Although many selected 1 of 3 cards for themselves, each of these 3 cards represent this cyclic path many of us our on. Each message applies to each message before it & after it. For there are 3 .. Triangles / Triads speak. If you selected 1 of the 3 cards here you highlighted for yourself a message of your placement in this time / space / place in your NOWS & your Guides wish to further light & Brighten your path in every way. May these oracles be everything your soul needs at this time. Thank you for stopping by. Here are your Oracle Reveals & their messages.


Collectively we are asked to OPEN our EYES.. Radiate our Third Eye Shine as we excitedly Step Out FORWARD into our NEW BEGINNINGS. We are asked to be patient in our flow as we allow ourselves to GLOW & Give BIRTH to every one of our dreams......


Each & every JOURNEY begins with the ALL important FIRST STEP. When NEW BEGINNINGS appear it is CONFIRMING my dear, that it is NOW TIME for you to take a BRAVE LEAP of FAITH ~ light Beings it's time to test our FAITH & FAITH it till we MAKE it !! This time we are PREPARED for this GREAT NEW ADVENTURE for our Third Eye SHINES so brightly and we should be excited for the GREAT NEW ADVENTURES that AWAIT us. This card magically appears ALWAYS when a significant CHANGE / TRANSFORMATION is happening within. This oracle is a sign that those important CHOICES that are needed and are about to be made should be carefully pondered as YOU proceed with divine Wisdom, thought, love, clarity & care. There are things in this life that sometimes we procrastinate on, for many reasons different for us all.. Life is constantly trying to nudge and move us forward. At times, it can be daunting whenever we are faced with a NEW ADVENTURE or direction; therefore it calls for our OWN INNER BELIEF & COURAGE. This ORACLE asks you to BE BRAVE & POSITIVELY TAKE that LEAP OF FAITH & STEP INTO THE UNKNOWN. During this time, do not feel alarmed if you feel lost or even confused (( this is your  conditioning / fear trying to take control ... BELIEVE / RECEIVE / ACHIEVE !!

Most people are terrified of CHANGE & play it safe by staying where they are. KNOW that through inner guidance, wisdom & a belief in yourself ~ and by tapping into these tools ~ you'll be propelled forward on a POSITIVE, LIFE CHANGING PATH that is in ABSOLUTE ALIGNEMENT with you. 
Do NOT conform to what doesn't fit for you or what society or other individuals expect of you at this time. Their actions and behavior are out of line. How dare anyone ask anyONE To conform to anything other than who they are ... It's utterly absurd and uncalled for. This is your OWN ADVENTURE. Live it TRUE to you. Dream out loud. During this time, be like an INNOCENT child with FRESH EYES & GIVE yourself permission to LIVE , PLAY , LOVE & ABOVE all, LAUGH.. Start of a NEW PHASE / TRANSFORMATIONS / TAKE THAT LEAP OF FAITH / FAITH is All We need / openness to LIFE .. Vibrate high on this renewed energy & your commitment to MOVING FORWARD. 


This card serves as your divine Reminder to let go of time. What is time ? Time is something not when real, it is man made. Anything that does not have an opposite, does not really exist. What is the opposite of time ?  Time is of the essence. This card signifies the need for patience, self control, adjustment, moderation & BALANCE especially when Dealing with others, as well yourself. It's very easy to not be nice to ourselves especially when we are enforcing time into our lives & somehow convincing ourselves we are out of time, there is no time, our time passed or whatever. We also must remember that when dealing with others, we must be thoughtful & considerate that not everyone is on the same time page / wave as we are & that's no need to get frustrated / angry / or to be acting all crazy. Where is your soul compassion that everyone else is on some learning tip too, it's the practice of our own blending of balance. Focusing on time & not having enough patience can be reflected in the areas of how you think & work ; how you handle school & recreation.... Also this can apply to the people in your life and your tolerance and patience levels with those you love & care for most or simply work with. This may also apply to you being hard on yourself for not being evolved spiritually, where you feel or think you should be ... Dealing with cycles that repeat .. How frustrating "Time" can be ...
How do we make more time when there is no such thing as time to begin with??
As a soul, you have more than one aspect of yourself to draw on for support : it's all about integration and learning to BLEND & BALANCE both the physical & the spiritual. You're an ethereal being in a physical body enjoying a human experience & don't you ever forget that ... You are infinite & limitless. All we have is Time & if we can expand our minds to be OPEN to the receptivity of our own inner clocks & rhythms we can learn to be more ACCEPTING of ourselves as well as others. Since you are both an ethereal being as well as human you should HONOR all of you. If you go through life denying yourself the JOY of combining these aspects, you're missing out on so much of what the world has to offer. Why accept a life that is half lived ? 
The PATIENCE oracle reminds you to OPEN your HEART & MIND & ALLOW yourself to LISTEN to other people's ideas, thoughts & perspectives.  
  1. Aristotle said that "It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it."

    So remember we always have the POWER within our own grasps to PERCEIVE life in a variety ways, a variety of ways that can better align ourselves with all that we desire & want. Blissful HARMONY can be Achieved when everyone learns to WORK AS ONE (especially when we work on blending all the pieces of ourselves & infusing all that we are and ACCEPTING OUR ONE)))
    When we learn to work as one, within ourselves, as well as with others, ALL BENEFIT!
    Listening, sharing & reaching out will Help RENEW your FAITH in yourself and HUMANKIND. 
    Remember we must always be the CHANGE we wish to see in this world. It starts with one baby step at a time. You'll become more AWARE of the miracles around you as well as the ones that you have a hand in creating. 

    A call for cooperation. That means with yourself as well as with others. We must compromise with love or ourselves & consciously decide for ourselves what it is we choose to be held by in our beliefs. Patience is always key. We must be compassionately understanding to our own needs as well as others. With PATIENCE a renewed sense of PURPOSE shall be created. When this occurs your energy and your belief in yourself are heightened and you will feel inspired to do something that requires a leap of faith.  With self LOVE / PATIENCE / COMPROMISE / Cooperation in timely moderation you shall step out into your NEW BEGINNINGS with new found wisdom & clarity. 

    COLOR: indigo 
    Sound : OM 
    Element: Light 
    Gland: pituitary 
    Key words: I See 
    Ajna also known as the third eye : all seeing eye .. Our 6th chakra. 
    You are asked to explore further into your third eye Chakra and any imbalances, you are asked to find your BALANCE. 
    Ways that are recommended that you can practice are walking, meditations, breath work, yoga, tai chi, visualizations & color therapy. Do not focus on this one chakra as part of your development, as it's important to remember that they should all be in BALANCE in order to work in unison and harmony. 
    What condition is your 6th Chakra in ? 

    the Third Eye, Inner eye or 6th Chakra, is where we connect to the mental plane of our existence. Our ideas, dreams, goals, values and our “self” image all begin here! What are your ideas ? Dreams ? Goals ? & values ? How about your self image ? Are these things that are of importance in your life, are they clear for you ? Are you filled with inner worry or are you following in tow and listening to your soul ? 

    It is by our thoughts that we are able to express ourselves in the world, and it is from our thoughts that we are able to make our dreams a reality! Do your thoughts / words / actions and emotions match ? 

    In developing our inner perception through meditation we begin to understand that all events in our life happen for a reason and we see everything for what it is, not as we think it is. We begin to understand that we are the Dream Weaver in this intricately designed web of reality!

    The third eye is our gateway into higher realms of consciousness. When one becomes enlightened you understand fully, without a doubt that we are truly all One and that our idea of separation from one another is nothing more than an illusion.

    When your Ajna is in balance with your other chakras, you will begin opening up to Universal Knowledge and truly understand that you are the Creator in your Reality! You will experience Higher states of consciousness, allowing you to astral travel, have out of body experiences, and receive messages from your Spirit Guides, Angels and other Enlightened Beings. You will be very intuitive, have a great memory, and will be able to learn without a problem.

    Over-active Ajna

    If you have an over active third eye you may experience stress accompanied by frequent headaches that happen in the forehead or temples. You may become delusional and create circumstances in your mind that are not really happening (a mental disease). An individual with over-activity in this chakra may also tend to be judgmental, unsympathetic or over-intellectual in their thinking.

    Under-active Ajna

    If your third eye is under active you will probably have difficulty in understanding the spiritual side of the world and the connection between your inner and outer reality. You may lack empathy for the people in your life, lack common sense, or intuition. Memory and learning can be affected if the third eye is not balanced.

    Physical symptoms of an Imbalance:

    Brain cysts, tumors, strokes, blindness, deafness, seizures, insomnia, learning disabilities, spinal dysfunction, panic, depression, addiction, migraines, headaches, dizziness, nausea, sinus problems, ear aches, hormonal imbalance and equilibrium dysfunction.

    Positive Affirmation while Focusing on the 3rd Eye: I can see and think clearly, I see that all is well in my world. I see of the solutions to situations in my life and make positive changes now! I am the creator of my reality and my dreams are coming true. I am one with the vibration of the Infinite potential of the Universe. 

    Colour of the Third Eye: The third eye chakra is associated with the colour indigo. Simply lighting this colour of candle and relaxing while focusing on this chakra can bring it into balance. Also wearing indigo coloured clothing or surrounding yourself with this colour of flower can bring harmony within the chakra.

    Organs/Glands governed by the Third Eye: Brain, neurological system, eyes, ears, pituitary gland, pineal gland.

    Nutrition for the Third Eye:Brain foods high in Omega-3 fatty acids, such as fish, nuts, and vegetables are all great choices when it comes to nourishing our third eye. Dark chocolate (which contains caffeine) not only helps with our mental clarity, it also can also help us feel more relaxed and help lower high-blood pressure! We should always intuitively eat, as our body knows what it needs. Certain berries, (blueberries and strawberries) are shown to have a positive influence over our memory and ability to learn! Berries contain powerful antioxidants that help us in our cognitive thinking and reasoning.

    Aromatherapy for the Third Eye: Angelic root, bay laurel, clary sage, cypress, elimi, frankincense, helichrysum, juniper, marjoram, patchouli, rosemary, sandalwood, vetiver

    Healing the Third Eye with Nature: The Ajna’s element is light. Sitting out in the sunshine with a blue sky can not only balance your third eye, but the throat chakra as well. You will be able to feel the sun radiate through if you focus your attention on the spot just above your eye brows!

    Sound Therapy for the Third Eye: The Seed Sound for this chakra is “Eem” and it resonates to note “A"

    Ajna info found :

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