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Love yourself so much that you’re not even phased by thee lower vibrational energies stirring their own shit in their own pot. 

Divine Partnership

That’s thee kind of “babe” you run with 🧿


Sometimes you’re haunted by thee yesterday you wish never happened or ever was  & wonder if history again repeats itself in deepest deceit because one has learned to let go  Is it a haunting or is it still reality ?  #Karmic #Wheels #of #Justice #Spin 

Obstacles of Delusion

Never allow for things To become  Too blurry that you can  not determine  Fact  from Fiction  like thee liars  whom paint Sunday nights out to be a day of  Laundry and rest  meanwhile  they entertain like Thee rest 

Level Up or Vibrate Out




Narcissist Breadcrumbs

Never settle for less than you deserve ... 


Adult Humor


I want to taste you  inside of me  🧬

What Do You Want ?

Do you want it with me ? 

I Feel For You 🔥



May love come down on you hard 

Blessing in DiSguise

That’s one way to look at it .. Or you can just agree to be incompatible  & move tf on 🎁 This is a blessing in disguise 

Whom is Your World ?

There is a divine lover whom will look at you as if though you were his entire world & he will devour you whole. You are deserving of such divine erotic intimacy. Welcome thee opportunity for such a love into your world knowing that you are open to receive and shall receive thee romance & love of your now lifetime. 🧿🙏❤️

B a l a n c e

Give to yourself first 

Manifesting Kundalini Erotica


Rise in your glorious alignment 

Happy Full Moon


Know you are deserving of a lover soul devoted to you 


It is a full moon  call out thee lover of your soul to meet you  in thee same energetic space  & ignite your flames  Believe  Receive  Achieve 

Cautious Feels

Do not invalidate yourself because others are not on your level 

Lovers Ignite

Just imagine all thee attention I would bestow unto thee if ye were mine 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Reactive Abuse

Heal  Your feels with awareness 

Attractive People

A woman approaches a man  Because he is so very handsome  & charming  & she smiles at him believing she  can get to know him better He smiles back politely  & notes how attractive thee woman is.. There is never anything wrong with acknowledging eye candy  But what feeds thee soul ?  She approaches him and begins to make small talk & shocked 😮 out of nowhere  Before she can continue any further  I heard him say, You’re a beautiful woman and I do not want to waste your time but I am absolutely in love with a goddess so fine I wouldn’t ever want to jeopardize my in love with her position at all. So I just want to let you know and I’m just going to let you go now.  I never heard a man cut someone off like that for thee woman he loves  & thee other woman .. Well there was no other woman .. She never got to enter thee space between thee man and thee woman he truly loves whom was nowhere around at that time  It was nice to witness  #Respect  🧿  Sometimes thee person show


May We ALL

It is definitely not easy to rise to thee challenge of doing what is right simply because it is right and deep down you want to anyway ... But it does not serve our world to keep energizing thee same toxic that keeps us unhappy and unbalanced feeling completely alone. 


It truly is not thee easiest thing to do especially when you do not want it to be a certain way but how much does it cost you to stick around in places and with people whom trigger you to lose your own sense of peace. 

PSA : In order to Move Forward You Must ..

We are conditioned to react and respond and think a certain way - it is all part of your conditioned programming. The way you start to recognize thee programming is by learning what is making you unhappy at this moment in time & what about this moment in time are you able to learn to better help You to move Forward ?  When you see a pattern and catch yourself in thee act of this pattern ... Your only job at this moment is to confront thee pattern by identifying it and if you can instantly see or be made to know it’s Cause / root / Formation ... Immediately send it back to its originator / sender / influencing agent and stop Being part of thee patterns creation allowing it to exist in your world.  It’s Called a sacrifice because it is not easy to do.  But do you really want it ?  Whom shows up Now In your life as your representative ? Is it thee conditioned / Programmed you or is it thee one reading this seeking to  align with innerstanding so you can understand and move alchemized


Ebony Moon Wisdom

What does Your  Heart  Say ?  Feel ?  Reveal ? 

Thank You

Thank you for helping me grow 

Check Mate

12 Steps For Self Care

I can See

Some lack inner light to change 


Rainbow Warrior of Light Poetry

Of course  A player  Can ignore you  & move along  Because they have so many  Options of  Toys to  Play with  So while you’re being  Sad  Or mad  Or hurt  They are out there playing with another toy  Not too worried about your  Feelings  & when you come back around  he will be back in town  To clown you out  Let you down  Buy you out  And then forget you once again  When he entertains his other  Friends  Stop letting him in  He is not worthy of your loving  You can love  From a distance  And set him free  This message is deep  And for a many somebodies out here  closing out toxic cycles  of that player type wave 

Adjust Your Crown

Adjust your crown  Hug and love yourself proud  & keep it moving  Forward 

Believe In Love

There’s more to it ... His actions will prove loyal  & thee way he loves you will show in his eyes  & you will feel it inside 

Grand rising Thoughts

Whom do you wake  Up  & think of first  ..... How do you treat that person ? 

Learn to Discern

Sometimes  God gives you  a choice  and neither choice is  Right or wrong  but every choice  reveals  what you are aligned with energetically to receive  & that doesn’t mean  one is good or bad  It only means  If you are not happy with your choices  then reflection  Introspection  Is truly needed in order to learn  thee person  that is you  Because sometimes thee choices we Make  End up feeling like big mistakes  & thee ripple effect  Can really change thee course of direction  Your life will take  All by thee  Choices one chooses to make  & that can change  Everything 


Whenever thee growing gets rough  Just remember you are tough  & this too shall pass 

C.S. Lewis

Automatic Channeling

What you choose to attach yourself to  also attaches itself to you  When you share your energy with other people you exchange energies  & if you are not conscious you absorb all their energies  & chances are allow their attachments to stay in your energetic field.  Energy is real  When you have sex with someone  You enter one anothers sacred space and everything you and everything them is intertwined and combined and you carry one another for such a long time  Unless you purge  But you have to purge  And cleanse  And know to do these things  So there are so many broken people inside  And here you two combine  & you allow your juices and flow to combine  & guess what ??? Two become one  & if you do combine your energies with another  & that other person is into energy manipulation by practicing their beliefs on you  And let’s say you are unaware of their manipulations in this kind of way  BELIEVE, That the one more aware than you  Whom does this fuck shit bullshi

Twin Flames (a paradox)

I wrote a divinely channeled book called “The Darker Knight Light of my Soul - Volume 1 : Love Bites” a twin flame inspired poetry Oracle book available for purchase on Amazon  Click this one master link for book purchase and so much more

Are You a TwinFlame?

What are we learning here ?

Unconditional Love ❤️