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You’re Manifesting

I Am  MANifesting 

A Good Man


Some People will live to be so  Prideful  Until one day  They wake up  Completely out of time  To make things right  & then by then  It will be too  Late  ☮️


Divine Align

News is on its way ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Divine Love


Emotional Availability 🧿

Happy Full Moon

May thee Full Moon bring divine love into Union 🧿🧿🧿🧿🧿🧿🧿

HOPE , Coffee & Poetry ☺️


You’ll save yourself a ton of heartbreak if you learn to just see people as they are & not thee greatest potential or imagining you desire to see ... #Discernment is key to your own emotional stability. Let us communicate healthily, wealthiest & stealthier for we are thee creators of every bridge built to last. Without casting stones, let us evolve with #Acceptance and move in #Love  Stop looking for a particular kind of person inside of a person that isn’t there! Stop being upset for people not being whom you want them to be - they are not obligated to be anything other than themselves!  #UtopianMystic 


It’s a sad  Conditioning  To be blinded  By thee “need” Turned into  “Greed” To encounter life  Being used  by thee users  Using All they got To please a hidden  Insatiable lust  Attached to them  for Survival Purposes of Needing thee energy that breeds off Of You when you act out  Of Thee energy of using  .. so one whom Allows themselves to be used  And doesn’t  Acknowledge it  Will Only In return  turn around  & use  Others energies To Refill thee energy taken from them  From Another whom used them  Thee cycle of abuse continues  Unless you  Learn to fuel  Self love and care  Honestly for yourself  Without having to feel like you must seek some elixir outside of yourself to feel better When that is thee ultimate  Distorted lie  That self sabotages you every single time 

Positive Movement Forward

Stop looking for a particular kind of person inside of a person that isn’t there! 


Pull Back Be Strong

It is necessary to take back your power from those whom misused it !! 🧿


I don’t want your stress  I don’t want your envy  I don’t want your negative vibes  I don’t want your doubt  & I definitely don’t want your deceit 

Cut Off With Love


You were so worried about  losing  Your “life”  And having choices  that you risked  losing thee chance  you had with  “Life” & that’s thee part that will hurt you thee most when you finally wake up to see  Thee self sabotage you created For YOURSELF by thee choices you made  In your own denial  & by then it would be too  Late  🧿

Trust 🧿


Whom Is Thee Dog Most Loyal to type of Oracle ?

When you do NOT hold  TRUE  To what is sacred, You will lose all that is  HOLY  🧿 Latest YouTube video is up now : Whom is thee dog MOST loyal to type of Oracles ?


Energy Does Not Lie

Empress Bella Style

Found this on YouTube from thee divine Empress Bella channel 🙏❤️🙏🧿🌻☯️

Truth Will Piss You Off But You Will Heal

I’ll take thee truth over a lie any day of thee Week 🧿

NEO said

Everytime you  THINK  you are  DONE  With a cycle  A way of life  Behavior  Lifestyle  Relationship  Thee universe tests your will out  To see how true  Are you  in moving toward your  Truest  Desires  It’s like you asked God for this and he delivers but thee Devil always arrives with thee opposite temptation to tempt you away  From your  Truest desires and manifestations  Which conscious present day choices do you choose to make in order to successfully close out what does NOT serve you ? 

Natural Witch

Universal Law on Returns

Whatever you are creating now  ENERGETICALLY  Through your actions  Behaviors  Choices  Decisions  ALL will SHOW You their  RETURN tenfold That means whatever you got cooking will be served to you to EAT !   ITS #Universal #Law 


When you refuse to let go  & hold onto things, People, Places, Lifestyles Believing it is thee key to your own happiness and satisfaction - if that were thee case you would already be feeling those things. Egos have a way of distorting truths to make people believe their own distorted illusions and lies.  Holding onto something that never made you happy to begin with thinking it will provide some level of comfort futuristically is a sea of denial you choose to swim in. 

Face Yourself

Find yourself 🧿

Les Miserables

 While your busy throwing your money at him  he’s busy loving only himself ... while he uses you  & you both waste away  Feeling still  Empty inside  Misery always loving company and willing to pay for it too  🧿

Led By Soul

Thee devil will kill all your future joy with a truth that you won’t be able to take back when it’s too late so take care of what you #VALUE because once it’s gone you won’t be able to fix that 

I RESPECT myself!

Snip snip snip 


Not everyone can join 

Two Souls 🧿

Eye see You 🧿

SEE people as they are NOW ! 


How many distorted lenses till you realize it’s all a game played by thieves whom succubus your energy fields by gaslighting you with things in order to keep you from seeing thee truth behind every devils curse.  #GingerSnAps of #IncurableDiseases  Some people make your coffin too for you and serve it to you inside of a Tesla while they rob you of every happiness potential you will never get to see due to their own lonely and misery that both feel validated through false narratives that look pretty on thee outside but are poisonous for thee soul. 

Understand This !

I can not be replaced ! Nor replicated ! 


If there was anyone that held you back with black magic in thee dark it is going to backfire and thee truth shall be made revealed. No one can keep you in bondage if you don’t allow them to keep you in bondage. Recognize there is a spiritual warfare going on and some people pay others to keep you stuck !!! Some try their own magic too but guess what ... #Return to #Sender  In regards to ownership of things .. money doesn’t make you an owner of anything nor will you have any of that when you die !!!  What is selling Thee soul but an illusion ? If thee Devil offers you something it is a lie all they want is your soul!! 🧿🧿🧿🧿 gifts can be distorted illusions that are traps  Empress Bella On YoUTuBE I got thee writing meme from 🌻



Big Heart

Wild Goddess Untamed

All of thee Above

Carrot Juice Deliciousness

We Are Not Thee Same!

Words Of Wisdom

What does that person have to lose when clearly they got nothing to lose it’s why they want to keep you with them !!

Fire Signs Soul Guidance

Moving towards true bliss