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Nephew Loving 💋

I just couldn't bring myself To throw away his tiny socks ... It's not who I am ... It's unfortunate he is placed in the crossfire ... Truth shall be his forever compass and I will love him for eternity with the inferno blazing thru my every being 

No ONE else

If it's not YOU, it's not anyone. 

Free write draw on me

😜😜😳 I believe in all the wonderful possibilities of our story  Unfolding  Before  Our own two  Eyes Beside me  I want you  Beside me  You are my favorite pass all my time with play  Forever please do  Stay  Have your way  Draw on me 


When will you stay 

Old ghost

Some people stay locked in their past.. Swimming with their own regret .. We are to live a life of no regrets .. I am not asking for you to forget .. Just forgive, learn and move on .. Some people come into your life to show you a new way ... Then it's their time to depart ..:  Stop hardening your heart ...  Love aches can stop .. Let go .. Sorry I caused you pain 

Passionate inferno

Yes‼️‼️‼️‼️ passion ignites when you want something so very badly ... When you breathe // crave // taste what your soul desires ... ignite your crave ... Your passions ... passion ignites the soul ... Breathe your passions and live your life. 

The High priestess tarot day found me card

High Priestess Tarot Card Meanings and Description Love this deck?  Buy the  Radiant Rider Waite deck . The High Priestess is also known as Persephone, Isis, the Corn Maiden and Artemis. She sits at the gate before the great Mystery, as indicated by the Tree of Life in the background. She sits between the darkness and the light, represented by the pillars of Solomon’s temple, which suggests it is she who is the mediator of the passage into the depth of reality. The tapestry hung between the pillars keeps the casual onlookers out and allows only those initiated to enter. The pomegranates on the tapestry are sacred to Persephone. They are a symbol of duty (because Persephone ate a pomegranate seed in the underworld which forced her to return every year). The blue robe the Priestess is wearing is a symbol of knowledge. She is wearing the crown of Isis symbolising the Triple Goddess. The solar cross on her breast is a symbol of balance between male and female. In her lap, she holds the hal

Ancient flames

AncientFlameS YOU & i  Twin Flames Ignited  Lovers Cravers Isis LoVeVoLuTioN no substitutions  Love Sonnets  I found the one whom I pour my cup of being into  our scolding heat, no fire h2o can dispose  This flame  it holds  No future need be seen nor foretold   in our moments  in our Nows  our love  unwound  infinity  our affinity  we intricately  blending  Beautifully  Your love ruler of me  Love is the only thing that is seen  Felt  exposed  shown displayed  i taste you all inside of me  future clearly seen  that it will always be                                    just  YOU&me  no space desired between  there is no denying  our longing binding  you mesmerize me  i feel so silly in love  what a rush  this is too good  &  it's true  no matter where  it's me&YOU  blues clue  I love you so much just the thought of you brings a smile  pinch me awake  i need to feel the pain  feels like I am dreaming  you are my blood coursing through my veins  every ounce of YOU 

Uncut 2soul journey

The worry in me fades away the moment I flitter back to thinking of everything we are so beautiful we are  I am In love with us  Yes, we are friends  Feels like the best of friends  My friend till the end  I've never had that before, and if so it has never been with this intimacy of love, anyone would truly wish to acquire  It sometimes feels too good to be true  Are we two emerging / unfolding / revealing / deep feeling / embedded deep and rooted .. That no matter how convoluted  And polluted  All may seem  No matter the degree of weaponry daggered in our way  We just now have a cool collection of samurai knives .. I always wanted one these .. Now we have plenty .. Keep it behind our wonderland dagger proof rainbow glass ... There is no shattering of the two who meld into one .. Ancient fun.. Everyday we are brought several levels higher .. Speedy race .. We crossed the finish line .. Now is our time  I miss you  Up all night  I love you.  Our story has only just begun  & the

Finish Line - written 8/9/14

I realized something today .. Although I kinda knew this anyway .. But it's truth sank in today .. Just call me a late bloomer ..  You  Effect Affect  Infect  Protect  My heart  What I mean .. Cause obviously this factor is not anything new to me .... Or  You  Blues clues  Depends on our moods ... We lift  We trip  We cause heavy rain  But when we work together  For the better  We create an instant change in weather  What's your temperature Thank you  Thank you  It's in the wE  Our we  Forged together  Eternity  We really are a team  Healthy  & Clean  Dream team  You are everything i could ever dream to be   ... My heart triples sounds  A pounding so loud  I              want      you                               Right  Now  I still can't believe what a blessing I've received  In meeting my heart  My soul  My dreams  Outside of myself  You are the one for me  Surreal it seems  This inkling  Inside of me  Filling empty space  On this earth we have found  Our sou

Our story lives on 💋

The way you let me ramble on  It really fkn turns me on  Not... That i don't wish to hear you speak  Cause oHhH,                          believe               YOU             &                   me will never die.  We are one light in place  Infinite & bound  Divine by Grace  Our time to feel Alive  Now❗️❗️❗️❗️ Is our time to live our lives  I will never forget to be in our moments... Now moments  Cause I will never let you go  & our story lives on & on & on & on  This is LOVE 

Under construction

Ya heard ... Excuse the hot mess  Under construction  Thank you for your patience Update coming soon 


The game you play  I play along too  Won't spoil Hers         P            o                i                  L                      e                          r Now that would be  Rude  Blues clues  Hidden rouse         A        W        A         K        E        N  I Am Now  Story teller bound  Gypsy arouse  I'm in the know  Clever we folk  Not a joke  This is hope 

Practice makes Puuurfect

Practicing short  Shorter  Non lengthy  Few sentences Only  Poems  Learning to condense the size  Closing my eyes  Putting a lid on my  I writer a lot of  Lines  Scribes  Storyteller in me  Can go on and on  Practice makes perfect 

Self worth ~~~ Instagram post

#SELF #WORTH .. Never allow for others to determine for you Who YOU ARe.. We all may walk this earth together & we all travel our own separate paths & as I would love to truly believe and see it as a world living with #peace #love & #support for one another, we instead are #conditioned to feel #isolated #alone #separated from our own #humanity & #kinship with those who may be #different but on a #whole #tip we are all very much the same ... Those in our lives that are placed  here with us as #fate would have it, #Teach us many a #valuable #lessons and #learnings sometimes /// most times // in the most #unhealthiest of ways possible ... This world #loves to #attack #criticize #point #fingers #castStones & burn #witches at the stake ... I say it now , clearly and with #1000% #heart #body #mind #soul #FUCKthoseHypocrits .. Chances are they are #miserable & #unhappy with themselves and their own #lives that instead of focusing on #selfEvolutionaryGrowth they're

Excuse mush

As understanding as I have grown to be ... Nothing more pet peevish ....  For me .... Excuses ... Wants // trys // needs // wishes /// Blocked // CockBLoCkEd With limitations  For all those  Involved 

Centaurs be about that aim XX

Who knew my aim was perfect  😏 Sorry (not sorry)  for the flick 

Runaway dancer

So get up and dance  Live like ur mad  Taking a stand  For everything you bleed You are  Forever in command  Runaway  Castaway  She dances her way  She's a runaway  Lost in this wonderland