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Uncut chant ~ What's the good in that ?!?

Recognizing the good in others comes very easily for me ... That is usually why I am the last to truly "dislike" someone ... While everyone waves around pointing their finger at the world.. I walk around observing all, (or I stay in Jenn's Wonderland ) & as I observe it is the good things before me that I search for ....  I'm usually pretty perceptive to other energies around me, & so if there is anything I pick up that could possibly change my vibrational energy from high to low, I make conscious note of that & entirely block its passageway into my world.... & voila peace exist within.... Now if only we ALL would practice such a practice, now that would make many parts of life easier to deal with...  Some may say its the respect you have for another individual, but even that "term" could get chopped down in size with our society of pick a parters today... But I would like to view it as some form of honor, where I am honoring your

Uncut chant ~ this & that

I was spray painting this thing I found in the trash.. & as I was spray painting & getting lost in my music trance, something clicked... The things I've been asking for lately.. The questions I've been wanting to know ... Well, the answers all came rushing in... Not sure if it was the fumes from the spray paint or my happy juice kicking in & disturbing my senses ... But it all made sense & it all became very clear for me ... & that's freakin awesome how that works, & just like that intention is born....   Do the things you love..  Find time for them.. It is in the things you love that passion ignites & a spark is unleashed.  Find time for the things you love.. Do it for you.. Do it because you love You!! We are all busy & we all have so much to do & we all work hard in trying to manage our time productively, (well at least the majority of the time (for some of us - not all lol) ) ... But if you deny yourself the very things that b
I have unconventional             Sleeping                               Patterns........                

Uncut chant/rant ... Insomnia 0.O

What is insomnia ... Defined as habitual sleeplessness, inability to sleep... Is that truly possible?? Not sleeping .. I think not .. And if so, then there would be some major imbalance to a persons homeostasis.  I mean I know it to be possible, but I mean the inability to sleep, at all... I wonder if there was ever a study on that .... I don't think someone is truly an insomniac .. That's just a name that was given to define someone's difficulty in falling asleep at night as the vast majority does.. Odd ball out.. Therefore becoming diagnosed as something.. They even gave it a name & labeled those types as insomniacs. They probably prescribe pills too .. Here take this & sleep ... Cause we said so! Hmm... Whatever .. Just another rant that will lead to some research :)) Haha the insomniac in me reigns supreme for I shall get little to no sleep tonight... The moon is out & she is sure pretty ... Namaste

Meh! Inspiration ;) uncut chant!

Happiness.. Everything we as humans strive for .. Disillusioning ourselves in regards to the contents of what happiness really is... Feeding ourselves with the belief  that happiness is this object, this thing in which to obtain, hold, grasp, find!!!! & who wants to be told in the midst of their search (especially during trying times)  that "happiness is a state of mind.." I know when I've been told that in the past.. My 1st thoughts (2 myself of course) were "yes really?! Well go fk Urself) .. But I get it now ... I understand .. Everything in life has to be balanced.. There has to be both of everything.. That is why in everything there is everything, & with everything comes everything... That means good & bad.. Now the levels of good & bad vary on a scale.. Because good & bad is different for us all.. So that means that whenever there is bad, there is good .. Because there is balance in everything.. Everything carries with it, a little piece