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🧿 Ebony Moon 🧿

Ebony says that statements made only bother those triggered by some lie upset that it’s being called out 🧿 It is rather freeing to know that anyone can assume what they want about anything & aligned witches with their cats could give two flying dunks about any  ASSumptions made by irrelevant energies that must vibrate higher to even be in their presence. 🧿

Healthy Celibacy

It’s a self honoring ritual that is very much spiritual and allows you to cleanse your spirit whole. Imagining spreading yourself so thin and never allowing yourself Thee break required in between. That’s why you have so many unhealthy relationships out there & disloyal spouses. Where is Thee love ?  As within exudes on out.  When Thee time comes for you to express and share your love with another - Thee wait will have been worth it.  I choose Quality over quantity every time !!!

May Forecast 2021


Healing Thee Akashic Memory Field

Soul LoveR Dreams

Sagittarius Humor