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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Paolo Sebastion - Enchanted Creations created by Designer Paul Vasileff

So early this morning my daughter was showing me some stuff she likes on the net and she came across this dress that had  me like 


 whom is this fabulous designer?

and she was like "Pablo" something 

- - and then I read for myself and was like....

uh-uh correction:

His name
Paolo Sebastion 

Amazing I Believe his designs to be 

as I Dream

he speaks to the Wonderland Rhymes existing within my shrines 
and his Wedding theme Styles 
excites me like 


so that's interesting how we learn something new every single day - cause here I am correcting my daughter for incorrectly pronouncing the name - and that is not even the designer name lol Paolo Sebastian is an Australian Fashion Label, created by designer 

drum roll please


Only 26 years old 
his sun sign is Taurus 
(diligent, hard-working, reliable) 
He also is from Australia, which possibly means Awesome accent too!

Blessings to this Enchanting Designer and all of his Wonderful

Here are a few that I have selected to share with you all that I came across on the net and ABSOLUTELY fell in LOVE with 


It's cool to be all into trends
my friends
Art is a Beautiful landscape of an oasis left OPEN for us all to ENJOY

(I believe I shared this image once upon a time ago - way back whenever it was that I shared this image - but that just goes to show - that I really like this designer)

I absolutely LOVE this one - I am almost tempted to call this one my FAVORITE - but there is another one coming up - that I ABSOLUTELY ADORE too !!!

Like How Faery Goddess Fierce is she in this BEAUTIFUL design? 


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