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STAR WARS - Nicki Minaj Vs Cardi B - Insightfull Information

Deer Bambi

Been meaning to write about  Bambi  View this post on Instagram Deer Spirited #wisdom offers us a gentle and compassionate #energy to handle any perceived challenges as graceful and #swift as needing to be... happening in urgency and yet handled with extreme loving care. Here are some things #deers can #gift #clarity and inner sight on... Maybe some part of you #Desires the #flow to move through this world with more grace...... Has some part of #you become hardened / discouraged — acting and feeling like a non believer about your dreams / love / #success / life in general ??? ??? want to #dream more love into your life? Are you #harsh on your timing and feeling like you’re #moving too slowly and need help #hightailing it toward your own success and maybe need a swift loving kick up the arse to get moving ? Deers are all about peace. Out in the wild they live and although endangered in many ways - they still get on with their bus

Enchantress the Babbler

View this post on Instagram IM my own silently loud filter that feels myself aligned within my divine. When I rise, I dance, infused with all I Am. Http:// #HealingArTS #LoveTheLifeYouCreAtE #SoulCurly #EnchantressTheBabblerOnYOUTUBE #Freedom #Dancer #WritersOfInstagram #AlienInVaSiON #HappinessIsAnInsidersJob #EnergyMasterStylist #ScorpioSilentStingSeason A post shared by EnchantreSs The BABBLER (@enchantress) on Oct 29, 2018 at 7:39am PDT

@Enchantress on Instagram

View this post on Instagram I’ve Never been a type staying on my own unique hype of a dope of a style that radiates galactic frequencies definitely traveler of safe and sound all around Energy mastering sorcery I’m on these cosmic instrumentals you must elevate to be on within your own evolutionary frequent of energetic excretions level is frost you must tap into this kind of universal wonderland Some kind of wonderful euphoria Genuine, real and authentic is the alchemical flavoring of seasoning with curly spice cycling of a tingling that is as unified and real as can be mastery seed of royal alignments Ultra refinement Poetry savage in every particle of particles Feels good to be back #EnchantresstheBabbler #ArTisFACT rp @seeking_dakini #Evolutionary #Poetry #powerfulwomen #writersofinstagram #soulfood #SubstanceSundays #Energy #Frequency #Vibrations #MasteringAlignment A post shared by Encha

Cardi B puts Nicki Minaj on Super Social Media Blast

The GangStar in me  loving the  clips  snips of the latest Celebrity entertainment  between  Cardi B & Nicki Minaj  Libra & Sagittarius Air & Fire Real Vs Real  Fake vs Fake  I want to Believe that both of these celebrities have Scorpio in their chart too -- but I definitely can see Scorpio influencing some aspect of their charts in some way ((along with other signs of course -  I would even say Cardi B possibly has Sagittarius in her chart too ... especially after todays display of definition of gully ))    Interesting duo sparring between two signs with SCORPIO energies edging each one to take this further  to travel deep into the oceanic depths of  conflict & resolution Scorpios love dignified debates  so lets keep it classy ladies  but allow us to be loud and free  with our   imaginings  Cardi B and Nicki Minaj   both have imaginary beef with one  another  soon to be discovered  REVEALED  dur

IM a Lesbian

in my state of not being around  overhearing my daughter on the phone  tell my  dad that I am  a lesbian  he asked... how does she know.. and she replied, she always knew since she was small lol 

Scorpions Raising of Standards Energy

SHHHH Rumi Oracles

Noah's ark reminds me of an animals wish bone lol

Free Acid

People forget  or test  my patience forgetting  seer  is I  can  and will  see through your projectile vomit of lies  eye spies with my gorgeous brown eyes  a lie 


When was the last time you sat down  breathed in deeply  and felt  content with all  YOU  are  minus the fluff  ??? snap out of the energy that makes you forget all that you naturally have that completes your life and world already!!! 

How to use your NATURAL energies in your FAVOR

October’s Full Moon in Taurus

Observe all that is brought to the surface and feel that you are already prepared and ALIGNED to be removed from the triggering of feelings this all may stir. Remember, you are responsible for your own reactions to things and #people. You are owned, if you #react and you are grounded when you #center yourself and take a step back while observing #all of life around you. Use this time to third party #reflect everything that surfaces for your evolutionary healing. We sometimes got to pluck thru to the #root and they may require some bleeding.. choose to purge out everything which #never belonged or no longer applies. GangStAR #state of mind #vibes life. Think in terms of #energy, #frequencies and #vibrations. What are yours ?  Are you tuned in? Http:// when you subscribe and sign up for your free newsletter you welcome me into your wholeness let’s get this feeling / vibrations spreading all across the world.  #EnchantressTheBabbler #EnergyMasterStylist #Write

Sick of you

There is so much knowledge every which way  and every which way not  ever without  existing within   In your learn You can easily get lost in the living feeling of  overwhelm  Creators of static waves  unlink those chains   step away  while you’re in the abyss still woke  Spill spell your spoken Words  So deep  in time With rhyme  truth unveils reveals  Healing  Roots  

Time Unveils

The Real 7 Day Creation Story

He said religion folk are stuck on stupid People chill out Spirit is spirit and we all allowed to speak freely Expand your horizons and further understand your own innerstand there is so much more going on do not get all indoctrinated with me on me not for me doctrine you see?? is what we design it to be


Think what you want Think what you like  I don’t even mean this message  Nice ___ _____right  Polite ____ 


Libra  your birthday vibes are almost over  and what is the Energy to be discovered  uncovered?  this is your reflection for  REFLECTION  do not get overly protective  this is the pricking of the pruning  needed at this time  to burst you alive  What is fake?  Whom is fake?  Why so fake?  What does fake even mean?  What is it in its origins that rubs you the wrong way?  Where do you stand in this  JUDGEMENT?  Why are you perceived by so many in this light?  What about it, is not right?  Hurtful, right?  It is unjust and you can go off the sounding board in giving the world a million reasons as to why this is a lie  but darling , travel with me into the darkest night of life  Travelers into the dark side of the moon  Grab your spoons  and eat this delectable meal right up  Take this  COSMIC BITE and allow it to fill your appetite with  SOULFUL delight Honesty takes a bite  for your Universal Alignment  prescribed by this Encha