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Allow Your Inner Event

When do you CHOOSE to apply what you LEARN? When you do .. there is a world of abundance awaiting you 

Feeling Safe

Not everyone you meet will secure This Rare of its kind bond and connection  Treasure those whom You connect with on a Mind, body, heart and soul Level.  These Beautiful Souls are here because You are worthy and deserving to experience genuine intimacy and care you can trust with your eyes closed 

Clear Conscious

Stand UP for YOU

Stand up for you  You don’t need to explain yourself to anyone  You don’t need permission to change your mind  You don’t need a green light from nobody to do wtf you want !!! People will take from you for as long as you allow  Sometimes all it takes is for you to finally make thee #CHOICE needing to be made and do what only YOU can do to get things in proper alignment 

Defend Your Love

Stop looking at outside energies as more Powerful than YOUR OWN !!  Whether it be family member , spouse , friend , conditioning, habit .. whatever it be ... Stop putting that THING / PERSON / THOUGHT / IDEA as more POWERFUL or deserving than you because that is utter bullshit. If you can’t live #FREE being whom you are as you are loving what you love and whom you love ... whom and what are you living for ? 

Divine T3A Alch3my

To All

Be wise in your discernment  it’s not personal  it’s preference