Simplicity of Love

Many of us experience love and find ourselves diving so far ahead that before we know it we become lost - we are lost. Swimming somewhere far out at sea - entranced by the idea of love. Exposing ourselves to another element of living. Then sometimes we experience some of the rocky waves of love, and at times those waves may catch us off guard. But then we find ourselves fighting and struggling to hold on- because this is our life. These are the things we want - or at least we think that we want. In the beginning stages of love we become so lost and fixated on this person and what we believe we see - sometimes blinded by the person that is actually there. We hurt without intending to and we get hurt because we leave ourselves open - and at times we hold on when it's better to just let go. But this is the never ending pain and level of dissatisfaction associated with love. Love transcends all things. Love binds souls! Love feeds and nourishes our very essence. We need to love in our lives. We should embrace the beauty of a passing love and the captivation of a lasting love. But does that lasting love mean that it is always meant to be? Is that love strong enough to withstand the test of time? Is love always compatible? Love being so complicated and fragile, making and breaking us at times. And yet we still find ourselves constantly drawn and intrigued by all the possibilities being in love would or could bring out in each and every one of us. For we feel complete loving and feeling loved - or at least that is the illusion! For those that are still searching and unable to find love believing in the bewitchment of all the illusions - does having love truly complete who we are? Is the quest for love selfish and potentially destructive? When we have expectations for love are we ever really satisfied? When we set boundaries and limitations do we tarnish the beauty of what may actually flourish? I think there are times that we may sabotage our own ability in achieving happiness with love (as hard as that might be to admit). We sometimes could be our own worst enemies especially when it comes to love. Because the ideology of love for perfect balance and harmony is we either fully accept the other for who they are or we don't because change comes from within. Is there ever really a middle ground when it comes to acceptance of love? We love and we feel love passionately. We give ourselves to this experience so naturally - for love simply blows us all away!

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