as u kiss me softly on the lips
For my lips do not press back
As u caress me gently thru my body
For I remain still and motionless
For ur touch no longer means a thing
As u try and soothe me with ur words
I look at u and remain feeling indifferent
For the tide has changed
U r my low tide
And i have finally reached high tide
And our love don't mean a thing to me anymore
For u took my love for granted
When u kiss me all I see r the words that spill from ur mouth each day
Those dispicable and unsightly words
.... Those words echo in my brain 
When u touch and caress my body all I feel is ur hate 
The same hate that is shown in ur eyes
..... When u look at me and despise and say and do the things u do 
..... Ur actions cause irremeable damage to those feelings I have deep for u
U torn our love in two
But high tide is washing ashore
Soon I won't love u anymore....
How the tide has changed?
When u speak ur fanciful words and 
Try and console me and nurture me in a special way....
I think about all the times more often then not when those same words went a whole other way....
When they were used to hurt....
To cause such immeasurable pain...
For u r to blame....
High tide has risen. 
Seasons r changing
And the person u see now is not the same person who once adored u
.... For u have taken that all away
You are to blame
YOu stupid fool!!!!
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