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Ebony Jap

The other day I wrote about our Ebony and how sometimes I call her Batman or my Japanese Old man. In this picture meet my Japanese Old Man  Wouldn’t you agree ? 

Yogi Dogs

If there is one thing I am learning from My Brother Bear Is love shows itself in various forms That often sound silent 


A mother’s love  Is always  Romanticized because we need  Her loving  Acceptance  & affection 


Lovers Unite

The every part of me resistant to he longs for his surrender 

Some of Your Chakras

There are more Chakra systems  This is our simplified version 


YouTube Craze

It’s taking 3 days to upload to YouTube and still no upload Is mercury going bat shiit crazy again Stay Tuned for more Hopefully YouTube allows me To post today 

Eyes & Brain

I read “The eyes don’t see, the brain does.” & the brain operates under what functions & conditions ? Where is ones Heart in all of this ? What truly Matters when your heart hurts & your mind won’t let you process your feelings because it won’t stop thinking to allow you to feel and learn the really real .. Where do feelings come from ? What part of what we think we feel is actually real once we strip away the illusion and conditioning? Some Never experienced Trauma  & yet still operate Out of the trauma unit  Energy spreads  decapitating heads

Artist Free DoMmE

Every post Of mine shall be different & free to be its own expression There are many voices wishing to be heard  This here is a poetic platform of  E x p r e S s i O n  As someone whom is sensitive to all energies around  expression of many unexpressed energies  become found  R e l e a s i n g  Profound  Artistic transmutations  Created by a dramatic imaginative person  Singing  Soul Free  How many artistic outlets do you gift yourself the opportunities to consistently explore ?  I love free writing  in the same way I speak and babble  Continuum  energetic  Flow  Always on  Mind  Body heart & soul  Growth  Singing wholeness vibrations  Thank you for traveling here 

Silent Will

Enchantress Thee Babbler

There are so many of me in me I am still getting to know .. you know, did you know ? We are soul multifaceted that we are quantumly dimensional & dope 🎁 ?  Cheers to #Hope for our continued e v o l v e #Revolution  The next time you catch yourself vibrating low : increase your frequency with awareness & make a play date with yourself & go leap & dive & be that easy going whore on every date ; because you can & Will yourself #Whole.  Namaste set the date #Celebrate #You #Self #Love #Wins #Wholeness #Vibrations #Turquoise #Necklace Schedule our 1 on 1 enchanting Chats that will further inspire and align you on your journey  Email :  Follow me on Instagram : @Enchantress  Subscribe to my YouTube channel Enchantress the Babbler  Looking forward to connecting with you 

You’re Going to Be

God/Des With”in”

Giraffe Art

Giraffes see far  for they have vision  They are able to envision what others are not yet able to see with such clarity  Friendly is their disposition.  Graceful are their dainty operations  Giraffes energy is one of inspiration  for others to invoke in regards to having the clarity needed to birth their  own visions  into manifest creation 

Poofy Poof

I have not seen the show but omg I think he’s super adorable  🥰

Stay Your Lane

There is Nothing like peace and alignment when you harmonize creating life staying in your own lane 

Healing Trauma

Some Will argue at this notion but in truth those Are The same Ones Fighting the same Old wounds that haunt them in everyday life  Healing is a choice you have to want to make  & once you decide this for yourself  The next steps needing to be taken have to be done so by you in order to put into the motion the acts that you intentionally set to work through this challenge of healing core wounds from your own life experiences 

Ebony Moon

Ebony Our rescue SweetHeart being a creeper behind the scenes  Do you see the heart on her face ?  Sometimes she reminds Me Of Batman  & other times she reminds Me of a Japanese old man  Do you think that to be strange ? She is after all a Female Kitty  Do you have Animals too ?  What kind Of pets do you have and what are their names ?

Enchantress Thee Babbler

Thank you for meeting me here  I appreciate your loving kindness and support with every one of my channels  Are you following ? Want to chat with me ? We can always schedule our 1 on 1 time whenever you’re ready. Send me an email to set up our time  Are you following me on Instagram ?  Follow me @Enchantress check out my feed, stories and IGTV  Are you subscribed to my YouTube ?  Follow on YouTube Enchantress Thee Babbler  Love ya 


I have always treasured my sacred time with self. It is something I always have made sure to gift myself. Even when it was difficult to gift  myself this I would make it happen even if I locked myself in a bathroom or a closet for 5 minutes, I made sure to be grateful for the quality of time I devoted to my self love & care.  How do you honor your mind, body, heart & soul with self loving sacred alone time and care ? Is quality time alone with yourself something  rare ? How can you intentionally and purposefully gift yourself more time to yourself on a daily basis ?  For the next month Try the 10 minute daily challenge of secluding yourself away & breathing new conscious life into you! If you can’t gift yourself 10 minutes try 6 minutes and if 6 minutes is too much try 3 minutes. Little by little gift yourself an extra minute of your own time. You deserve it and are worthy to align this way by maintaining your personal sanctuary.  The only excuse for not harmoniz

The Rise of Every Phoenix

What we need to learn is to better innerstand our government of understand so that we may align in our stance and overstand ! 


I needed some time away. I missed this place. I thought of my blogging constantly. But there are so many multidimensional layers to living i have been under maintenance. So much handlings of many things. Grateful I always will remain to infinitely be.  Thankful to be back 


Hey look ..  There is someone living   inside there  wishing to be known  grown  we are not alone