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She Devil

Who knew  staring at u from across the room ( room )  Sayin to myself what's this girl to do (do) looking at u boy whatcha going to do ( do ) She devil prowling coming over to u  U ( u ) ur looking like u want a taste (taste) of this girl u see (see) not sure if its her u want or me (me)  dis-cov-ery ting-I-ling  she devil escape inside of me (me) serpent sting could u breathe? hidden deep... wants u now... on the prowl... devour how? will show u how!  tender deep placing ur heat upon me seep have ur way. Hands slip on my thighs  lookin in ur eyes (feel the ride) feeling completely mesmerized... Two begin to rise and escalate... instigate! Can not wait!   Tell me now! whatcha ur gonna do with this bad girl now? pressed upon skin smo-lder-ing   ooh u think ur gonna win (win?)  U know me too u think u do She devil is out to prove nothing to lose  want me to? wont ya let me do? Seduce me ooh  All over u let me feel on u u want it too now whisper hush wonder lust give and


U tell me that I am wrong and I believed those lies/well honey tell me why ur the devil in disguise/I fool myself with believing In telling myself this can't be /holding on to an illusion of a brighter dream/set me free from this never ending death/trying to depart a never ending quest/ 4 ur love defeats me u savoring the rest wanting to be best winning at this game of never ending pain/here comes the rain wash me away as I surrender And I surrender Surrender to ur touch/surrender to ur taste/one more deadly kiss is all this girl could take/pressed against my skin/raking down my back ur skin baking hot ur war non stop/ This woman within me desperately wants to plead/please let me go don't want this anymore/surrender to whom? rid me these toxic fumes with the stains & the pain down the drain/feel the want break the chain/end the war simmer rain /close ur eyes hold on tight let the wind blow me right/taking me from this plight tonight as I surrender And I surrender S
Truth or lies truth or lies  Hidden behind clever disguise  For the fool cries sheep  Or is it lamb?  Or is it wolf? wanting the spade shown but continuing to roll the dice  High roller... Encounters of a stranger from a far off land Do we ever really understand?? Truth or lies truth or lies Clever disguise!  Masterfully provoked and yet unshaken  Unmoved released held still  For dark has a way of  coming to light  For truth sleeps at night  We take our plight down into oblivion   Vanishing but never deserting  Forever there  Truth or lies truth or lies  Reveal the flight for the devil has arrived  taunting lies  haunting lies flaunting lies    The seal is broken only left but a token of a chance  Truth or lies?