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Truth Be Told

When do we make the necessary changes that need to be made to something in our lives that is not any good for us? When should we proceed in the “right” direction as opposed to continuing with the “wrong” direction? Who is to say what “Right” is and what is “Wrong?” Are these “rights” and “wrongs” based solely on the individual(s) and their opinion(s)? Should we even become upset when another person invades our world and tells us their own opinions about our personal situations? Many of the times ignoring the fact that we may not want to hear their opinions. There are always extenuating circumstances that people should get involved in another person’s life – if something is endangering them or those around them. But other than those extenuating circumstances – when do WE make those necessary changes for ourselves? When do we decide to do what is right in a situation that requires some type of action or reaction? When do we start putting the proper puzzle pieces together? Should

Work of Art

We paint a self portrait of ourselves revealing the beauty that creates who we are and the things we want from life. Constantly transforming within ourselves exploring our own internal growth. So similar our inner growth is to that of a flower that blooms, then withers and dies, then the seeds are planted again to bloom ever so brightly, illuminating the essence of who we are - for we are forever changing! Multifaceted, colorful and beautiful - that's what we are, even when we do not feel this way. Keep in mind that we are in fact a work in progress, constantly tweaking our own imperfections (or at least that's what we should be doing for ourselves.) But of course many of us never look closely enough to make the necessary life altering changes (or even small changes that would lead to the bigger picture.) So many of us remain stagnant, never being able to really move forward because we can't see our own reflections. (But isn't it amazing how quickly we can see other ref

My Quote of the Day

We are, all of us, molded and remolded by those who have loved us, and though that love may pass, we remain none the less their work - a work that very likely they do not recognize, and which is never exactly what they intended. Francois Mauriac, The Desert of love This quote does something to me - it evokes this sense of truth and wisdom so beautifully expressed and I feel it holds much truth. We are shaped and molded by those who love us and because of their work we become who we are. I just found it to be interesting and relevant in all of our lives.
Held in captivity by the illusions of love holding my breath under water I'm drowning... foolish me... I feel my heart pounding You breathe life into me I'm dying in your arms your touch saturates my soul I'm inclined to believe that love has cost me everything My soul is set free death setting us apart because in life your love was the end of me battles lost for we both fell apart conquering my will, imprisoning my soul locking up the very essence of who I really am disillusioned by your own theories this love is all we have only a matter of time before I caved all the lies purify my soul opening my eyes waves surround me saying goodbye to something that should of never been the sweet kiss of death

Simplicity of Love

Many of us experience love and find ourselves diving so far ahead that before we know it we become lost - we are lost. Swimming somewhere far out at sea - entranced by the idea of love. Exposing ourselves to another element of living. Then sometimes we experience some of the rocky waves of love, and at times those waves may catch us off guard. But then we find ourselves fighting and struggling to hold on- because this is our life. These are the things we want - or at least we think that we want. In the beginning stages of love we become so lost and fixated on this person and what we believe we see - sometimes blinded by the person that is actually there. We hurt without intending to and we get hurt because we leave ourselves open - and at times we hold on when it's better to just let go. But this is the never ending pain and level of dissatisfaction associated with love. Love transcends all things. Love binds souls! Love feeds and nourishes our very essence. We need to love in our