Are you a Talented Artistic Soul?

These still
Shots crack me up - for live audio follow me on Instragram @Enchantress @HollyWoodsGypsy & snapchat @HollyWoodsGypsy 

So the other day while driving and sharing my #Snapchat musical driving tunes this great epiphany occurred 😜😜😜 Sharing & Spreading love is something I am most passionate about & I am also a PASSION fueled Enthusiast for various forms of ArT expreSsions made by so many #TALENTED souls spread across this #Planet  I would truly LoVe to SHARE your Soul filled #ART & creations created by you with FierY PASSION that makes up every part of your physical / ethereal being #Mind #Body #Heart #Soul - please NOTE that ART for me is not limited to just one type or #style of thingS Art 4 me is #EVERYTHING Our Art form #CREATIONS is what makes each of us #Uniquely #Special & believe me when I say we are ALL #Master #CREATORS in every which way At least that is how I choose to perceive. What are your #Passions ? What fuels your tank & energizes your spirits ? Do you love to sing? Write?Make music ? Draw ? Paint ? Sketch ? Dance ? Perform ? Maybe there is an organization that you're a part of that you want to #SHARE with the #World ?What would you #Appreciate being shared by me with LOVE on my social Media accounts - #Instagram #Facebook #Blogger #YouTube #GooglePlus -

Life should be more about elevating one another to reach our fullest heightened potential & less about Competition We are all in this to Win this in every way we strive to make possible 4 ourselves & I would love to Share a piece of You that #Contributes 2our Whole . Together,let's be the Change we Desire to See in this World. I really #Believe in our #POWER to #UNITE in #LOVE with Love for LoVe since LoVe is Mastery LoVeisKey & it's never tied 2any strings. Come Stretch Your LoVe With Me 😍

😍 It took me so long to be as open with sharing  my own Various forms of art publicly so many factors playing into my nots twisting  me in2 knots & conditioning me to live out a life of "have Nots" but not anymore!We must break ourselves open time & time again.  There are so many Amazing talented Souls Everywhere &this epiphany has me #NOW #Scouting & enthusiastic 2SHARE with #ALL #Phenomenal works of Artistic creations. If ur interested please follow @hollyWoodsGypsy and click contact & send me a message #Namaste 
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