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Be Your Own Inspire

Be mindful of the nonsense others attempt to feed you with sometimes their minds are plotting  & digging to trigger & playful it may so be  but not when it’s narcissistic & denied in every kind of  tyrannical way  That makes its play  Unfair  

Love Potion 0

Making Love to myself just like the Deliciously Nutritious Goddess that i am  Yes  I am  Delectable 

JULY 31st


Just Do

Lane Advisory


Free Kittens

Rise of The Phoenix




What do we do with all these triggers coming full speed ? Feel them  For your innerstand for your understand so you may positively and effectively overstand your universe and your part played in every one of your own creations 


Do this all for yourself in order to maintain on this harsh planet 

Galactic New Year

Double Black Moon

I don’t need another repeat Of last nights fiasco  in need of its miraculous opposite 

Andromeda Oracles

“FEEL  DEAL  HEAL LET IT GO” #Andromeda 

Red Flags

It’s not karma  it’s stupid 


Some People would never see the damage They inflict  when living in denial It’s all good  Just remember your own energy fields  & protect them 



Bright Light

Dramatic -itch


What’s love got to do with anything when love does not exist 

Inside Out

Wake up shake up Let’s break up Let us twist things out Wringing  the wrong things now making systems rewrite their logic The only thing left after the murder scene was work which is worth every ounce of opportunity gifted to self 

Divine Assignments

I almost didn’t see it again  This time the energy was sneakiest 


Cutting The Cord

Cut the chord Of the cord  Of the core 

Matter Speaks

Mind over matter  when we choose to splatter  Our matters  everywhere 

Nikola Tesla

He’s my spirit uncle  🖤

Cooperate !!

There’s no more Fudgin it up when you already learned what needs to be learned so stop Acting a part that is expired & misaligned with your current Times / vibes  What once applied or may have been necessary once upon a time ago is no longer valid so act in your intelligence  🎩

Planking Grows

Be so focused on yourself and pursuing your dreams that you enjoy the quiet solitude of planking for your own core while expanding your own horizons 

Is That Your Bitch

Wake Up

Pay Attention to your energy levels around individuals 

Celebrate SUCCESS



Detach Mints

So caught up in his idea of yesterday He cuts through my heart with his ice cold blades leaving heart Bled stains only he could erase if he had a heart Fueled passionately with love Not just ego & lust speaker of Truth He’s not that into whom ?

Heat Wave

13 : $13

Email :


Inside Yourself

Do You

Enchantress The Babbler

I went to record today and I recorded and it did not record  So there  something just for me  a message so clear  I keep to myself 

Unrequited Love

La Douleur Exquise


Shake It Off

Lovers Reign