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Unevolved Aquarius

Happy Birthday Aquas :)  Which Aqua are you ? 

Always Be Positive

Madly In Love

FIRST  and foremost  this begins  with  SELF  ........ SELF  Self Self Get it?  Got it? Good! 

What Value in Exchange For Parts?

_________________________________________________________________________________ How dare anyone  want parts of another whom is whole ? in exchange for  pieces of their  broken  parts ? the parts they do not seek to mend?  only sacrificial  so that one does not have to depend on themselves for health ? taketh apart the broken parts of his  hearth and home  that seek refuge  in another whom resides with peace? his cup depleting of heat  entering another whom is complete - with such foolery ? What mask this robber and thief dare wear in order to hide  from  Angelic eyes  that showeth him  his ways ? A mirroring  of echoes  shown in love  ones most truest of affections - not only erections!  in order to feel whole  he becomes scavenger  in search of a piece of ass to feed his own lack  ?  attempting to half step in his way ? Where art thou hearths and home she haveth to say?  of course  he runneth aw

Leedle Star

leedle leedle leedle lee twiddle dee  and twiddle dumb super fun 

Unevolved Sagittarius

Be proud of your unevolved  for did you not get through this too?  ___________________________________________________ stubborn me  meets stubborn you  and will not move any more  further  pridling rings certain levels of truth  walking around perfectly able  to make waste with haste without  thinking  about the shitty friends all let go  so now you know  I have purged for my soul  did you not know?  once upon a time  very different  once upon a time I would of  waited  debated  and put in more than I should  not no more  meet me half way or go the funk away  unevolved...  no frkn way team ?  dream?  how does one maintain?  shadow hunters hunted down  wheel of fortune  adjusting crowns accountable for every part of this weight  I choose  to not carry we should float  fly  be merry Mary had a little lamb her fleece was white as snow  and everywhere that Mary went  her lamb was sure to go 

Tupac "stfu" Oracles

I've been learning to Stfu and just let myself  go  grow into flow  it be tough sometimes Ancestors be like  STFU and stop killing vibes  and blocking highs  with slick tongue  movements  Consider yourself triggered to have you  think before you  speak  and ask yourself if what you speak  is in full  alignment  with how you  feel.. is what you speak really real?  "Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks." acting tough on the outside  while feeling soft on the inside  mirrors  do figure  something out  adrenaline pumping bloodlines through  something building too Explosive too Happy Times Enjoy the ride  if it is not contributing to the Positive reign for ultimate gain  stfu ok?  :)  E='s Mc Circle 

Sagittarius - Their Love Comes Like A Shock - The iLLest illuminator - February Tarot Reading

This reading reminds me of that card reading Kraft story I shared with the man and woman facing opposite one another interesting dynamics of stories and how they merge and purge and surge

You Are Magic

How long has it taken you to arrive to this KNOWING sensation existing inside of your own hive ? How well do you InnerStand this Stance of yours?  How Powerful do you FEEL inside in KNOWING the Magic you carry inside?  How Grounded does this grounding sense of Knowing vibrate throughout your own entire universal Wonderland of mind - body - heart - soul and spirit vibrations ? 

Take The Red Pill

How annoyed was I made to feel the temptation to fall in the traps unreal  then I was presented with the blue pill I painted red and swallowed it whole  without being committed  or burned at the stake  I revolutionized my own stance and stirred the pot some more  _________________________________________________________________________________ It is exciting to feel this zone  unreal  last night I dreamt of this HUGE RED spider crawling  wanting to be seen and not made to put up my defensive armor  red spider not wishing to harm  her  or him  what message came from this spirit animal? The Red spider crawled  sprawled  across the wall way up high  super fast  not as fast as the speed of light  I saw the Red Spider  then I WOKE up  in elevated spirits  much more privy to the happenings  backstage Pandoras Box  opening  gates  centering on dates to be revealed  rather soon  and smoothly  things

Nonsensical Matters

had you just heard what I heard  witnessed what I witnessed had you just received what I just received in spirit downloads  what else am I to call them?  this labeling system got us ignoring experience due to not wanting to categorize or associate oneself with such things defined and understood as they are understood... most people  fake so many funks  and pretend  they pretend because it is the easiest thing to do  I've been getting picked apart and here I have been deceiving myself  with blasphemy  telling myself  I am honest with myself  in all things  and yet here  I breathe  in full deceit  and pretend  to not  feel  this  noose I wrap around my own neck  heavy  and no longer  fitting  __________________________________________________________________________ so what is the significance of using this photo for this post?  Well.. how is this for starters? Right before stumbling across this image I was me


Vulture Cleanse

The Vulture  a supernatural  cleaner  walking me into the next life  clean  clear  picking clean  the death  process  of perception  and conditioning no longer suited for travels  Seers mind opening further more  being picked clean  mythical Vulture  removing negative thought forms  removing incorrect assumptions  As per MANNA being cleaned up in the mindspace  ability to SEE clearer sharing our complimentary gifts  as GateKEepers  amplified  during  this Upgrade  medicinal folklore  for the moons  daughter  during her current   Transformation  gifting counterparts  clarity of their roles  each play  complimenting one another 


Amazing   how out of nothing which was first, something came into being, which is last   

Connecting With Jaguar Spirit Animal Visions

I love connecting with Spirit Animals  and I love when Spirit Animals do everything in their energetic power to get my flighty all over the place attention  JAGUAR  are no exception  I love being reminded of my own surrounding energetic forces at play here  With gratitude in my heart I feel divinely supported & supremely guided This is Powerful Stuff  take what resonates let go of what does not  and keep yourself moving  come back... I will not get too whirlwindY and stay this course of not babbling off so much  it feels like being reprimanded while being placed over an Ascended Masters Knee, and having them repeatedly smack my bum, just for fun, until I learn to not always babble away as I am doing  every single day  Earth likes to structure things in that kind of way  come back Back to Jaguars  Did YOU KNoW ? Jaguars are sexy creatures and if they show themselves to you  and desire to work with you  and they inner vibe wi


Treasure Alone Time

There was no realization  I have always KNOWN this about myself  I have always known  and have always been appreciative of feeling this way  and always loved my own company  Nothing has changed in this department of evolution except for limitless expansion constantly taking place in every way 

Aquarius Mental Board

Aquas, you know I Love you  :) 

Alexis Russell Jewelry

I AM in LOVE with ALL this shop  Like How cool is this flipped most upside down Princess Cut that is spiking through with Rose Gold Precision and Style  Alexis Russell Jewelry 

Simplest Moments

Precious With My Energy


There is nothing to fear my dears  it is always a matter of ones own perception  deepest of truest inward reflections  designed for our highest levels of introspection  Pooh KNOWS this and so now  we celebrate 

To Pretend & KNOT

Pretending to be cool  because to not pretend would make things appear to stuffy  when need not feel stuffy  Pretending because  ego tells us it is safer to  pretend  as opposed to keeping it as real as can be  Which Action / Vibration do you prefer to move forward on your journey? 

The Mysticism of Shapeshifting Beliefs

I remember when I sketched this Innerstanding Better my own Inner Mysticism   eye broke through a pivotal stumbling block that continues to evolve  as I continue to evolve  what does she mean?   This is in regards to understanding with inner standing the amazing experiences shared through  shapeshifting. what is shapeshifting and isn't that make-believe / hard to believe?  It may be hard to believe to you.. but I have learned my own truths in regards to my own personal inner standing of how SPECIAL and most POSSIBLE shapeshifting is this truly does exist in every possible way and that is all I have to say in regards to that notion of a potion regarding alchemy seeds that do breed and occur  ...  Oh my, what did she just say?   Im saying a lot today  but will I break it down in this post  most likely - not fully  I am only introducing the platform to so much that will be discussed this year - about what is really REAL?  What is real