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I wrote this some Time ago in a kingdom never far away I spoke thru a vessel unlike me that was not myself yet it was thru Spiritual connectivity the seed was made able to be planted Inner igniting so much more

Victoria’s Bed And BarkFest


My beautiful daughter took this photo  👑

Hard Lessons.!.

Like do you even follow ?  🤷‍♀️

How could they ?

They can’t know  before they grow  cause if they knew  they would ruin it  because  Humans are  Stupid 

Reminders from he

Revealing parts of myself  in every slither of a world  some part of my  spirit  occupies  at different times  All the same time as the last  moment  I blew some guys head off  because he made me  feel  some feelings  I’d rather leave dormant  Undetected  kept safe away  from past Lovers whom taint  so future lovers stand no chance  How radical to form a stance  independent from  collective gathering  Jupiter allowing its shattering  while dazzling the grandchildren  Evolving in such  Expansive reigns  owning center stage  These Babbles of mine  property of  no surrender  of every surrender  Altogether 

Weirdos Wash uP

Honestly I’m super impressed with My current weirdo lineup ITs like Wow I’ve been good feeling good

Kika StretCh Studios visits FLYWHEEL in Millburn

Every step I take Every move I make I learn more and more of my own expertise and skill sets that set me apart from the rest Thankful for all I learn and I continue to grow Into my know #Body #Specialist #KikaMethod #DancersApproach2Stretch #Flywheel #Shorthills #Millburn #NewJersey

How are you so Strong ?

What mountains have YOU climbed, still climb, always climb? What devilish spirits have you slain? What monsters have you met and allowed to devour you till you imploded them on out from your inside like the gut wrenching inner blast needed in order to slay such a beast? What pain have you slaughtered within your cells your wells so oceanic deep? What light have you embraced thru your darkness to stand in such a root flourishing space ? What supportive energies have you embraced after walking the dead side of every moon into your full bloom? #Talk2me #LotusPower #Energies #Frequencies #Vibrations #SlaughterHouse #spiritualawakening #Rising #Phoenix #powerful #Embrace #DarkSideOfTheMoOn #Evolutionary #PoetrySoDeepLikeACreEp #EnchantressTheBabbler #EnchantingBabble #EnergyAlignmentSpecialist #eastMeetsWest #soulpreneur #HealingArtSTherAPY Energy Alignment Specialist, here for YOU!  Traveling Gypsy, servicing your alchemical needs with much needed guidance and infusion. Mind, body

Chemical Reaction

In my mind  I allowed the kiss to happen  I felt the chemical  temptation of a reaction  my body felt  for his  elevation of an erection to mine as he pressed his throbbing heat  into every inch of my skin his pulsating from within  I felt his press me in  wanting so much more  but he's a whore  whom wants nothing more than to just get into my pants  lips graze tempted to cave for his crave in a daze for his craze  Im amazed  at my sudden whole of control  devouring his temptation of an erotica flow  we sure to glow  we both know  how we feel  as lovers  attempt to steal  just one kiss  we want this  to go further  he must surrender to the tender sounds of love surrounding  his heart temple space meant to replace all the toxic  lovers he once had  in my space  before this temple of Om  found its home  It is interesting to have the fruit  taste the fruit  know the fruit  and yet de

Lovers Lotus With Enchantress The Babbler


So many realizations of these clarity filled sensations  are bursting into light  gifting  clear  sight  no longer remaining blind  to the oblivious nature  once disguised  as my lie  of life  not bright 

One Way. Out. Virgo December 2018 with The Quietest Revolution

She speaks to the EMPATH in me Virgo Rising anxiety that battles and the ENERGY I MASTER INTO ALIGN this is why I master what I do ... as I do I create Order in motherfudgin Chaos

Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes Episode 4


Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes Episode 3

Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes Episode 2

Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes Episode 1




I use to feel bad  Now I don’t give a funk  you don’t have to like me  My energy of happy is not for everyone  be the miserable flunk that you are  now shoo fly don’t bother me  Shoo  far far away  I shall never think of you again  Sayonara 

I came to tell you

The growth that is happening here  all documented non documented yet etched into these invisible layers of fabricated  existence that exudes on out  this life essence  of no shape and every form  that gives  design  to the creator of creation  believing itself to create  in the first place what a magical place to uphold this root  of non existence  into a world  of non relatable and yet completely relatable  existence  of a nothing  that is something rather  rare leaving bare the fruit of every  slaved out labor  known to mankind  an energy  unkind  most tangible  in realities by  far out in the system  of an unknown galaxy of marshians marshalls  of law  outlaw  o f an in law  that need never not  put into stone  unknown only retold  in various narratives  depicting  their own evolution and energy align  during the fraction of a moment  during a second  occurring  past  present  fut

Wisdom for You


Focal Reminders


Found Myself

Walkin' past the mirror, ooh Damn, I'm fine (Fine) Let a bitch try me, boom Hammer time, uh #songlyrics #cardib #Found #Myself #a #Hottie #Mirror #Love #soul #lovers #EnchantressTheBabbler #EnchantingBabble #soulpreneur #powerful #Sagittarius #SelfLoVe #MercuryRetrograde #VenusGoesDirect #SagSunPiscesMoon #AstroQueen #Esoteric #Wonderland #soulCurly #artistic #Blends


The Children’s School Of Yoga  Because Teachers Train IN  is cool 

But did I stab you?

I try my best not to allow my human petty side That feels others vibes  to get the better of me  but I can’t help to notice corny at certain times  and then I feel it  Their level of corny  Then I instantly check myself to make sure and see if it’s in fact me (the one so corny)  & I realize  the copy of the whom Is intermingling here  Double confirming  without a shadow of any Doubt  of course this is to myself  because in love with myself I most fkn finally am  Now realizing  How super corny  some people naturally are  not on my Levels  of evolution  anyway  superbly and naturally  super not impressed  Empress type feels of the unreal existing in society  be glad  my ninja hands don’t star slice you with my own blade  of crusades  no longer existing  Ridding of the resistance  I guess we all got our preferences of how we desire ourselves to be like  & trust I’m content with mine  my energy out here

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 Some more Thanksgiving type Free feels  Email me For our 1 on 1 encounter Thankful 

Try me!

Jupiter dropped me Off in Brooklyn once upon a time back  and my attitude  at times reflects that 

Are you trying to be Everyone’s Healer?

Not for you? Better yet, not for me!  Perception #ultimate #key of any reality perceived by #creator of #every creation.  Flow happens naturally & if it’s not for you, see #you boo.. #byeFelicia .. 👌 remember, how you #feel about yourself reveals all the truth you need to know and make note so you can  make sure it’s #all In #alignment with you ...  #Cosmic #affirmation: I am cosmically delicious and worthy of every reign of #gain that is part of this wave contributing to WHOLENESS, #wellness & HEALING! Aligned in my #own energy, frequency and vibration I am worthy to do it #my own way in FULL alignment with me and that’s how I #GROW into my Own KNOW!  #EnchantressTheBabbler #writersofinstagram #mercuryretrograde #VenusGoesDirect #Qotn #Mind #Body #Heart #Spirit #SoulCurly For 1 on 1 Time between you & I .. it’s by appointment only and my schedule is already insane ... send DM to learn / grow / expand some mo

Natal Chart Humor

#Sagittarius #Humor #Filled #Season

What is Your Super POWER?

As much as I babble, I listen. As much as I listen, I feel. As much as I feel, I know. And as much as I know, I learn. When I learn, I grow.  When I grow, I expand. When I expand, I apply. In my apply exists my reply. <<<<When my spidey senses erect((that means take a deeper look jenn .. meaning something external from me is not  in Truth or Align  for me)) some detection not my kind of divine vibe floating of an energy nearby —- this is when it’s time for me to dive my deepest knowing I note the flow and let it go and expand some more ...>>>> #wordPornAntics #Intuition #Speaks #Volumes #To #Spirit #writersofinstagram #EnchantressTheBabbler #SpideySense #superpowerFuL #mercuryretrograde #VenusGoesDirect #Introspect #Balance #Keys #RighteousPleas #ShakeOffFuckeries #SendBack2Sender #Mind #Body #Heart #Soul #Spirit #Infusions  For 1 on 1 Time between you & I .. it’s by appointment only and my schedule is alr

Tangible Realities

Soul writer ... My mind and my eyes may not match tangible realities on 3D lands but doesn’t make it truth in wonderland .. #writersofinstagram #GypsyTraveler #WalkInTheWoods #Soul #Writers #WorthShoP #mercuryretrograde #VenusGoesDirect #GrandPa #Jupiter #LoveReigns #EnchantressTheBabbler #DarkLight #Poetry #Matters #naturephotography #SoulCurlyExplorer 

First came thought

Writer will always be I 

Big Forehead Big Dreams

This mofo  Tried to troll me  Make me feel a type a way  About my forehead  Insecure  Or get me riled up  Which works  I’m An emotional creature  But still  I’m Secure with my Forehead  (Jerk) 😆


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