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Uncut LoBotomy

Take it away ... Wish it away .. Why does it matter ...  Why do you matter ... Do I even matter ... What the hell is matter anyway ...  I know the way ... That would definitely solve my thought patterns ... Do I Fkn Know YOu???!?

Uncut Cruel intentions ..

You think me cruel after all you do .. You cut into me with all you breathe, as you drip every last ounce of blood that rushes through me ..  Bleed Free... My love , you're killing me slow .. Lovers keeper of woe.. You would think you would love me... My body ..  This soul of mine .. Having me as your puppeteer for these moments..  These moments .. Are Our now  ... Forget you ? How ?? Blood lust and scorned .. I am  on the floor once more ,  Scattered & my heart so bloody torn ... begging & pleading.. Waiting for your release .. Won't  you please .. Accept my loves surrender .. You great big Pretender.. I am cruel .. Well look at you ... Here you are with something to prove .. Cruel deeds sewn into me deep.. You prick and I bleed .. I am cruel says who .. You ?? Tell me lover what does that make you.. .  With all you do ... This here, you are it's creator .. Divine Love invader ... Runaway Tamer.. My love never being the one with ill  intentions .. Have I failed to

Uncut phone s e X

You feel me pull back .. But isn't that what you asked ..  Thinking of me as the one with so much to learn .. Fuggin nerve .. Whatever Bert ..  You run this ..

Uncut Heights

It is not so much that I fear heights .. It's just the fear in itself that we are sold that we ought to face our fears alone ... A reward, that can never be given to you by another ... I get it ..  We are to connect as people. ..  Educated to understand that we all carry similar biological threads ..  Each separate and powered by their own molecular components that function their very own bodily structures and form.  L o v e ... L o n e l i n e S s .. C o n n e c t i o n S ... I s o l a t i o n s ... D i s c o v e r i e S .... All these directions .. All these questions .. All these heights we are told to conquer ...  We are advised to u n i t e .. Advised to walk a l o n e ... We are guided by methods of ways to create balance in our lives .... Battle of self .. Poor poor self ... We all seek and crave some form of help ... If we didn't .. We wouldn't be l o o k i n g ...... We wouldn't be trying to figure shit out ... Convinced that it  A l o n e is how we conquer our

Uncut Albert ~ 2/26/14

What does this teach .. That by your actions ..  Anticipated reactions .. Mental interactions .. Creating distractions ..  Causing tides to turn .. Move more into your flow ... Justified so all is a go.. Believing one doesn't know .. Everyone's a fkn scientist ..  Who could of possibly known.. Collecting data .. Making charts .. All scientific test sold as best .. Data what data more of the same .. Results tainted from the start .. Hearts are not ruled by scientific cruelties ..  Soul evolutions last earthly journey sent into the fire burning realms of hell ..  Can't anyone tell ... Your le s s o ns are stupid .. Fkn evolution so damn convoluted and polluted ..  R e v o l u t i o n ?? How about you stop trying to prove yourself fkn right ..  Your fighting yourself .. A war created ..  The monsters are real ... Take a look around .. Your Space .. This place ..  You are brilliant ..  Fkn genius .. Sure .. Build up ..  Surrender to ego .. Even that goal itself is flawed for ou