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That person is telling you the  #Truth


The Lover of my Mind - Body - Heart & Soul  twirls his tongue lovingly & firmly inside of my mouth  because  Our love taste soul good  Always kissing  we are  Lovers On  fire 

Floral Reign

Because this would Look  Soul  Adorable On me  Wouldn’t You agree ?  #Fashion #Floral #Reign #Feel #Good #Vibes  Image found on Pinterest Do what you love  & love what you do  If You feel no passion for your cause - it ain’t your cause  read that back a few times 

The One

Be the One

Crystallized Babbles



April 1st

This is an actual video clip on snoop Dogs page it’s pretty funny  πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


Our love should never be hidden  our love should be showcased  Our love should be openly shared  Our love should always be handled with love & care  cause we care  and we are together  enduring every weather  together 


Or because of really good drugs  One does not sleep at night 

Floral Goddess Inspirations

I love Pretty Dresses and pretty Dresses Love Me πŸ–€

14KT MoonStone Rosie

Image Found on  Pinterest 

After You

Don’t go chasing waterfalls ..  But truthfully It’s not about worth  & more about insync divine right timing from all  Souls  Involved 

𝕋𝕙𝕖 π”Όπ•žπ•–π•£π•’π•π•• ℙ𝕠𝕠𝕝𝕀

π•šπ•žπ•’π•˜π•– π•—π• π•¦π•Ÿπ•• π• π•Ÿ β„™π•šπ•Ÿπ•₯𝕖𝕣𝕖𝕀π•₯

Universal Energy Shift

Meet Enchantress Thee Babbler!!!

Welcome To My Channel May you receive every evolving seed you need for you to Quantumly breed on your Cosmic journey.  I hope you are just as excited as I to participate & further Activate your Galactic Core Alignments If you are here it is because you are ready. Congratulations on your own dedication to self love, growth, evolution, healing, and all things utopian in thought and now able to be made tangible in reality.  Make sure to Follow me on all my other social media platforms too  Instagram @Enchantress Blogger :  Show your kindness & support by Subscribing  to this YouTube Channel too  please  & thank you  πŸ₯° To SCHEDULE time with me directly go to my Website  :  #NEW #CONTEST : One of my #Happy subscribers will be chosen to #receive a #FREE #SESSION with me. All Subscribers & New Subscribers are automatically entered into this contest. So make sure to subscribe using link prov


Crystallized Baby Yoda

I am that friend that always brings you crystals & always has crystals everywhere. Friends bring friends shiny crystallized things. Wouldn’t you agree ? #crystal #Lover #Highest #Vibrational #Frequencies #BabyYoda #AliensRuS #CoronaVirus #Begone #Thot

Use These Gifts

So apparently I do not receive notifications for comments left here on my blog by all of you - so now I am figuring out how to receive your notifications so I may be more actively responsive to each of other on here.  Please do note & know that if you wanted to contact me for whatever reason you are free to email Me @  Also be a doll and subscribe for free to my website @ Love you πŸ–€

Beauty & The Beast

Message From Beyond

Godly Humor

Isn’t it all very complex this intimate rise  happening during these times Lots of surprise  In store  Building momentum  For something  Someone  To  Reveal  Themselves to themselves For the greatest Good of them All  In wholeness Celebrations Something is happening here  And I can feel it  But what is it ?  That is an excellent question.  Any ideas ?

On To The Next

They all Come back darling  & When they do  it’s All up to you  to see how you truly feel  if any of it  was ever anything real ..

TaroAdvise With EnchantreSs Thee Babbler

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Evolution says... Grow

When they don’t want to commit & would Rather you walk away & find elsewhere what you want from them - take that as a clear sign & blessing.  Know this may feel sucky but emotionally you will heal & thank yourself lucky to not have settled for anything less than you want for yourself and deserve.  No one healthy wants to fight But when we want intimacy it’s best to be most Honest with ourselves on the reality happening In our love departments.  Don’t be upset with the other person for not wanting what you want. Love is kind & supports their right to choose for themselves at this time. You must with a healthy mind decide what Your next step in operations will be - whether you continue as friends or declare them history.  Your perceptions and handlings will always be up to you  Love mindfully and live authentic to yourself  Let us make every encounter a win win 


Portals Are Life

Which portal of energetic life do you participate in or purposefully create ? There are #things existing in and all around us that may be invisible to our physical eyes - but know that invisible things do exist. It’s a matter of tuning into these energies that are vibrations and frequencies being spirited all around.  Let us be #Mindful of the #portals of life we choose to perceive & receive. What energies are you feeding and contributing into our shared multidimensional universe? Have you subscribed to for #FREE to receive your free #Archetype #oracle from me ? Let me know once you do so I can speed up the process to send out to you. #ThankYOU #EnchantressTheeBabbler #Alternative #Lifestyle #Healer #Entertainer #Motivator #Poetess #Expressionist #Evolutionist #Spiritualist

Holy Sanitize Sanitize every hole you own and have to use and use  frequently too 

So Mote It Be!

There is no revenge in love  #EvilEye #BeGoNe 


Special Place

Wait for the lover that loves you powerfully, knowingly, proudly, clearly, acceptingly & is well aware of your value meal that is worth every ounce of expressive devotion. 


Socially Distant

Distance is a choice  one makes  to  Protect  themselves  from h u r t 

Diamond Cut Lovers

Find yourself a lover whom showcases you to the world & loves you more and more everyday


Why don’t you Learn how to entertain yourself & be content with your own company ?


& just like that she decided that she deserved devotion & emotion & so she left. Without a word - without a trace. She left him to his choices. It is no debate that she loves him with her entire being. But sometimes you have to fuck what You feel & remember what You deserve 

You Must ...

Rise in your Majestic Alignment 


Just think  external is the need of their feed Devoid of the fullness of their own  Wholeness vibrations  they seek elsewhere to  receive  the very thing you  Breed that is perceived missing from their life  & so they latch on to you  like the succubus energies that they are  vampiric in every Toxic way  they need your attention  Your feed  your breed  & once they get you in their grips  they suck away  & so many souls  Oblivious to the energetic  Whore Fair really taking place  Behind the scenes  Harpies needing your energy to feed  Their insatiable greed and need  to feel  something  They can’t give to themselves  empty Like the tomb of hell  #Misery #Loves #Company 

Bohemian Giraffe Boots

Rose Cut Diamond Wandering Star


Smiley Face

Quantum Corona Oracles 1 of 3

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Happy Success

You are sacred  & deserving of Receiving HAPPINESS & SUCCESS  if You  Grow Through these Back and forth stagnations  That keep You playing it safe when it comes  To following your heart  & experiencing  True love  With another soul That mirrors you  You may not see the way  because you’re meant to  FEEL your way  Through this  Promising happy New path 

Back Up

Even if you don’t speak Low Vibes  & only Vibe low vibes  You won’t be allowed anywhere near My Shrine  P.s :  We don’t need to SEE whom is attacking us energetically all we have to do is trust our intuition & Act in accordance to the energy Reports we divinely Receive  & that changes everything.  Kindly keep your low vibing ways away from my stage  Namaste 

1 of A Kind Pink Diamond Sunburst Beauty

It’s perfectly thin too  πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯° One of a kind Pink Diamond Sunburst Engagement Ring with no claustrophobia attached to this beauty

900 BC


Learning Cosmic Sexuality

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Rest In Paradise

Yesterday made 3 years our MyA Mooka has been gone  I can’t believe it’s been that long already Almost feels like yesterday  yet still another lifetime ago 

Warriors Of Light

Poker Face