not align with me. I hope these messages were helpful to you and if so I would love to hear all about it. If you like this kind of thing let me know too because it further inspires me to create more like these just for YOU. Here are wonderful

Pay Attention

  People come from all walks of life  & imprinted into them  are ways of being  & seeing things  certain standards Are placed  especially in regards to whom people desire to settle down with  So many factors play many parts to how someone decides what is good  Best for them  All reasons can range from thee superficial with something like how a person Looks  To determine choices of their Likes  Or one must be thee same ethnicity  Or Income bracketS of class  One in thee same  Or better  Others Might seek love  confuse it in lust  & never know thee difference  Either way, it is what it is  & sometimes you’re just not their “type”  So pay attention so you don’t find yourself stuck  feeling foolish  falling in love  With someone whom would “NEVER” want you in that way because it is not what they “want” or “choose” for themselves  Try not to take it personally  But don’t lie to yourself either  & do not allow for your distortions to keep you trapped  Move forward  Positi

He’s Just Not That Into You

  Some just want all the perks  While they string you along Till someone else catches their fancy  & then they will run along  & entertain thee next person whom wets their wiener  If he was into you  His actions would match his words  & you will not be confused  Nor played with emotionally 

Healing Miracles

Slam the door on the face of all Funk sheesh attempting to claw its way back into your energy field  Slam thee door hard that their face Slaps off   

Onyx Diamonds

Beautiful  πŸ–€  

Not for you !

Sometimes he’s just not that into you  & this is ok  What’s not ok is holding a false narrative or secret fantasy of someone not that into you or who is not for you  Snap out of it  Rise Aligned  & radiate all you deserve with self love   

TwinFlame Love

Image found on google  Art edit done by me Words are freestyle composed by I whom created thee wonderful edit using a TwinFlame art image found on google images. 

Voyage La . Com Healing Reference

So much to catch up with you all about but ever since that article of mine was featured and posted on my Family has Rather been on thee defense about my sharing of thee abuse and violence they still have yet to evolve and heal from & so once again they attempt To try to make me feel bad for their part in my story  I am so thankful to be in the state of peace internally that it brings tears to my eyes as I write because thankful I am to be in this space to know My stance and to continue to rise in my love and align despite others wanting to pretend these things never occurred and they want To swim in a sea of denial. We all have things in life we find challenging to hold ourselves accountable too - I am NOT exempt from this conditioning. But they will not silence my expression of my own experience because they are uncomfortable with its topic. It’s funny because that should all teach us to check our actions daily because one day we will be held accountable - cause that’

Enchantress Thee Babbler

I wrote this mini poem a few years ago  I love digging up Treasures Of my Own  To explore & ponder thee  CreatorS muse of inspire and divine direction once upon a time When inspired To write   


Buckle up soldier  The quicker you move on  The faster You manifest what truly is for you   

Emotional Growth

It’s easy for anyone to invalidate another in their feelings when they don’t feel those feels and lack thee innerstanding to show enough compassion.   

What Does Gaslighting Look Like ?

People only repeat thee patterns of behavior bestowed unto them - but although you’re understanding & compassionate - does not mean you should tolerate their narcissistic tendencies to comfort their emotional ego needing to divert from holding themselves accountable for anything.     

Mysterious Lover Dream 2018

Click picture to be transported back into time before things began to unwind  Unfold  Reveal  

Royal Loyal

I keep digging into my archives on here  And reading my postings from Last years  Years ago  Months ago  & it is very revealing  Sometimes we speak clearly to ourselves  it’s just thee human whom ignores  what’s before them   

J.Iron Word

What is there to be said when all has been shared  Some people just want different things  & they are free to choose as They please  #Love is #Free   

Drama Queen, Stand Your Ground!

Funk outta here with that bull sheesh  No time  For faking jacks  Pretending to be something  One is not  Holding too tightly to distorted fantasies  in compliance to some  Page  Whom desires to always be thee one that is sought after and entertained  Same script handed out to all others  Testing whom reads thee lines best  Whom is thee best dressed  Which one has most to offer  Which looks best on thee arm Will friends & family  be most impressed with chosen suitor whom best fits the braggart bill  Tea always spills  Narrow things Down to thee one Whom says all thee right things  Does all thee right things  Provides thee most Resources  & also Whom complies to thee world outside of dont ever Talk about this level of cowardice standards  All dead inside  Every subject conditioned thee same  Generational curses  Living out some name  no shame  They call reign Having it to be this way  In order to sustain  Internal misery & emptiness  one can guess  From All thee dramatic mes

Real Eyes Realize

Don’t settle  Just because you  Love someone  make sure they love you too  Both of you should share thee same Energetic devotion to one another in regards to your commitment  friendship  Partnership  Companionship  Intimate love shared   & Your love should be a person you can trust absolutely inside and out  genuine & authentic love  Mind  Body  Heart & soul  Elevations shared  where words match actions  & reciprocity a divine gift  Both cherish & know they have with one another  Whether it is a forever kind of thing  It’s an honest one indeed  that Respects thee other fully always  Whether together or not   

Sit With It

Feel it all thee way thru  I know it sucks But your ability to see yourself through thee most uncomfortable of your own emotions is a very brave thing you’re doing for yourself and for so many others you’re assisting energetically  Thank you for healing through parts of yourself and life that hurt like hell May you receive rapid healing & protection on your divine path   

Dating Advice

There’s nothing to be confused about when they clearly state they would Never desire nor want you in any kind of way other than a friend  If you’re lucky you’ll listen to them the first time around & not waste your time   

Mutual Understanding

Don’t be a loser  agree to disagree if you must  but don’t resort to petty bullshit because you’re mad that someone is not in agreement with your perception  View  Point  opinion & do not invalidate thee other persons point of view that is different than yours  See thee truth and learn your stance in this cosmic dance & then proceed with wisdom after you come to terms with thee whole  

Heaven On Earth

Thee only way into your own cosmic experience is when you release everything and anyone that energetically does not belong no matter Thee reason. If it doesn’t feel good it should be re-evaluated & determined in truth what is best for you. Self love will always be a powerful energy tool for you to radiate cool and attract to you the love you are worthy and deserving of receiving.  Open your heart  Let go of everything that hinders you from experiencing your hearts truest desires  Align with your passions Align with your heart  Be fearless  & never settle for anything less than you deserve   

No one

 Sometimes it is thee reality  of certain dynamics  that there will always be people in this world  so smooth with their tongue  will tell you everything they think you need to hear attempt to make you feel oh so special  Feed you praises  to take away  from the lack there of truth existing between the two of you  because it’s just the way it is with these kind of charmers Careful with what false truth they feed you with about how special & unique your relationship is  because in truth  it’s what they tell everybody  Some people will always care solely about their image  Stats  & perceived worldly connections  & not so much about their  heart space nor  evolution 

Lie Where ?

That’s the thing about lying  It’s an energy Too & It’s energy is rather familiar  It has an energetic signature  Once you’ve know an energy  You are always able to identify it too  No matter what is said out of thee mouth of thee person speaking  Energy is repeating  it’s Revealing  people will Still lie  But at night  when they close Their eyes  Thee Devil Cries  

Soul Love Evolutions

  Yes there is such a partner A genuine  Lover For you  in this realm Of existence  Despite all thee resistance and experience  that would make anyone believe there is no such  Lover  Partner  Companion  Friend  Beautiful soul  Whom you would connect with so intimately  To be able to Trust  & Enjoy  Lust can be experienced In many passionate waves that reign heaven on earth  You should never meet your lover  dying of thirst  it only makes things worse  Complimentary to your  Mind Body  Heart  & soul Lovers shall intertwine  Rise and align  Love leads with action  seeds  Unifying thee we  that is  us  feel alive knowing you light your lovers  way  Thee further you align your sage & you turn to thee next page  some part of you  That always knew  Your lover is your mirror too  Where you are is where they will meet you  So open your eyes  Get in touch with your heart space  Remove your mask  Open this space Lovers must know their foundations in order to unite their sensations f