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Train ride love

Love Your enemies, well that is what Jesus encourages of us ... This post has nothing to do with religious beliefs, or even what I believe in ... But I do love Jesus and his wonderful message .. So on that note .. I love you bitxhes !!!

Uncut train ride chant ~ Alice is funny

Ok .. Alice rides the train now .. But what in the world is she going to write. Idk I just feel like writing.. So much to say.. But how I say it is the question to myself .. Hmm.. Not sure .. There is a wonderful energy in the air today .. I feel It .. And it's making me antsy .. (Is that even a word .. And if so what does it mean .. And why does it feel right to use it ?? Lol ) But the energy that I feel it's wonderfully amazing .. And tonight is a full moon .. Amazing !! The excitement The surge The imagery before me House of mirrors each telling me soon .. Soon Soon Soon Soon Soon Clock is ticking hearts are beating Uncertainty skimming the surface What does it all mean .. The unfolding of layers escaping to the surface Dynamic Upbringing Up Up Up Dare to be Bold Universal alignments forging each path Faery dust sprinkled onto strangers from a far far Away Land Where do I know you from ?!? How did we meet  here in Wonderland? Why are we the only

Uncut train ride chants ~ Alice asks questions

What is truth ? Sold to us by believers of their own truth .. Finding ourselves basing off our own truths by someone else's vision of truth ... But what the fk is truth ? Does it even exist ??? It does.. Doesn't it ?? I mean I know truth .. My truth .. And no one else can tell me otherwise .. But then again where does my truth stem from ?? Root .. Root.. Root.. Explains all the chaos and mayhem Pick apart truth Alice was always me & I just didn't understand why .. Does Alice ever really learn the truth ?? She never did find out why and how she ended up in wonderland !!! Every encounter, holds meaning .. What ? What is truth in a meaning that is tainted by individual perception ?!? Mad hatter or Truth Seeker Light.. Light Cameras Action Choices .. From youth to early adulthood when we claim some sort of independence .. We proclaim victory of being set free .. Set free ?!? Set free to make choices based off previous conditioning ??!? Who are y

Uncut rant - Bursting Bubbles

Kindness, especially to those who mean to cause you harm, well being kind/Good is absolutely necessary. Necessary for Your Mind, Body, Heart & Soul. We all reap what we sow, so don't be like the evil that tries to knock you down. When you stoop to their level of wickedness you inhale their toxic fumes of negativity & taint your own soul with the Devils name .... Let it go !!!! This train ride rant is absolutely necessary !!!