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Utopian Babbles

Time to Release your full view on what you think you think you know this time around that is Right NOW like umm.. POW Wow Wow Oh yea it is time NOW to Release the perceive that you perceive to retrieve all coming from your external stimuli of an appetite that is insatiable TIme to Release your full view on what you THINK is rule or doom put to rest in this tomb the cocky view of Ancient Goop reemerging under a different class of hybrids inhabiting land forgetting that we all are the founding fathers seeding mothers putting us under strict anarchy of an energy of a portal of a reality that exists out of whack with this and that  talkeD About this kind of stuff on my Enchantress The Babbler Channel  #1  #2  #3  #4

12 Lessons That Make Life Easier


I wrote this the other day and someone happened to tell me I was not entitled to express how I feel  that I had no right  We all have a right to our own expressions !  Never let anyone convince you any different 

Demon Lover

Retrograde Humor

Manifestations in 3D Reality

About two weeks back I almost crashed with a car that no longer was serving me and two weeks later I take a picture of my glorious (I worked for this) manifestation of a new car that has completely improved the quality of living for me in my busy traveling everywhere working life.  Traveling Gypsy, your local Witch Doctor,  showing up & providing magical heals, a feeling surreal. 

@Luxurett On Instagram

My beautiful daughter @luxurett on Instagram in case you were not already hip to following my super star love 👑

11:11 Mercury Energy Portal


Beacon NY Crystal Shops

MAGICAL Coquito Holiday PreOrders

nyC  nJ  Orders 

Play This Fall

I miss this world  So much to catch up on  I have been a little M.I.A over here  So much going on I got a little overwhelmed this fall in all my playing  With alignments for my souls refinements These postings are timeless yet today the  11-11 portal energy is in full effect  My mother has been pulling me into the beneath of the veil of unveil  7:12 energy What evolution are we Playing with this fall that is detrimental to our growth ?