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Monday, February 29, 2016

Men aren't Stupid

#WhereTheresAwillTheresAWay #XX #Truth #In #The #Pudding 

Ask yourself Why ?

We are built on questioning everything that comes from within. Intuition one of our most natural of innate elements masked over centuries of time & yet many are compelled to search digging deepest passed our superficial layers. Ask yourself why you are so compelled to search these deep realms into our existence. Maybe because there is more there that needs to be surfaced into our Awareness. Let's connect. #EnchantingBabbler #Esoteric #Spirituality #Connection #To #Self #3rdEyeCares #GypsyBloggerExtraOrdinaire #BelieveReceiveAchieve #BeTheChangeYouWish2SeeInThisWorld #TarotReadings #Guidance #LightWork 

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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Women are Emotional World Healers

Eye feels so deeply, deeper then the sea. As deep as deep can be. Eye and made to see, feel, & simply be... An Oracle of Light, healing & love. Let love lead the way in every single way, every single night and day. Namaste. #SpreadTheLOVE #EnchantingBabbler #oracles #Of #Light #EarthAngel #Dynasties #Women #Are #The #Examples #Play #Your #role #BeTheChangeYouWish2SeeInThisWorld 

Saturday, February 27, 2016

God needs our Forgiveness

divine eye 
listening ... 
soul glistening. 
Gods plan in harvesting our lands & filling each seed, with riches Supreme..
one can dare to dream ..
What realm do you divide & conquer ..
come hither more ..
inside each door ..
Fall on your knees ..
& purify your spleen ..
nothing is as it seems ..
Chaotic one may think ..
but come on ..
a little practicing what you preach ..
don't you think ?? 
Soul penetration meant to elevate your mind.. These Enchanting Walls speak..
listen sweet ..
That world out there ain't nothing how you think ..
not even eye can conceptualize its full whole, for these vessels of OM contribute to the mask veil of blank stares ..
orangutan era of on Lookers & by standers.. 
Believe me when I say ..
This world is a staged play ..
time to get in the game ..
or fall away prey to their agenda ruling statistics ..
energetic blasts of there's no taking these Enchanting Babbles back .. 
Cause it's a fact !! ArtiFAcT! 
Royal Empire of what stories marinate into creational existence ...
The inner cries they have outpoured high ..
Cracking every black hole Sunken deep ...
feel Mother Earths heart pulsating proud ..
stronger than any
man here on earth ..
spark up her thirst ..
hear each bird chirp ..
Win ..
There's balance in the center of this explosive vortex ..
forget Hurricane ..
this ish insane ..
publicized with Fame..
Godly hidden shame of adornment with Reign..
all these years battling out his own 
<<< God needs Forgiveness too >>> a reflection of WE are We of Him... 
& in our reflections within, we learn to connect with our God/Goddess .. the Original Seed of everything we ever were ..
falling to the floor ..
wailing God, please no more ! 
Angry our we ..
assistance we seek ..
Bigger picture we miss :.

it's in the fine pruning our ultimate desires and bliss...

wrote this on Thursday Feb 25, 2016

Thursday, February 25, 2016

LOVE of Self Vanity is our SANITY

Loving yourself isn't Vanity. It is Sanity. #Love #Yourself #Whole #Vanity #Sanity #Mind #Body #Heart #Soul #Divine #Godly #Love #SpreadTheLOVE #EnchantingBabbler 

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Bedtime Spammer Kids

You know I occasionally speak of my daughter from time to time and all the ways she cracks me up ..
Well I'm not going to complain for her spamming my Instagram page .. Cause sheesh I'm not even sure if she follows me anymore .. You know she's too cool for school.. lol 
And you could forget about her even liking a pic of mine ... She barely even checks out my page lol 

So bam..
She gets into bed ..
I tuck her in ..
and she from her room next door ..
takes the floor ..
and spams me galore lol 

Eye absolutely LOVE this soul with every bloody fiber of my entire being ...
yea!! Love goes real deep ..
she's for keeps ..
and she has blessed my life in more ways then you can ever possibly know ..

But anyways ..
Since I've been so much more about sharing ~ I wish to share in some of how she cracks me up .. Maybe I'm biased cause she's my kid ... But seriously even in person, she always has me laughing hysterically 😊😊

#Proud #Goddess #Earth #Angel #Momma #For #Shizzles 

Spam attack from my Little Mermaid ..

Here's the best part ..

Now listen closely ...

Monkey Lip
Of course 
Shine Bright
Who is that ?


Gemini's straight don't give a flying funK hahahaha 

Angel guide # 323


Number 323 is a combination of the vibrations of number 3 and the attributes of number 2, with number 3 appearing twice, doubling its attributes and influences. Number 3 brings its influences of optimism and joy, inspiration and creativity, self-expression and communication, imagination and intelligence, energy, growth and expansion, spontaneity, encouragement and assistance, manifesting and manifestation, talent and skills. Number 3 is also the number of the Ascended Masters. Number 2 resonates with faith and trust, diplomacy and co-operation, duality and finding balance, relationships and partnerships, intuition and insight, service and duty, and serving your Divine life purpose and soul mission 
Angel Number 323 brings a powerful message from the angelsto maintain faith in the processes of the Universe, and trust that you are exactly where you are meant to be at this time. Reality is continuously changing, shifting and evolving into new experiences. The easier you can fully accept change, the quicker your soul can find balance and peace in the present moment. An optimistic attitude and positive emotions attract outcomes that reinforce those very feelings, in turn, manifesting them into your life in synchronistic ways. Maintain a clear, strong connection with your angels and the Ascended Masters, and have faith and trust that your prayers will be answered. 

Angel Number 323 indicates that you are working in alignment with the energies of the angels and Ascended Masters. Have faith and trust that your present course is the right one for you and is in-line with your soul mission and life purpose. Stay strong in your convictions and listen to your intuition and inner-wisdom.


Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Magnifications of TRUTH & VICTORY

Better Believe this to be TRUTH..

There is ALWAYS a way to REVEAL what is true and what is Not..

Tick tick clock..

It's All Happening NOW ..

Truth serum sprinkled on earthly lands .. By Godly command ..

Bringing JUSTICE back!!!

Souls under attack..
Shit is whack ..

Defamation of character to ones soul ..

Truth be BOLD...

Oracle foresees 



Chin Up, ButterCup ❤️

Chin Up, ButtercupπŸ˜‡ never let anything in this life make you feel as if you must hang your head so low, having you energize such low unhealthy energies for your mind, body, heart & soul. Nobody is saying for you not to FEEL your FEEL.. Sheesh 😭 you MUST FEEL your FEEL to HEAL! Cause shit is definitely real out here in this field of earth we all share & inhabit. Something  is bound to happen, especially since we are raised on the  belief system of the existence of polarities in everything & anything. Believe, with ALL your HEART & SOUL, that no matter the weather, you Think yourself Clever & do yourself better & feather the weather KNOWING, mind, body, Heart & soul, that you HEAL WHOLE & This too SHALL PASS!! Be THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE IN THIS WORLD. Like Tupac Says, "Keep ya Head Up!" Theres No way but UP from here.. Infinite expanding skies... Let your 3rd Eye SHINE! Stay BLeSsED, less stress & Always be Positive & Kind .. Namaste BEAUTIFUL SOULS.. have an AWESOME fudgin Day!!! #FullMoOn #Healing #Wonders #Stay #Strong #KeepYaHeadUp #BeTheChangeYouWish2SeeInThisWorld #Peace #Within #Remember #To #BREATHE

Monday, February 22, 2016


May OFFENDERS Meet their destined KARMA 

Since when has it been made to be a child's fault to have their TRUST and KINDNESS taken ADVANTAGE of by an ADULT who should fucking KNOW BETTER...

SINCE when is it ok to LOOK a child in the FACE and call them a LIAR when they are BRAVE enough to share in something that is not easy to say, but NEEDS to be said? How could a grown ass individual participate in further damaging a child's spirit, by not BELIEVING them when they speak of a Violation from another (that is NEVER asked for, WARRANTED or OK) but instead forced unto them by a suppose to be trusting adult. An adult  who is way more advanced in life experience and handling things that they BELIEVE themselves sly enough to be able to get away with what they do - Truth is, GOD sees you.. For this is TRUE... 

SINCE WHEN do we Turn our backs on our children and call them LIARS because what we hear them say is something we CAN not BELIEVE...

or want to BELIEVE...
so instead lets play Make Believe and shatter .. 

NO fucking way!!!

if that's the game you wish to play, YOU can drown in your filth..

OUR CHILDREN are OUR FUTURES & it is a fkn SHAME when it is the adults who are the ones fishing to DESTROY them... 


of course no one wishes to believe that the person they see, or know to be, is capable of such things..

of course its unfathomable ..

its utterly disgusting if you ask me...

but to sit there & defend what you can not be too sure of.. 
and sit there and try with your own logic to reason and rule out why this can't be...

Who is who..
You rule out cause you REFUSE to see??
of course we don't want to see...

such damaging idiots we have grown to be...
to deny a child the right to speak..

sad is she with he..

Any person of decency would NEVER be able to COMPREHEND or IMAGINE the reasons BEHIND WHY a sick person would do such horrible things...

For a person to sit there and try to UNDERSTAND...
try to piece together these puzzling pieces...
to then completely DISREGARD any accusation being made because the person hearing such things REFUSES to SEE..

 We can sit here and PRETEND that this world isnt fucked up.. it doesn't change the fact... I UNDERSTAND reasons behind reasons.. but whether we could understand it or not.. this is a doggy dog world & there are people out there capable of doing such shameful, sad, horrific & sickening things...

I get so Angry even when I understand the actions behind why some people do and say the things that they do...
I won't sit here and JUDGE your choices, because that is the path you walk.. 
Blessings to you..
may God take hold of you & shake you down to the ground, so that when you are forced to look UP, you will SEE what's really up..

but although I understand, 
I won't sit here and passively ALLOW for such BULLSHIT BLASPHEMY to take the crown & parade around town spreading the vile pedophilia energy you now allow inside of your own world.. 

BLESSINGS & DIVINE HEALING to the souls in this world silenced in their pain caused intentionally by others. May GOD's JUSTICE rule this DAy & AGE... &  may those violators get exactly what they put out into this world -- - for it is only fair - to RECEIVE the very things that you BREATHE & BLEED....

Some people sleep with the Enemy & the sad part is that deep down if they really paid attention - if they learned to trust their first initial instincts, they  would REMEMBER that even this ugly TRUTH, they really know it to be TRUE too... 

Enchanting World of Venting Babbles to some reality biters that piss me off but after this post... I will never think about again..
you know why..
CAUSE in TRUTH, LOVE & LIGHT - God has blessed me with PEACE...
and because of this ..


GoodBye my Friend

In my own mourning, I realized that I have been deceived..
a friendship Alive, and so she grieves??

in mourning, she is made to see...

in the nothing that existed between her and the beast ..
 between the low vibrational heat ..
 lies she fills her soul with so deep..
Face the beast ..
Godly Woman so fine, the devil has made you so blind, that
You have Allowed a creep to blind your better judgement ..
In truth we heal ourselves free, but with self treachery, we kill ourselves deep..
as I watch my friend fall back asleep..
goodbye my friend ..


SHATTER THE SILENCE! We live in a most cruel world filled with lies & deception. We live in a world where people are AFRAID to speak certain horrid things because for whatever reason they are made to feel fear, ashamed, embarrassed ~ whatever the reasoning behind their silence ~ Its most sad & real, and yet so true. So many children, young adults and even many adults are violated in many horrific ways and so many live with this silence & fear & ENOUGH is ENOUGH!! There are so many VIOLATORS in this world protected by their VICTIMS silence. Lets break FREE & no matter how hard this may seem.. BELIEVE in JUSTICE & SHATTER THE SILENCE

Reality of Integrity

You may sugar coat shit & pretend it taste great, but that will never be what I choose for myself. Roller coaster ride I may be, but a pretender & fake, I most certainly am not. We may not always like or appreciate certain things that happen in this world, and many things will never begin to make sense, but it is what it is. Never FEEL silenced or AFRAID to SPEAK & EXPRESS your truths just because others are not comfortable with it. People will always find ways to twist shit up to make it fit what they wish to see, we are all guilty of this in one way or another.  But the truth has no reason to fight, argue or attack back, because in TRUTH, we are set FREE & that means accepting that others may persecute you for this, but Oh fkn Well!!! #WakeUp #Truth #Will #Set #You #Free #Integrity #Real #Convoluted #Theories #Of #Bullshit #Justifications #To #Pacify #Ones #Choices #Reality #Biters

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Do you know what your "Well" taste like?

What if  hell didn't exist & it was just a word made up by once very clever men/woman/aliens/children/animals - whomever you desire to believe.. please take your pick.. mysteries, forever our friends. But back to these once clever but no longer clever in this Awakened day and age - these folk/beings/fellow earth inhabitants whomever created the meanings behind all the things we are born into without any "perceived" power to change these things that just out of thin air came to be, were shared to be, were initiated to be, were accepted to be, and are now what we all know to be (((well all depending on your own levels of seeking knowledge in many different ways - unfortunately not everyone is keen on expanding their minds.. their stunted growth and stagnation energized high..))) All this crapola known to be, made for you and me, for all..
for the people..
by the people..
In the name of the people..
Signed by the people..
Followed out by the people..
Where the fudge are these people??
How is anything they ever thought in their lifetime, apply in any way that's going to work for "ALL" in this lifetime?
Burn the fkn paper..
legislate my foot up some peoples / sheeples / creeples asses if they come near me with this other life time bullish that sure as hell doesn't remotely benefit or help me in any possible way.. and I am sure, I am not the only one...
So what is it hun???
this is why I always hum!!
Zen habits created to shun out the noise.. 
All these words / definitions / meanings / education systems... (system - defined as a set of "things" working together as parts of a mechanism or an interconnecting network.. yada yada yada - System.. 
First .. who's system?
IS it mine? 
umm.. nope.. nah.. that would be a negative.. 
is it yours? 
eye highly doubt it is  yours & if so .. please do share, for Eye am curious.. as to wanting to know your "thing" that you contributed together with others (( and who are these others.. can we have some names.. addresses.. phone #'s.. Email addresses.. D.o.B.. SS# name of current or last employer... List of accolades, honors, and all that good stuff - along with their dates.. Also list of names of the presenters of these awards given to you.. like first and last name.. Are they on any social media? Let's connect :) 

put all enchanting sarcasm to the side for only this fraction of a moment in time, as I continue with every run on line and sentence I can possibly conjure up...
Run on sentences..
My favorite..

 Who made up the meanings of all earthly things & who decided on the Blue Print & why in Gods name, in the business most savvy world we live in today.. Why in Gods name has it not been rationalized as logical, that in our constantly forever flowing and growing and evolving going on over every single lifetime ever existed (known and unknown) why has no one believed it genius to revise / edit / expand .. our words / expressions / definitions / meanings / understandings / way of doing things / etc etc etc cause truthfully this list for me feels never ending..
I swear if I could, I would burn every system to the ground, and together (just like friends) with Eyes wide open and backs never placed in front of anyone, we kumbaya and build the entire foundation again from scratch.. 

hahaha ..
Enchanting Babbler always wishfully thinking and believing and receiving and achieving.. 
I have not slept in two days.. 
but eye shall rest..
for a little while at least.. 

I went off subject again...

anyways these makers and programmers of things in our world that we just blindly accept as our way of life.. what if their "thing" that has been "formulated" for us to (Circle of Life - Give and Receive and Repeat) what if their formula is alchemy at its finest meant to Energize a moment in time where Rulers take reign & design hamsters in a wheel for lifetimes/expanding their reign over spans of centuries of time.. Their education systems not the same as our own.. for something to flourish, it first must root & grow..
What systems have been rooted into our world?
What subliminal messaging has been formulated to be literally undetectable, gradual & ever so powerful. It's power increasing due to our "Circle" of Life continuously gifting back everything it receives from (we) & our roots are conditioned to repeat - everything we "see" - visibly - intentionally (unknowingly to We) disconnecting us in various ways from our Inner Source of Power & Reign.. 
we are energetic waves that carry within us our Matter..
Each and every one of us ALL matters..
although in this lifetime it may not appear that way.. 
Somewhere along the line.. whether intentional or not - we were conditioned to learn & highlight every root of fear - meant to keep us binded / immovable & scared to take course and move Forward - confidently - implementing / changing and contributing in various ways to shifting this earth / world to a more higher level vibration - 

with the way this world seems to run - it would be safe to assume that somewhere along the line - at some point in time - Once upon a many moons ago - Someone didn't like the idea of shared power and coexisting - and instead found their own powerful placement on this earthly map and did everything in their power to shift in their favor to remain constant / stagnant / appearing to move but remains to be stuck - 
Energy traps all around..
Especially with the words we know and speak..
what energy do you place behind the words that you say? are you aware that your words are powered by your energy? Are you also aware that your own words and chosen form of speech can become your ally or your own cycling hamster wheel trap - Energy is as real as can be..
Energy is you and me..
Energy is our PASSION in our ACTIONS.. 
 ( energy that can not be seen, but is most certainly felt on many levels ) Without the fuel of ENERGY, we can not do ish for ourselves.. ENERGY is so much more than this defining label of a box some genius placed it into to never be addressed, questioned, edited or revised .. Is there are RULE / LAW about questioning the validity of an origin of a Lifeline that keeps being passed on from generation to generation.. This world likes to highlight all things bad / not good going on in this world ... its all methodical - 
Remember ...
and so is not so good news - brought to every televised home all over this earth - our CONNECTIVITY on a boxed tube <<<<<
anyhoo.. our society built on a stack of human shit - orchestrated to feed in doses .. worry.. fear... 
worry.. fear..
oh my my my .. how energetically worry and fear can ricochet powerfully across this world.. and society eats it all up & then continues to spread it and share it amongst one another << Are you too living in a world that feels as though it is run by invisible most feared (there is nothing to fear - but fear itself) TyRANTS.. 
are we all ruled by and completely oblivious to the Energy attacks we as humans are experiencing and have been experiencing - for longer then we can possibly even conceive- these silent but deadly energy attacks meant to instill worry, fear, along with so many other not so wonderful things that create a world existing vibrating worry and fear - building blocks to prevent our evolutionary growth.. our conditioned upbringing of being instilled with fear, creating further structure and societal imbalance.. using fear tactics & because this has worked for so long - the reality of it so real - now appears so natural - it is most believed to be the natural state of being - some more blasphemy added to our mix- we keep seeing it again and again because it is doing its work of remaining consistent in our lives - within our societies being  manifested time and time again - in  repeated cycles >> 

Intentionally funking up entire lines of unsuspecting soul  generational lines, to be conditioned/Controlled/Brainwashed/Manipulated into believing all of this filling our heads with all this mumbo jumbo.. 
 imagined fear developing a mind and energy source of power of its own.. 

  They have created human test dummies to be sabotaged before birth to be their defect species of lower vibrational energies ...

passing it down from generation to generation ...

What if these enchanting babble thoughts were true ..
what would you be prepared to do, to dig at your roots & see what fkd up patterns and roots you got subconsciously & energetically ruling your entire being and earth planet. Your entire being. Your life. How many things do we do out of plain habit & we do it so without even thinking about it ... we just do .. and now factor in your age. Now quickly lightly breeze over all your years of roller coaster wonderland adventures filled life .. And think about how much wicked shit has slithered by undetected & infiltrated into our lives....

  truthfully, most will never even think to bother to see or check or realize ..
mass population of Third Eye Blinds..
 many I've encountered on my own, they're always liking the way eye speak, never fully really grasping it, but totally digging it's vibration & that's a great way anyone can contribute in raising this earths energy, by learning / practicing to be .. Everything one wishes to see in this world. 

For those that do wish for other types of horrid things to happen in this world, I will not even marinate those thoughts & those energies  into any kind of existence by speaking / describing / entertaining / or inviting  any of it into any of my energy fields. May those wicked forces remain forever  frozen trapped inside a massive black hole with never a way out ..


Wouldn't that be great !! 
Eye can taste it ..
So mote this be ASAP 
Glory be to our Almighty God for being bored & creating us in the first place 😝

Here is where I zip it ..
I'm soul free 
and that means free from all conditioned beliefs of life as we have come to know and understand it to be ..

and in this state of awareness ..
Eye be like ..

Well.. Well.. 
do not be afraid ..
for that too is just a word ..
but tell me ..
is afraid a learned behavior too?
is this too "being afraid" conditioned to us over time ..
instilling / solidifying it in us /
inside of our minds..
invading our shrines ..
so much so, everyone is looking for home..
everyone lets ..
do it and keep OMming even if you can not fathom why you're doing such a silly thing ..
do it anyways ..
it is possible to do these vibrations with our mouths internally / and almost silently. 

carrying with it ..
stimulating effects ..
you just wait and see ..
is all we need but it must ALWAYS be POWERED by our ACTIONS..
we must always align with our golden prize and fixated is eye, to design, a wardrobe that fits this occasion. ..
poetic creations ..
meant to push you back Awake to see ..
asking you to reflect on all that has been absorbed within you up until this point ..
are the images of wells creepy / eery / mysterious / scary to you ?
there is a well inside of you ..
inside of me too ..
inside all of us actually ..
although we can not erase the effects of our birthed into conditioning... We can however learn to  acknowledge every effect it has had & as each one is  presented to us on our journey, we identify that bad boy  / call it out by its name & shine light on its blasphemy &  powered with action fuel, purpose & intention, you align with your purpose & truth & TRANSFORM the energy of what does not belong to you & make it your own. 
Baby step adventure.

It is pleasing to ones spirit to obey your own thirst. 

When will you drink from the well of your own existence ?

Images :




Saturday, February 20, 2016

Where does time Go ?

where does time go ?
where does it go ?
where does time go when it has no home ...

time spans etching across in transitional beats all across  in this space ..
what space ? 
in this place..
what place ? 

in this hour ..
Who's hour ? 

On This very minute ..
60 seconds ..
On this very second ..

Tick toc clock ..


Our time is now ..

eye shall never own another watch again ..

what day of the week is it really ??
It says 5:06 am 
& I must of blinked again ..

Our time is NOW

Images found :





Blinks & Stares

Sometimes it's like ..
I blink or stare & go somewhere ..
my .. My ..
where does time go ?? 
One moment it's yesterday & the next it's today, right now ..

Live in your NOWS

Our time is NOW ..
right NOW!!
There is no time like NOW..
get in your NOW..
auto NOW..


Happy Saturday

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The Darker Knight Light of my Soul - A mini Love-sick Adventure

A Goddess of love just keeps on loving hard body, mind and soul  Truth be told Her love is the key  to everything  come unravel with me as L...


Sound Cloud: dan_farber and donnyblueeyes