Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Cats Drink the Coffee

Rise & Shine  positively Bright & put your best tail forward. if coffee is something you need Then drink up Indeed - but let’s remember to live mindfully cause your thoughts become things. #HapPineSsISAnINSIDERSjob #KikAStretCH #Positive #Vibes #Cosmic #tribes #catsofinstagram #HumorMEme #EnchantressTheBabbler — to schedule time with me kindly click link in bio & let Us together Align you further right on your path - #MindBodyHeartSOULconnections 

Monday, August 20, 2018

I am Wonderland

When the only way is #up that’s what’s up ... #Mirror #Reflections #Introspections #Soulpreneur #Dreamer #Awake #SoulCurly #Inspirations #Motivations #Elevations #EnchantressTheBabbler to schedule some 1 on 1 time click link in bio it’s by #APPOINTMENT #Only #IamWonderland #WritersWORTHshOP  

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Detachment !


Flee FleaS Poetry Speaks

Say it to my face 
fudgin coward 
No wonder I’m
So outta place 
People all plastic with themselves 
living falsehoods 
walking on eggshells bending over backwards to keep peace and be something they’re not
Dare to criticize my being 
insult my appearance 
think themselves better cause they paint a prettier picture with their fabrications 
of some
Mundane sense of hive like
all the same they are
I’ll take being me any day of the week 
even if that means having less
Your insides appear stressed 
no peace 
Heart less
One says live better not bitter 
most eat the shit of their bitter and spit it out 
only to consume the same batter of shit they detest 
I put this argument to rest 
ranking myself my own best 
I don’t want to be like anyone else 
nor am I like anyone you will ever be 
Truth be told 
This energy is Mother fudgin gold 
You’re Dusty 
and crusty 
and musty 
too needy 
Uber greedy 
I won’t judge you 
I don’t even care 
but ya out there speaking my name thru your lips 
lick my clitoris and taste every flavor of what you can nor will ever be 
hop off this spree 
annoying fleas 

#FreeStylist #GangsTar 

Ebony The SweetHeart

Once upon a #time she almost #died and LOVINGLY she was nurtured and cared for - #EBONY was brought back to life & that is just the way it is at times.  Sometimes we #slowly die and if we do nothing about it, #death will be perceived as the #end —- but it was only the beginning to her own AMAZINGG journey of life and living her #best life now. Ebony #boldly showcases her #heart and her #truth as #sassy cats shall do 👑 #RescueCATs #Tuxedo #Love #EbonyTheSweetHeart #HeartsOfSASs #BlackWhite #CatsOfInstagram #EnchantresstheBabbler —————— to connect intimately with me on your journey kindly do click link on bio to learn more 🙏🏼❤️🙏🏼

Proceed Accordingly

Only thing to focus on are your own goals 
Your own dreams 
your own plans
Your own success

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Sophia Claire Photography

I haven’t posted a wedding dress in quite some time —- and this one right here is simply divine. Found this on Instagram. How beautiful she is loving the man of her dreams in this ceremony. 


Sometimes your #choices won’t make sense to other people especially when they’re use to certain #patterns of behaviors from you. But nothing NEW is ever earned or received by doing the same thing over and over. HONOR the parts of #yourself that #scream #CHANGE & live #authentically #TRUE & #Righteous for #you - even if it disrupts the foundations previously once set. KNOW that you CAN & if you truly desire something - YOU WILL!  Namaste #EnchantressTheBabbler #MindfulnessLiving #MindBodyHeartSoulAligns #Alchemy #Divine #SoulCurlyVibrations

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