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  This Dream Prophetess is my go to for DREAM INTERPRETATIONS in regards to receiving thee divine CLARITY that I seek as needed.   I am super excited to RECEIVE my very own alchemized in every way my own CLARITY Spray.   Her gifts are DIVINE & I am honored to RECEIVE thee gifts she contributes to our collective Whole. HAPPY that she already sold out from her launch & that I was able to get mine before it was sold out.   Get your PRE-ORDERS in NOW so that you do NOT miss out on aligning with your own CLARITY during these challenging times.   Clarity Bottles are  $9.99  each RE STOCKING SOON! Description Dispel the darkness and bring Clarity of   Thought, Strength and Energy. The essential oils are Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit, & Homemade Rosewater  USDA ORGANIC & NON GMO Verified Crystals included: Moonstone & Citrine. Lavender & Jasmine   10 ml glass bottle  Please shake well before using.External use only. All Created by thee Divine Dream Prophetess

Kingdom Come

If anything you read is a trigger for you  then the trigger needed to be pressed  #evolve   


Be mind Body  Heart & Soul  Whole Ready   

Your Brilliance

You were never meant to be thee same  it is why so many have attempted to  Tame you from the  Brilliant Unique Being you are by making you feel you want to be like them but it’s your energy they’re cyphering for their own mundane sense of being.   

Tremendous Favors

That’s thee thing You do not need them It’s an illusion  iLL  You  Under a spell of confusion Rise & Align   


While one chapter draws near to its end  A phase just like a cycle my friends  I am excited for this New Emerging part of my journey- it’s funny that this seems to apparently come out of left field when I was finally just starting to feel comfortable in my uncomfortable  Either way, there is a NEW YOUTUBE CHANNEL  PLEASE DO SHOW YOUR LOVE  & subscribe for free to my  ENCHANTRESS THEE BABBLER ON YOU  TUBE    

Rise With Jupiter 11:11

 I absolutely love and adore this Beautiful Goddess whom has been such an influential Mentor to me on my pathway that is my current perceived journey. She offers tons of free content that is super delicious in helpfulness and insight. She’s now beginning this new interactive way of innertainment & I think you all should  definitely tune in and receive what is in  alignment for you & soul much more.   Click on picture above to be guided over to  Rise With Jupiter  11:11 or click link below  

History Of Women Healers

Before you judge anything that I do  Understand that I am led by thee most highest of highs  as Innerconnect through thee divine  That flows through my shrine  Out of darkness emerges Light  Gifting sight   

Twin Flame

Engulfed by thee fire  everything around them is to burn  Down thee foundations  that denies their commUNION  & does not serve the greatest good Of thee whole  that is  US  as one   

Hidden Bruja

 I Did not watch this video & yet spirit said for Me To share it  Maybe one of you needs to hear it  There is a spiritual War Going on  No matter your belief systems Many beings of light are energetically under Attack and thee attacks Show themselves Dependent on the persons Chosen arsenal  Of attack Some Do magic Evil Human shit  Manipulation  Blackmail  Threaten  & So Much more

Magically Empowered

  I am empowered and magical  Thee divine flows Through my shrine  The pure can see Through  Bullshit  Fuckeries  & flat out lies Even when they are well rehearsed  & disguised By thee wicked & packaged nice  Spirit always warns  When something is off & not right  PROTECT YOUR ENERGY FIELDS  Spiritual warfare is very Much real - know thee deal  #HolyField 


 I created this tab back in 2017ish that I completely forgot about and Spirit brings it to my attention now to share on here - although it is on here - it may not have been easily found... so here is a copy and paste to this section I created on this blog called C.O.W Collective Oracle Wonderland There are messages here for those whom seek and desire to be open to receive May these Collective Oracles Serve you wonderfully well COLLECTIVE ORACLE WONDERLAND - C.O.W 3/7/2018 ____________ ________________________ I am going to  begin to start POSting once again in the ORACLE WONDERLAND tab available here inside of ENCHANTING BABBLE I Feel strongly intuitively guided to flow into this realm I feel drawn to further explore - nurturing this into something more Requires my Watering Inside of this COLLECTIVE  ORACLE WONDERLAND  will be random  tarot oracle style messages created for  ANONYMOUS However the story and whatever the read these are divine art I cles to Further IN LIGHT in Us All on t