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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Sisters Filipendulous


Hanging by a thread 
hanging by a thread 
this bashing in my head 
Thou shall I find 
the Quaker Oats in your ryes
His eyes lie 
Oh sister 
What have we have here?
this seems here to be a failure to communicate 
Pride with every sigh 
Of our nature 
soul mates 
Stifled with tears
Unleashing here
singing our song 
Telling you 
His eyes lie
and so does your disguise 
Awakening truth within light 
he's a soul devourer of a terror 
a headache 
Save the date 
Never will I send hate 
Love awaits 

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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Enchanting Babbles Happy Tunes!


Let's always remember this factor - no matter the experiences or circumstance. 

Focus your trance 
And vibrate high 

I didn't say doing this would be easy - I am living everyday experiencing my own rollercoaster ride - so I share this as I constantly day to day consciously practice this all too for myself ..

I say this KNOWING - that it's all absolutely POSSIBLE - To be your own energetic BoSs - during these up and Becoming times. 

I keep receiving - it's time for the observers to now speak their peace. 

Interesting how these universal messages creep - into our conscious awareness - expanding as we expand - the timing relative to our own evolution --- what is time anyway ??? 

I haven't had an enchanting babble rant of a chant  for many a day - opening the gateways to pave the way - for a brand new day .. 
hyper viberations in full display 

I learned a new word

Is this not life ??
Life is sibylline wouldn't you agree ?? 

At least so it seems 


Karmic cyclic effects of the chase the white rabbit syndromes 
evolutionizing epidemics 
making humans pathetic ? 
just simply forget it 

The fear of forgetting 


Have you forgotten yourself ??

Have you ignored yourself ???

Have you replaced yourself with something / someone you do not recognize ??


Please note all images found a google !! 

Rainbow Enlightenment


Recognize the universal importance of light. Allow for your inner awakenings to burst bright. 


Double rainbow Inspiring joy and childlike enthusiasm. 

So grateful to have seen this beauty yesterday. 

#Rainbow #Bright #Reign #Storms #Believe #Receive #Achieve 

Monday, June 12, 2017

Are you the next Guru?


You are your own Guru

Yes! yoU! Are!

Marvelous creatures we all innately are 

Found within each and every one of us is a well preserved sanctuary that is bursting to be set


Creators are We!

Tune into your own wonderland of discoveries and adventures 

Allow for your stillness to Awaken 


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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Hustle & Glow


Discover your flow 
Be purposeful 
Into your Hustle and Glow 
Be all you CAN be 
Multiply that shit times 3 
Strength wired into 
Faith & Determination 
Plant your 
Live and Breathe
Hustle right 
Our time is Now 
Dedication to every self made for me 
Purposeful living 

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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Do you want to attend the Governors Ball?

If you're interested in attending the governors ball - please see details below and contact person below for your opportunity to attend this years 2017 Governors Ball 

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