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Tis The Season

I have been m . I . A on here for a little while  sometimes that happens  It is important to acknowledge ourselves and the breaks that we sometimes need from doing one too many things I Am feeling rested thru these latest infusions / transformations / downloads / transition periods  The other day was My birthday too  Happiness exists within our aligns  #Focus 

Journey Through The Chakras

Chakra basics 101 But please note / know there are many more chakra systems and functions to learn 

Enchantress The Babbler

Sometimes I get mistaken for a teenager or a really young 20 something year old curly #Goddess ... when people ask me how do I look / maintain such youthfulness : I declare #Soul #Proud that the #Fountain of #Youth exists inside of #them too ... oh Yesss this be truth ... good genes can go a long way but how we #Feel will determine our forever revealing real  #Believe #Receive #Achieve #38YearsYoung this year I am #TWO  SAY this with me for your own Self Preservation & youthfulness Affirmations : I Am As Young as I feel & this youthfulness in me is everything Real.. .... drink lots of water & use your imagination a lots .. 😏


It is funny how time unwinds  lovers disguises  usually kept from oneself