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Ebony Moon 3.0

My Space Traveler 


Tarot Of Sexual Magic Divine Lovers Are Scoring

Cosmic LoVers

I wanna do cosmic things with you 

Divine Fem & Masculine - The High Priestess & The High Priest Greet


One of three  Beach  Woods  Mountains 

Kermit Schmood

Kermit says, fk them Narcs πŸ€πŸ˜ŒπŸΏπŸ€·‍♀️

Bird Love


There is a MASS AWAKENING  πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘ Synesthesia, something within myself I have always experienced in my own way.  The heightening Of senses occurring for so many souls at a rapid rate.  For all those putting in their infusion work from wherever you are - note this and KNOW - we are designing a spectacular cosmic earthly Show of raising this earths vibrations to see beyond the veil of illusion  Keep up the excellent worth of work - you think no one sees you - well guess what - souls can FEEL YA!

Effective Time Management Skills

All White BedRoom Inspirations


Sometimes that is just how it appears to be - the cracking open of the wall that must crumble in order for love to seep into its very existence on this realm  As Within - exudes on out LOVERS SPROUT 

Aqua Funnies

Divine Masculine Calls Out Every SwORD - Swan Spirit Oracles

Poetic is my Soul in this LIGHT 

Forever Tangled

It sure feels this way when you allow your feelings to rise to the surface and introduce themselves to your human 3D flesh believing itself to be conscious and operating on the surface level of things. You know those feelings you would rather sometimes run and hide from and not deal with at all - because the intensity far too great in passion - that it makes you uncomfortable to own up to these feelings you may have for   another? So what do you do with something so powerful ?  Let it die or Enjoy its burn ? 

Tarot Of Sexual Magic - Divine Masculine & Feminine Portal Opens To Communication

There is this Channel on Youtube called Enchantress The Babbler - do you KNOW it? Well its this awesome place I love So kindly do Subscribe Sharing some Videos from my Channel Divine


_________________________________________________________________________________ I know we are whole  on our own  for this is the passage  path  pathway into our true essence of earthly  bliss to experience life like this   Together, we are a hit  magnifying the Strength  needed just to live on  to endure we grow strong  in this tyrannical world of 3D illusion  suffering from so much pollution  We are the SOuLUTION  Together, we are a force that is unstoppable  Protected and Guided by the Divine  we certainly do INTERTWINE we SHINE  side by side  the polarities existing within each of us a Quantum force of ethereal kinetics  activating systems - we are magnetic  Together FEELING whole LOVE is GREAT this in truth is no debate life shifts in our favor when we choose to devour and savor  this blessing  our love divine gifts  offerings tempting we can not resist no matter how we choose to persist  the heavens solidif

You & I

#TwinFlame  #SoulMate #Lovers  #Partnership #Sacred  #Love #treasure  #Cherish  #Precious 

7 Major Twin Flame Signs

Spirulina & Chlorella Smoothie Tester

I made a smoothie earlier today adding Spirulina, which is an organism that grows in both fresh and salt water.  Right away, I get all symbolic with my waves, and note to brain, that holy is this organism, and it is truly entering my physical system.  This is the equivalent to bathing my inner lands with holy water & sage while being baptized by spirit.   It is no alchemical Cosmic wonder to KNOW that consuming this organism would Prove to be Worthy of every ounce of healthier best I already feel - adding more zest to life sure does appeal to every one of my senses! Adding this into my smoothie turned my entire smoothie black - so at first I wasn't sure if I was even going to like it or appreciate it - telling myself that no matter what I was going to drink this concoction.   Although, I will admit this smoothie is not one of my favorite of smoothies that I make - it actually is drinkable.  The Smoothie itself was pretty good and not bad tasting at all. We live and we Lea

Saturn Goes Retro

Pick A Card : What is Your Destiny: What Are You Creating?

Which one did you Pick?

Monday Lisa

Grand Rising

DamN !

@Enchantress on Instagram

The parts of myself craving #reciprocity finally came to the conclusion that in order to #Receive I must #Giveth to myself - #i must #Allow for reciprocation  #Mind #Body #Heart #Soul - giving to myself is something needed - it’s #Gold ... spirit says, that everything I #Desire and #Crave exists inside of my own #Reign ... and just like that ... I took a picture & wrote it down while absorbing  the profound nature of this #eternal  #messenger energizing me inside & out.  That is what #Self #Love is all about. To nurture myself first and foremost so that I may giveth as I receiveth.  These #Mirror #Reflections sure do #Love  #Diving #Deep like super #Creeps I #Awaken in the still of the night.  _____________________________________________________________ How do you feed your living well ???? How do you connect with your eternal wisdom ???? How do you open yourself up to allow yourself to receive ?? Questions and self discoveries such as these are channeled


This Video is soul Inspiring  I am LOVING everything in regards to this video art  musical creation  Song Lyrics Didn't I do it for you? Why don’t I do it for you? Why won't you do it for me When all I do is for you? They want to see us, want to see us alone They want to see us, want to see us apart They want to see us, want to see us alone They want to see us, want to see us apart And I, just want to feel you're there And I don’t want to have to share our love I try, but I get overwhelmed When you're gone I have no one to tell And I, just want to feel you're there And I don't want to have to share our love I try but I get overwhelmed All wrapped in cellophane, the feelings that we had And didn't I do it for you? Why don't I do it for you? Why won't you do it for me When all I do is for you? And didn't I do it for you? Why won’t I do it for you? Why won’t you do it for me When all I do is f

Angelic Guidance # 767

ANGEL NUMBER 767 Number 767 is a blend of the vibrations and energies of number 7 and number 6, with number 7 appearing twice, magnifying its influences and attributes.  Number 7   is the number of knowledge and understanding,  discernment  and listening to the inner-self,  spiritual development  and awakening , learning and education, determination and persistence of purpose, mysticism,  psychic abilities  and spiritual gifts.  Number 6   relates to the monetary and financial aspects of life, economy, provision and providing for home and family,  grace  and  gratitude , mediation and compromise, responsibility, nurturing, care, empathy and sympathy, solution-finding and problem-solving. Angel Number 767 is  a message from the angels  that your strong connection with the spiritual and angelic realms has brought you new insights which will enhance both your material and spiritual lives. Trust that your intuitive messages are leading you in the right direction in all ways. Ange


View this post on Instagram GOOD LUCK & FORTUNE are NOW in your FAVOR. YES! Believe this to be Cosmic TRUTH! A cycle of Change / Transformation / Success & GROWTH is imminent. Life ebbs and flows in its natural journey, and the DESTINY card signifies that GOOD KARMA has come FULL CIRCLE - Lady Luck is POINTING directly at YOU! What you have sowed, you're about to reap. Open up your HEART, and ACCEPT and RECEIVE what YOU've EARNED! OPPORTUNITIES, whether expected or unexpected, are KNOCKING on your door. This is the time to #ALLOW any problems/issues to be replaced with #SOLUTIONS. Believe in DESTINY as YOU LEARN to LET GO of old issues that DO NOT SERVE YOUR HIGHEST PURPOSE! You're being given the CHANCE to INNERSTAND this UNDERSTANDING of the lessons and GAIN the #WISDOM from the PAST, enabling YOU to move steadily forward in a POSITIVE direction. HOLD onto the STRONG belief that you #DESERVE 2be #HAPPY and #PROSP

Tarot of Sexual Magic - Divine Masculine & Feminine Portal Opens to Communication

It is so important to ALLOW yourself to just simply be  Simply Live Free Simply Be Sharing my Videos from Enchantress The Babbler on Youtube Are you subscribed? 

Tarot Of Sexual Magic - Divine Masculine Still Hiding Something Important!

I have been uploading a new Video Since last night  It is called Quantum Faerytales - New Chapter So watch out for this one  it is a poetry fueled Cosmic Hit  of emotional discovery  In the meantime  sharing some of my Youtube Channel Creations over here on Enchanting Babble Are you subscribed to my Youtube channel? Are you following this blog? Do we follow one another on Instagram?  Find me on Instagram @Enchantress Thank you 

Strengthen Resolve

The Medusa

Uploading latest video on Enchantress The Babbler on YouTube  It’s called Quantum FaeryTales : New Chapter Make sure to check it out  It’s a freestyle Poetic  car ride that is emotionally charged  & Epiphany filled  Let me know your thoughts  πŸ–€

Toni Tone AlignMints


I Accept


Twitterpated, I am with just the thought of taking quantum leaps into my own evolution that I become overly stimulated with 3rd Eye visions and spirited guidance that gift me divine assistance. No longer part of the resistance, I flow in my know, blessed with cosmic growth.  Http:// #Enchantress #The #Babbler #On #Youtube #intuitivecounselor #Heavenly #Guide #QuantumFaerytales #Latest #Channel #Video #Book #reikimaster #energyworker #bodyworker #Thai #Yoga #mindfulnessliving


Where everyone knows my Name  is an illusion too  For we are essence  not name suck On that reality 

Vision Poet

Moringa Leaf

Wise Queens

Floral Goddess

Gramps & I

My Gramps & I 

Multiple Personalities

Writer in The Clouds

Let me write to rewrite and then write again That’s the glory my friends we live our life in suspense <<<<<< final product >>>>>> In all work of worth  there is a process  Progress  Trust your process  Progress  Growth 

The Last Unicorn

If you do not know anything about the movIe 🍿 the last Unicorn - don’t speak to me until you watch it. Was I the only 80s kid whom Saw this movie over 1000x and cried hysterically over and over every single time ? Was I ? I would go to school and ask kids if they saw this movie - and no one had seen it back then either ! There was another version of Snow White my dad had for me - and no one seen that either !  I wonder what happened to that version of Snow White my Dad had recorded on vHS  Anyhoo  The Last Unicorn Can we remake this movie and can I Be cast as the lead ?


Passed These Moments

Be present do this  be present  Be here in the now  Because  every  Part of piece of you  that makes up your entire whole  Desires  To be here  in the now Together  πŸ–€ Lovers can endure every weather  with precious moments Like these  Alignments seed  πŸ–€

Peaceful Restoration

Careful Now

#Bloody #Massacres  🀷‍♀️