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 #WEEKEND2020 #SALE  I have studied astrology for over 25 years and my articulations of all interpretations are rather deep & super insightful. I have always been asked to do astrology reports for others but because of how time consuming it all is I use to not advertise it too much. Then spirit spoke, I read astrology intuitively along  with scientifically. This is a #passion of mine. Most people always come to me for astrology & so now I offer a unique approach to astrology reports - I create your Astrology story. I am not traditional in my approach nor am I generic. I am a deep deep soul whom channels spirit accordingly. Every report is unique and intuitively designed. I break down concepts in astrology and I make it simpler for you to innerstand, understand, overstand. These reports take time & silence - therefore all orders are answered in thee order in which they are received & you will receive your report anywhere between 3-6-9 days upon receipt unless otherwise n

Cross Roads

What you won’t do  Someone else gladly will  What you won’t try  Will always remain a mystery in your mind  & if you can live with that kind of  Wonder  For all of your days  Than that’s a choice you are free to make  Cause thee world doesn’t revolve around you  It keeps moving   

Alex and Ani

  I love this ... 🥰 Click picture to be transported to this shop  Hamsa Charm 



A lot of Love

  Definitely more than thee above stated is needed  but it’s a good start  Finds you someone you can all kinds of love and fun with 

You Got This



For whomever needed to hear that  When someone says Sorry it is expressed through changed behavior it is not designed to stay in thee “sorry” energy   

Sunday’s Q&A with @Enchantress

  These were so much fun - looking forward to sharing it with you 

Identifying True Twin Flames


Cosmic Sexuality

Awareness is thee first step to any cleanse  or purge you deserve to cleanse yourself from   

What is Love?

Let it burn 🔥   


Your partner should bring you peace  not war   


  What is love but an open fire ! 

5 Ways To not Be used

Pay attention to thee red flags   


Feelings unexplained   

TwinFlame Vs SoulMate

We have many soulmates in our lives  but what about this TwinFlame energy ?  Is it just toxic fluff ? Or is it truly the going gets tough when love Ignites rough an energy that no human is truly prepared for when encountered ?  

Magically Delicious Coquito

Some of these will rise in a plane heading to every which way alchemizing mind, body, heart & soul magically delicious alchemy.  #Empowerment #2021 #Magically #Delicious crystallized #Coquito #Power #House #Affirmation #Activation #Crystal #United #Nations #Elevations  Tamper evident seals for your #Divine #Protection  There was a mighty highly spiritual ritual while making these - feel thee dance energies of evolution with every sip - love thee Curly Alchemist  These are highly potent and crystallized batches of #Empowerment Coquito Power house affirmation : With every sip I feel empowered knowing I am unstoppable with every one of my goals. Mind , body, heart and soul alchemy I sip soul deep. So mote it be  Painting by thee beautifully talented & awesome get your holiday artistries in .. she’s magically delicious too .. Sorry guys .. but this seasons batches have been filled to thee max .. #waitlist #Signup #available for next possible batch haven’t yet decid

@Enchantress on Instagram

Believe in your abilities to shine brighter than thee last time you shined your light so bright. There is no limit to your allowance in shine. Sparkle bright because you choose to and because it feels good.  Self Love Is Key POWER AFFIRMATION: In all my awareness I allow myself to shine brightly in every way mind, body, heart & soul. Led by thee divine I reign supreme shining my light & being that conduit of healing living LOVING energy that is soul aligned that I have Enough to share with all (with healthy boundaries set in that’s all)  #Master #Curly #Alchemist your Cosmic Mystic Muse of Motivational Inspiration.  I am an Intuitive LifeStyle Evolutionary Coach & I am here to remind you of your own POWER!  This is InnerAttainment for your Entertainment  I have this book club you should join that will be starting soon. Link is in thee bio for this #Free sign up. I will be announcing my “NOT COFFEE” humor mug giveaway for those whom sign up on my birthday DEC 4th - enter to

Thee Honest Person

Honesty begins with thee self  & self sabotage can be funky if you’re not honest with yourself  So be honest first with yourself  so you can be most  Authentic with others   

Breaking News

  Wisdom from thee beautiful @shesHarlow from Instagram 

Best Friend

  Make sure thee person you invest your time in is someone whom you can trust with everything because a friendship is super important to thee foundation of love you’re building.  Trust is essential 


    BEAUTIFUL PLEIADES NECKLACE  🥰 Click photo to be transported to its findings on Etsy 


In love with this necklace I sure am  & this symbol  One of thee ancient Egyptian texts was thee belief this was thee eye of RA  “The Eye of Ra  or  Eye  of Re is a being in ancient Egyptian mythology that functions as a feminine counterpart to the sun god  Ra  and a violent force that subdues his enemies.” Excerpt found on Google  Knowledge is powerful  There is symbology in everything  Click photo to be transported to where you too can find this beautiful necklace   


Lots of changes taking place  in every realm of perceived existence  especially in thee realms of thee heart   

Self Reflections

We all have that moment in time where enough becomes truly enough and thee self sabotage and abuse comes to an end and you learn you can’t force anyone to be for you what they are not   

Love Match

  Find you that special someone whom adores your company & never wants you to go