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Beautiful Girl dedicated to my Beautiful Sister

This was written 2/23/06 I saw a beautiful girl once With the world beneath her feet I saw a beautiful girl once With beauty that can't be beat I saw a beautiful girl once You can see the rainbows in her eyes I saw a beautiful girl once In which her beauty made me cry Her beauty & her grace so indescribable To all mankind Her beauty & her grace is like a Goddess From the past My only wish is for her to see All her beauty that has captivated me All the potential she has within her grasp The world clasped into her tiny little hands The beautiful girl that I see My one and only sister who has Forever enchanted me.

Butterfly Cry

Insignificant one Impossible Dream Butterfly drifting away Captured in my sleep For I am your favorite butterfly But she is your favorite dream Two captured hearts lost at sea... And I am only the butterfly inbetween... The imposter of your lifetime! Flitting away disillusioned dreams The irony is decapitating I should of seen your misery... You settled for what was available me being your temporary escape While you kept your love reserved for someone else other than me The captivating butterfly held on tightly only momentarily... You want her but she no longer needs you so you infiltrate unto me Loving me wearily Dreaming of her Holding on to me Loving me carefully not setting your butterfly free because if you can not have her you've settled for me Butterfly Cry! Butterfly Dream! Butterfly Cry for Love has deceived me!
You can judge me all you like you can point the finger and yell shame... You can speak all the things you want about me... Because I am not playing this game... Think whatever you like... say whatever you feel... Cause in the end when all is said & done... Real recognizes real!!!!

Attitude is Fundamentally Important

It appears that we all in some form or fashion search for some level of happiness in our lives. We want it and we crave it and we find ourselves searching for what sometimes seems like this unattainable thing.. or if we do have it & when we do feel happy or content with our lives and ourselves we sometimes feel it may seem short lived, and we find happiness slipping through our grasps... As I observe the world and even myself I find that many of our own miseries stem from our own disappointments because more often then not we search for something else other then ourselves to give us the "satisfaction" we need, and we become disappointed in others for not "magically" filling this void... or doing it in the manner that we "thought" it should be done... But come on.... who knows you better than you... NO ONE!!! And I am not bringing Religion or God into the equation because that's everyones own personal belief system that they incorporate for the
For the lion appears to be in momentary slumber. For day has finally caught up to him and the hunt has become a thing of the past  Lions always have a big roar but the sounds he now makes is of a soft purr. Ooh the furocious lion not so scary at all. King of the jungle but not king of me! King of his own domain and definitely not of me. What a prideful idiot! What a big fat joke. Sleep little kitty sleep really well. For ur time for judgement will certainly be in hell. Lmao  
I change a shade From 1 moment to the next But with each shade I'm at my best Silly I am, serious I can be But in between I'm always me I laugh I cry  I sing & dance I'm as human as I knw how to b I make mistakes I sometimes think I'm right It's cause most of the time I'm always right Just kidding I don't wanna start a fight I'm me I'm me I don't know who else to be I'm crazy, colorful, lively, and imaginative I dream like u but it's always me I also love whole heartedly I might seem tough & part of that is true But don't let the illusions of me fool u U think u know me, maybe u do But don't let the color disillusion u Forever changing but remaining the same A constant craving  Lifes my game 
 as u kiss me softly on the lips For my lips do not press back As u caress me gently thru my body For I remain still and motionless For ur touch no longer means a thing As u try and soothe me with ur words I look at u and remain feeling indifferent For the tide has changed U r my low tide And i have finally reached high tide And our love don't mean a thing to me anymore For u took my love for granted When u kiss me all I see r the words that spill from ur mouth each day Those dispicable and unsightly words .... Those words echo in my brain  When u touch and caress my body all I feel is ur hate  The same hate that is shown in ur eyes ..... When u look at me and despise and say and do the things u do  ..... Ur actions cause irremeable damage to those feelings I have deep for u U torn our love in two But high tide is washing ashore Soon I won't love u anymore.... How the tide has changed? When u speak ur fanciful words and  Try and console me and nurture me in a special way.... I