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Geode Accent Delights

Einstein Love


Let There Be One!

Everything else becomes Secondary  & many other things simply become null & void  They have so many labels of couples in our society but do any of them truly love & honor their other counterpart of a soul ? Believe they do exist !  Maybe you’re one of the lucky ones  whom gets To encounter a love surreal  Of course others that do not have this love  would Not want you to have it either  attempts to keep you from your truest desires  just be mindful ok  & listen to your  Heart  Silence the mind for thoughts are energies that come from many energetic fields and find ways to attach themselves to you and make you believe that what you think is true / truth  the words you speak may not even be your own  silence the enemy / energy with your tongue  when you do not react to their seeds  they find it most difficult to breathe  & manipulate your breeds  Know what I mean jellybeans  Practice is key  To your release

New Video Coming Soon

I don’t know how to not look so intense  I am an intense beautiful Soul  Unlocking reign bold  Truth be told  This video coming soon Is important  For you  In clearing what no longer serves you  I also received my new deck from The Professional High Priestess on YoUTuBE : Master Spiritual Warfare Oracle & I used these beautiful cards in this video 

USA SPELL No spell or evil deed formed against me shall prosper for transmutation will be immediate & attached to its own sender until sender learns what sender needs to learn to healthily evolve.  Immediate are these resulting actions from any unwelcome sender meeting with evolution better.  Now is thee only way  To forgive you from your own pain  May you heal in every way 

Thee Narcissistic Abuse Cycle

Which cycle of narcissistic abuse do you allow to continue to cycle about in your life ?  Learn to recognize these patterns along with many silent but deadly others  If you’re not wanting this for yourself - then by all means empower yourself with a wealth of knowledge is power & make better choices for yourself moving forward 

Do YOu ?

Unconditional love is accepting & freeing 

Keys To Happy

Let love be complimentary to one another  & flowing for ultimate Glow and growth  Maybe a key needs To be returned  To its sender  That thought they can gift You one better Big spenders  Change of Weather  Spirit says, Have faith all will work itself out in the end that is only a new beginning. 

Not Thee One

They say imitation is the biggest Form of flattery  but being fake is not flattering at all  It is creepy as shit & also ugly 

Karmic Unhealthy Relationships

Understand that some people have Legit  MENTAL HEALTH DISORDERS  & you will notice it  And realize it  When it is FAR TOO LATE  In your relationships with these kind of people  Do not allow their mental disorders To stunt you with  FEAR When there is an issue help the person out by SHARING with others their condition so they can RECEIVE the help they so desperately need ! 

You Don’t Owe NOBODY SHIT!

I had a dream These energies were angrily Protesting change  They didn’t like what was happening today  They were doing everything in the book to wheel back their chain of command Playing the victim card I heard one energy say  “YOU OWE ME - YOU ARE MINE” Then the divine came in and smacked thee energy into  NOW time  To remind that energy  That we all do what we want when we do what we want That is a risk we all take  To chain another soul Is to be that devil We all know  And you must learn too  To humble yourself  Now  This energy walking around with a big frown  They studied someone profound  And know exactly how to maneuver their way  To make someone feel like they have to  Stay  It’s an illusion in every Kind of way  But they are Manipulator of these Old times  That are shifting  Out of this now Moment in time  It’s time to say goodbye  & realize  No one owes Anyone shit when you leave this ea

Karma Magic

When you know better You do better & if you do not choose better the cost Shall be grander  Due to your choices  That energize  The realities of Cause and effect It’s always wisest For one to reflect ON the worth of every cost & decide for themselves  what is righteous 

Maisie Bambi Gown

Yes size Small Please

Pissed Andromeda

Andromeda is a little pissy  Kitty  as of today  She feels the storm attempting to brew itself her way  A hiss  Is what she has to say You do not have to entertain  at all  That in which no longer serves you  If they don’t respond to your Hiss #away Take your claws out it’s ok  In order to align  Right  the #Violators 

Star Lit Crown Remember what you won’t do for her someone else is more than happy and willing to give  the person you love the treatment  & devotion they deserve  #Justice #League  I LOVEE this Crown  Yes please  I want one too  ❤️

Made To Order Rose Lamp

YES PLEASE  How beautiful are these ?? Hand crafted with love too  I would love two of these Please

Floor Lamp Beauty

Stop That Shit

Professional High Priestess On YoUTuBE I like the Professional High Priestess on YoUTuBE  & am looking forward to receiving one of her personally made oracle decks That Was Calling out to my soul.  She is extremely informative and knowledgeable in her field of intuitive expertise.  Thankful For her healing energies & contribution to our whole.  So anyways .. Feeling these karmic vibes too (directed at me some low vibes people be sending my way) there is some feminine energies out there all pissy Foo and obsessive boo about some masculine energy that they want for themselves but what thee hell don’t they have a family of their own to tend to and maintains but some karmics out there like to toxically entertain and steal others love energies and shine for days to make them feel some kind of way that stimulates the void they store deep inside that once upon a time ago part of them that  died & now they must feed off their egoic greed from their insat

Getting Through

Rise & Align to each and every One of you  Going through & getting through some tough shit right now  I am soul proud You DESERVE to RECEIVE every Ounce of harmonious healing & loving feelings  Every day  all day  Hugs I send your way  Together our energies shall remain  Supportive To one another as we show compassion for each of our own challenges we must face Will face Will rise  And be victorious over with it all in time  This too shall pass  & alignment is super Rad Trust me when I say  It will all make better Sense  As you progress thru this process of yours  that is priceless indeed & a treasure you get to keep  infinite goes Quantumly deep  You are AMAZING for everything you are Doing that is right and in full alignment with you  Scary is the unknown part Of this all But we all are awakening  every single day  more and more  in unique kind of ways  Connecting with your soul tribes for mys

Rise & Shine

You are a Babe πŸ™ƒ You are so much better than all Of that in every kind of way  Let me show you off in every Kind of way  #Nowmaste 

You Are Soul Worthy

You are worthy  To receive the ultimate PleaseRs to your  dreamers  Be an open  Receiver  & full blown  #Believer 

Ride Or Die

Poetry in  Emotion  Feel loves explosion  muse like implosions  that Stir  Every Erotica  Impulse existing  inside to  Burst alive  In full divine  Align  Quantum Dives  Into  Super Nova  Highs  #Empress #Divine 


I would wear this almost Daily  Yes I would love this star Crown too  Found this lovely Find on Etsy Too  I love Etsy shopping how about you ?

Celestial Hair Clip Set on Etsy

Yes Please ❤️ Do you like this too ?

Celestial Bride Inspirations

HERkimer Diamond Set

Price should never determine the worth of anything.  Gifts from the heart are tokens of love that are priceless treasures that lovers should always cherish and treasure.

Celestial Goddess

Size small  Please  ❤️πŸ™❤️ #Gifts #Always #Welcome

Final Destinations

If you keep giving in to their emotional Manipulative Demands you give away all your Power My friends it’s not negotiating Tactics It’s eliminating what no longer serves you & that my Friends Is UP TO YOU! How simple to turn off your own reactive by being  Anti climatic  & super Galactic  by shutting down the system  By not even entertaining the  Trap being placed In front of your eyes For you to step in  & become once again  Someone else’s  crutch  What You choose now you endure for yourself  Later ?  #Choose #Wisely  When you do  You are #DIVINELY #PROTECTED 

10:10 Wins

Fear no evil  &  L I V E 

Soul Guidance For Air Signs


It’s not easy going against the grain  of your typical  everyday  That you’re use to in every way  To be honest with yourself  In this way  will inevitably save you from  worse heartache and pain 

The Cost Of YOu

You are allowed To choose For yourself Even if others do not  Agree Do not let the warped Twisted perceptions of distorted toxic realities  cause you to second guess Your own RIGHT to CHOOSE  Decide  LIVE & LOVE  For yourself 

Dear Divine Masculine

I trust you  Will do what is right although it may not be easy  You have my energy of unconditional love and support during your process Of progress  there is a huge celebration on thee other side Faith requires you to move through these challenges  sort of blind  increasing your strength  Protected is you  are beautifully divine  A leader in this life  Awakening to your birth right  Rise πŸ‘‘

Love Wildly

Let me love you wildly 

Two Types Of Controllers

Soul Connections

How many soul-less portals do you know or have you encountered that you are completely UNAWARE of their soulless portal truest status ? Some people are here just to purposely keep you off of your track - and some pretend to have your best interest at heart ? 

Reality Checkers

A person can say everything you think you want to hear  but what is the true condition of their  Mind ? Heart ? Soul? Don’t be fooled by the glitz and glamour people attempt to distract with - because when all is said and done and masks come off - not all that glitters is #Gold! 

Ending Trauma Bonds

RISE into Your Align

Have Faith

Sometimes you try to close the door  but the person On thee other side  won’t seem to give up without a fight  without one last attempt To wheel you back in  & would use every manipulative heart string pulling tactic  that would be so convincing  Especially if you’re a good person  or have been blinded in so many ways  to the toxicities of thee imprint these souls attempt to detain you with  Some people will hold on to you for dear life  because you fulfill a need of theirs that  they are most comfortable in taking from you  In exchange for  Your  Soul  Energy  Essence  Time  Life  ...


All we ever wanted was  L o v e 



Written Days days ago ... Spirit said ... Maybe it was to prove to another that there is Nobody to feel threatened by & that Another meant nothing to them at all so they oblige their request Thee fox continueS To masquerade  lies And denies doesn’t want her to learn of this new Fool WEaring this new disguise The reasonings justified  behind his certain denies he can’t tell thee Others about thee one because there are still things he wants to get for thee addictive To flashy materials greed energies strong still fabricate his perceptions on erections Called Life To not have to say He’s in love now would Ruin everything he’s Worked Hard for all these years #Random #Unwritten #DM #Monologues

ARE You Experiencing These 5 signs ?


A Cautionary OraTale

The tower  Rapunzel is the tale of the young woman trapped in a tower (Divine Feminine energies) Rapunzel is held in this tower because of a problem CREATED by her parents. (Conditioning) of course She is not totally conscious to this conditioning she is now karmically dealing with - her rescuer was A prince (divine masculine energies) whom was determined to make it all thee way to the top of the tower. This is a card that points out how you can be restricted by the rules & regulations of the land. (It’s all a matter of illusion / perception and your own awakening to the conditioning that has influenced your now moment you’re having to deal with ) The tower symbolically represents an authority / power / large building / bureaucracy / edifice  Rapunzel’s punishment was passed down to her sort Of like a legal proceeding since her FATHER Broke the witch’s RULES by sneaking into her garden. Dealing with bureaucracies can be a NIGHTMARE of red tape That ENERGETIC COR

Divine Clarity 47 On YouTube Spirit said that I am to share this message May not be for everybody but it’s definitely for somebody so take what resonates & #Evolve Knowledge is Empowering Especially when you’re dealing with abstract realities that are multidimensional Be open to storytelling at its Most Divine finest There are many Beautifully tapped in souls using their gifts to express the expressions needing a voice 

Behaviors & Attitude Check

Remember this For #Justice rules thee energies vibrating bright I promise you #Judgement Has taken its karmic bites Saturn making things right There is order here Peace can and will Live here .. Lovers love Align No person outside of this fact with #Secrets not wanting nor ever wishing for #TRUTH publicity should ever  think themselves In any position to imply or navigate fuckeries Divine Gods/Goddesses never take Lightly energies of Threatening from any Harpie like mundane or any person of ill entertain trying to share  more low vibe toxicities Unhealthy ties deceit that lies 2020 Kisses death goodbye Unless those itching for some Rude awakenings Dare without care take it there Activating their own full Blown Exposure Disclosures Billboard posters #Humble #Your #Ego You don’t have to like me nor agree  But if you Dont have the whole and the wholes best interest at heart  You can flee & go take refuge With your Own soul  family