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Super Moon Quantum Elixirs


Shadow Root Worker

Stop Chasing

Toxic Love

Careful with that toxic love mistaking it for genuine ...  #TraumaBonding #Narcissistic #Abuse 

Repeat Affirmation


This is funny  To everyone whom avoids doing thee inner work  #DANGER 

Super Full Moon Wishes : Orgasmic Love

May thee intimacy in your love life bring you to orgasm 🔆

WEEK # 8 : Enchantress Thee Babbler On YoUTuBE

400 Years Ago

Burning all toxicities and never looking back ...

Freshly Cut bay Leaves

From my herbal garden 🥰🥰🥰🥰

Loving You Is A Losing Game ...

Woke up with that song in my mind  “loving you is a Losing game”  Not all love is reciprocated in Thee language you desire and crave.  This FULL moon coming is a big one  It’s also an eclipse  Total eclipse of Thee heart 🧿 Let love carry you home  & release all that doesn’t serve your ultimate happiness 

What Fortune ? 🧿

Fortune is always subjective to perceptions... What is fortune anyway ?  Is it material ?  Does it even have a shape or a form ?   I guess fortune all depends on ones perceptions on what is truly of value  to them that makes #WEALTHY? 



One day  That person will wake up & realize  They no longer have Access to you  & should have  Never ignored thee time They had you in their life  Until then  #HEAL 🧿

Become One With Thee Universe


Stop trying to make people  Feel bad for not  Wanting to be in a  Relationship  Or romance with you  They do not have to if they do not want to  & no amount of  BRUJERIA / WITCHCRAFT NOR EMOTIONAL MANIPULATION will CHANGE thee FACTS from Your Distorted Fictions  Let people be whom they are  & choose how you will healthily proceed 🧿

Future Looks Bright

Tell me what’s so impressive about stupidity ? 

Real LoVe

When you find that lover that is your friend  #Priceless 

Apothecary Oracles

I may not look  like them other girls  I may not be thee image  of fantasy you once believed you  desired to dream  & that’s fine too  Because I’m not into superficiality anyways  I am better than that  I am worthy of love  I deserve love  I shall have it  #Affirm this #Activation if you #Struggle with #Feelings of #Rejection 🧿

Not an Attack

10 Swords of Healing 🧿

Anyone whom puts you on thee back burner For a reflection of you  Believing they “had” you  So you can wait .. That person doesn’t deserve you  Let them lose you  For they didn’t earn  You  🧿 These thoughts after listening to #EmpressBella on #Youtube    Stab his dumb ass 🧿 Fools gold  was distorted illusion  One sided love Because they Thought they had you  & so they play you  And plague themselves  You weren’t good enough then  And now you shine  & here they come back  Every single time 
You can’t keep  Denying someone genuine love  & expect them to  Stick around  A person giving love will receive it  because those are gods angels 🧿

Energy Reader

I know when an energy doesn’t like me  even when they never say  it’s not an issue if you ask me  because I can detach from your  dislike  Cause I know  Your why  & that got nothing to do with me  🧿 Do you see That I see ?  Mirrors run deep  🧿 I can accept you as you are  & not be bothered by your #Fake #Energy  Towards me  Because I am divinely led  I am divinely guided  I am divinely protected  & that’s my lane of a role I elevate on  🧿 #innerstand  #Understand  #Overstand  Ever since I was a little girl I dealt with a lot of dislike from others and so I had to learn to transmute that as a child & in that transmutation process I learned a lot of things & in that learning I also #healed 



Let Them Go

Value can go a long way  A person can value you and not want you  A person can value you and choose to not want to be with you  A person can value you and not feel the same way about you as you do them  & that doesn’t make you any less valuable  It only makes you human to love another whom Does not view you in thee Same way  There is a lesson for you in that too  to let go where you feel rejected  & understand that sometimes  rejection is Gods way of protecting you  from another whom is not able to value you with their actions not giving you what you deserve and that’s where you must learn to take your value  & detach from personalization & call in thee partner or person whom is a vibrational match for you  #reciprocity 

Loyal Royal

Be loyal to yourself  let peoples actions show You their choices  Let that speak for itself  Innerstand you are only accountable and responsible for understanding yourself and what you want, require and need  Now move thee phuck on ... 🧿

Be A Loyal Royal 🧿

Thee Divine Seer Sees 🧿

People can copy you  but they lack thee energy of you  to make any form of success with copying what you do attempting to manufacture something never designed for their lane.  Thee divine has a way of teaching us all what we are requested and required to evolve and learn  I am divinely  I am divinely guided I am divinely protected 🧿



Wrote this riding a train  Let it reign  🧿

Balmain Divine

I would look sooo curly delicious in this one piece dress ...  Saw this on here & had to share 😝😝😝👽

Balmain Divine

I would look sooo curly delicious in this one piece dress ...  Saw this on here & had to share 😝😝😝👽
I’ve been consistent with every Sunday Grand Rising ... I was late 2-3 weeks in a row - but so what .. thee manna is gifted within thee showing up process even when it can be most challenging .. even when it is most comfortable to just not try or do a damn thing to shift and change my own world. I’d much rather give it all I got in my own divine alchemy and evolve in this authentic soul edifying way. All song spirit to lead thee way. 

Pay Attention To Thee Signs

Dear Single Sis

Empress Bella Reminders

Random Soul Writings

I’ve been soul Alchemy busy  Elsewhere  I have made very little effort to come in here  & blog my love works into further readable existence  Things have been fabulously great  even through challenges  Life is a challenge  But also our quest  Did you know there are energies watching ?  They clocked in long ago .. We always have known we were under  Inner surveillance  There are nails everywhere  Did you know it comes back to you (thee nail) if you ever have or had nailed a nail into anything out of sheer rage and  in anger  No bueno  Spirit says  Or whenever you do anything out of haste that makes for your waste because of toxic thoughts that cloud your better judgment (especially when holding that nail)  When do earthlings ever learn to anger themselves is to anger thee gods 🥸

Archaic Records

Here is where I learned how to type 1000 words per minute. Never knock thee versions that it took for you to get there !!! It’s always a process and progressive learning journey.   Here is to some good cheer heading your ancient fine ass way 🧿

Their Behavior Is Your Answer

Never beg someone to see Your worth  If someone doesn’t see it  nor want it  Don’t ever beg  let them to be free to choose for themselves  & move forward  Confidently  Knowing sometimes, their behavior or lack there of behavior is your answer. 

UP 2 You

UP 2 You


You preyed on my Downfall & You watch from thee distance in  disbelief  believing your money would buy you  a successful victory  one that could defeat  but you’re just a creep  lacking any morals  & hiding behind your mask  that you’re too cowardly to reveal  your presence energetically is corny  & I wish your antics weren’t really real  But here is thee deal  You can watch  But no longer are you allowed To prey  for spirit says  You are  powerless when it comes to me and my life path in every single way  Now May peace live in you  Now shoo whoop di do  🧿

🧿 Ebony Moon 🧿

Ebony says that statements made only bother those triggered by some lie upset that it’s being called out 🧿 It is rather freeing to know that anyone can assume what they want about anything & aligned witches with their cats could give two flying dunks about any  ASSumptions made by irrelevant energies that must vibrate higher to even be in their presence. 🧿

Healthy Celibacy

It’s a self honoring ritual that is very much spiritual and allows you to cleanse your spirit whole. Imagining spreading yourself so thin and never allowing yourself Thee break required in between. That’s why you have so many unhealthy relationships out there & disloyal spouses. Where is Thee love ?  As within exudes on out.  When Thee time comes for you to express and share your love with another - Thee wait will have been worth it.  I choose Quality over quantity every time !!!

May Forecast 2021


Healing Thee Akashic Memory Field

Soul LoveR Dreams